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Published: Wednesday, March 20 2013 2:10 p.m. MDT

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Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

Star is an animal.

Who am I sir?
Cottonwood Heights, UT

I just don't get it. Why not give full credit - Star did "over 30" reps. True. But how many others did over 30? I would venture - many. But Star did 38. That tied for the most number of reps by any (?) defensive lineman (?) at the combines! Quite a difference in reporting! Also Dunn did a sub 4.4 in the forty. True. But again how many did that. Although I have not seen a definitive time - the times I have seen (in the 4.1+ second range) are among the fastest in the nation for draft prospects.

Way to go to minimize their accomplishments!

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

"Utah's Reggie Dunn impressed scouts by running a personal best 4.22 in the forty."

If that time is official his "personal" best is also an NFL record. Nice job Reggie!


As a BYU fan, I can't wait to see Star tear up the NFL. Good Luck Star!!

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

With another #1 draft pick, several more guys drafted, this will take the number of guys recruited by Whittingham and drafted over 20.

Gary Anderson had a 1 or 2.

Bronco 0.

That's right. Bronco has yet to RECRUIT and have DRAFTED a single guy.

Whittingham has over 20.
Saban has over 20.
Les Miles has over 20.
Steve Spurrier has over 20.
Chris Peterson has over 20.
Bronco? 0

The future of football in Utah,


Go make those tens of millions Star!

Provo, , UT

Chris B

You amaze me. Why do you even feel the need to mention BYU on a ute article?! Are you that insecure? If you really had moved on you wouldn't even mention us. I've asked this before but you never answer. Why the hatred towards us?

Anyways good luck Star! I will be rooting for you! Good luck to all the utes trying hard to make it. Doesn't matter you recruited you! Go Utes! Go Aggies! Go COUGARS!!!!

Omaha, NE

Chris B, what are you using as your defintion of "drafted by"?

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


I re-read my post an I don't see where I said "drafted by". So I would love to respond but you will have to make sense first.

I would argue part of a good coaches job is to recruit kids and help them get drafted. I am simply pointing out that whittingam has a great record at recruiting kids and developing them to the point they get drafted. Gary Anderson did the best with the little time he had obviously. Just reminding byu fans their coach has yet to have a single kid he has recruited been drafted.

Again, please show me where I said "drafted by" an I would love to respond.

Go get that money star!

Springville, UT

Chris B

With all of this talent why did the Utes stay home for the holidays?

Is getting these guys to the NFL more important than winning college games?



As a Utah fan i think you are just embarrassing the Utah program and us as Utah fans. Take your negativity elsewhere

Layton, UT

Best of everything to STAR and all of the Utes in the draft.

Chris, keep doing what you do. I've got your back.

Go Utes!

Mesa, AZ

I love Star, BOTH on-AND-off the field....He deserves everything positive coming his way, everything.

To byu fan talking bowl games, check it out--

UTAH missing their 1st bowl game since '02 says alot about what level our program is on--1st bowl game missed since '02--WOW....In this current BCS Era ['98-Current], UTAH and byu both have reached 11 bowl games....However, while byu is a staggering 6-5, UTAH has struggled to achieve a 10-1 mark, including 2 BCS Bowl Games and 2 resounding BCS Bowl Game victories, Top-2/-4 finishes, 2 undefeated seasons, brutally curb-stomping byu multiple-years, BCS-Status, etc.

Remember the following--3 straight, 4 of 5, 8 of 11 and the overall record by a landslide, 56-34-4=Owned.

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

Star is the Man. What a great player, and a great person. How 'bout a 4.2 by Reggie Dunn? Holly Cow that's moving. I hope the best to all the Utes moving to the NFL. Something tells me this years class will do just fine.

Highland, UT

If star's heart is truly fine then he will be a stud in the NFL. He is so big and strong that he is going to demand double teams for the next 10 years. Hopefully it works out for him and his health allows it.

Enid, OK

Article quote: "All-America return specialist Reggie Dunn headlined a group of 22 former Utes participating in Pro Day. He ran a personal-best 4.22 in the 40."

A 4.22?

Now THAT is SMOKIN' in anyone's book!

Highland, UT


No chance he ran those times for real, hand held times are not accurate. I'm sure he ran great times but no chance he ran 4.2's

Washington, UT


NFL combines have used electronic timing for a number of years. It involves a hand timed start, but an electronic (laser) recorded finish. That time is typically .01 to .02 faster than an all electronic time. Not perfect, but it does allow for more accurate comparison of the athletes.

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

@ sammyg

Lack of execution. And no.

@ Duckhunter

Reggie's official times were 4.22 and 4.26. I don't know if he will be drafted, but those are still ridiculous times; hand held or not.

Highland, UT


This wasn't an NFL combine, it was a pro day at utah and these were hand held times. I believe he ran fast times, I do not believe he ran 4.2's.

Provo, UT

@duckhunter... there is a chance he ran those times for real. It is entirely possible that he is the fastest player in the draft. What about those times make them impossible? I'm not saying those times are 100% accurate, but you can't tell me with a straight face that there is "No chance." Unless you are delusional of course.

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