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Published: Wednesday, March 20 2013 9:30 p.m. MDT

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HP in Georgia
Atlanta, GA

My wife and I are graduates of Mercer University, and our daughter went to BYU. Naturally, we all are excited about the Monday matchup.

Orem, UT

FHE at the Marriott Center Monday night!

Go Cougs!

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

BYU is going to blow that poor little team out of the water.

Scott Farcus
Beaver, UT

This is where it end's

Hayden, ID

I watched part of the Mercer versus Tennessee game and Mercer is for real! Not saying BYU can not beat them but BYU will need to play like they did against UW to do it. Of course beating a Pac12 team is not that hard.

Phoenix, AZ

Two For Flinching

Mercer beat Tennessee...I wouldn't put a notch in the win column for BYU just yet. Remember San Diego? Remember San Francisco? I hope BYU wins, but as inconsistent as they have been this year, I'm not chalking up an automatic win against anyone.

AZ Blue & Red
Gilbert, AZ

A wolf in sheeps clothing. BYU BEWARE! Do not look past these guys.

BYU Nation now is the time to show support and fill the Marriott Center. If we have less than 18000 I will be diapointed. Should be sold out. Take the Family for a FHE of a lifetime. Does not happen too often. We have the fan base and I know for a fact there is NOTHING going on that night other than FHE. So Students and Fans now is the time to RISE and SHOUT!!!! I wish I could be there. If there are some really cheap flights count me in.

GO Cougs!

Baltimore, MD

Mercer is for real so BYU would be wise not to overlook them; they beat Utah State in a post season tournament in the Spectrum last season.

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

Mercer has a dang good team; should be a good game. Good for BYU to be playing post season ball. Oh, and GO GONZAGA!

metamora, IL

I watched the Mercer/Tennessee game almost in it's entirety. I was very impressed by Mercer's play. It was smart and patient. The teams will match up well. I think the advantage for BYU will be that Mercer has to travel, mercer will have less rest between games, 4700 feet elevation and a large (hope for 22000) BYU crowd.

Frisco, TX

More non-power conference schools in post season play, and more non-power conference teams beating the "big six" conferences. Is it time to get rid of the term "power conference" in basketball?

Butler has proven that non-power conferences schools can make it to the championship. Congrats Mercer on beating Tennessee. Congrats BYU on beating Washington. Kentucky falls. Florida St falls. Maryland falls.

I have not watched Mercer play, but looking at their players, games and stats; this is a scary match-up. I hope we pack the Marriott, but for those of us outside of Utah, it's great having the game on ESPN.

Go Cougs!

Richmond, VA


I don't think TFF is a true BYU fan. I think he's one of those trolls who thrives on making outrageous comments just to stir up hate and ridicule. If he is a fan, then he's exactly the reason why BYU is constantly being hated, ridiculed, and portrayed as arrogant.

I saw the Mercer/Tennessee game and I wouldn't say BYU will blow them out. BYU better bring out their A game or it's going to be a long night. Mercer is that good!

Go Cougars!

Orem, UT


"More non-power conference schools in post season play, and more non-power conference teams beating the "big six" conferences. Is it time to get rid of the term "power conference" in basketball?"

Not just for basketball, it's time to get rid of the term "power conference" for all sports.

2012-13 Learfield Sports Directors' Cup Division I Winter Standings
As of March 21, 2013

#24 BYU
#71 Utah

Just sayin'

San Diego, CA

Mercer won at the Spectrum last year over Utah State; the Marriott Center is a tough place to play as the visiting team, but I'll bet Mercer is pumped about the chance to play spoiler again.

Brentwood, CA

@HP in Georgia--
Wow! What a connection. Who are you pulling for?

bountiful, ut

It was time to do away with the term power conferences a decade ago... At the very least the Pac-12 is not included in that discussion because their last championship came in 1997... That is 16 years ago and this year won't change it... 17 years and do I hear 20? I do indeed... It will be at least 2018 before the Pac-12 even dreams of winning another basketball championship on the men's side of things. :) Basketball is not a 'major' contributor to the false claim of Conference of Champions... UCLA had a good run in the 60's and other than that it was one here and one there and that about sums up their NCAA basketball success! So, football and basketball are not where they are best at... I don't know when that will change. Probably not for as long as presently constituted... I don't know what all the hoopla is about membership there!

Johnny Triumph
American Fork, UT

Hope Haws and Davies can bring their A games, and that someone else like Zylstra or Carlino steps up again. BYU could be very surprised in this one...

Columbia, MO

It was disappointing that Tennessee didn't win the first round game with Mercer. It would have been much more exciting to bring an SEC team to the Marriott Center, since they are all afraid to come to Provo during the regular season. Has anyone heard of Mercer outside of Georgia?

Salt Lake City, UT

re : True Blue

I wouldn't brag about anything that says I am #24 in something.

I am a BYU fan and think thats silly. We arent in the Top 20 of hte Cup and have ZERO points in the Winter period, but we are better than you Utah.

That attitude is what makes people think BYU fans are idiots. Just sayin.

Salt Lake City, UT

re: Jke 2010

understand trying to knock something we arent a part of. But I am sick of dumb fans giving us BYU fans a bad name. PAC 12 a bad conference? Utah will be a bottom tier team there with the occasional flare up, but cmon.

Nicknamed the "Conference of Champions," the Pac-12 has won more NCAA National Team Championships than any other conference in history; the three schools with the most NCAA team championships belong to the Pac-12 (UCLA, Stanford and USC, in that order). With Arizona State's softball title in 2011, the conference won its 400th NCAA Championship.

400 Jake.

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