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Published: Tuesday, March 19 2013 9:40 p.m. MDT

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American Fork, UT

You can read all kinds of things into that question.

Gilbert, AZ

I think this is great regardless of your political or religious views. I love pointing out the women speakers in Confernce to both my sons and daughters.


With all the things that are going on in the world today, good and bad, what is so important about women praying in General Conference? I can pray personally, with my husband, with my family, in Sunday School, Relief Society, Sacrament Meeting, Stake Conference and several other meeting if asked. That is more than enough. If people have enough time on their hand to worry about this, they need to volunteer in a Nursing Home, deliver Meals on Wheels or any other of the many programs to really help society.

Liberal Ted
Salt Lake City, UT

No problem with a woman praying if that is what is decided.

Leave it up to the sltrib to make this their number one story.

Huntsville, AL

So, I don't get the big deal, really. Women give sermons in GC. Plenty of people have never prayed in conference...women or men. Looks like they just get around to having various groups pray every so often. For a while General Authorities. For another while 70. For another little while returned Mission Presidents. Now, maybe some women.


So…what exactly? This doesn't really mean anything. Anybody can offer a prayer. Hardly groundbreaking…

Cache county, USA

You've got to pray just to make it today,

Sainte Genevieve, MO

I have no problem with women praying in general conference or any where. Or wearing pants to church. What does bother me is all this attention to minutia, that distracts us from the core of the gospel, the atonement of the Savior. Are we so concerned about the mechanics of our worship that we forget why we worship?

Provo, UT

This is a non story. Come on.

Star Bright
Salt Lake City, Ut

Get a grip people! I agree there is so much going on in the world and this is what we are obsessing about? I watch conference all the time and it never occured to me that a woman had not said a public prayer. Certainly, they are speaking and are seen all the time. Gee, how about if we form a group to push for plants for women. Oh, yes, that's already been done. Glad I'm so busy with important things!

Mesa, AZ

A different version of the question could be, is it necessary that a priesthood holder always offer the invocation and benediction?

Mt Pleasant, MI

Why not! Looks to me like SLTrib isn't the only one with this being big news. Really shouldn't need to be news. But hey if it makes people happy and increases readership...

Beaverton, OR

We all say "Amen" at the end of the prayer, so we all have prayed. As many of the comments have stated that it doesn't matter if a woman (Sister) is the voice of the prayer at G. I think this article would have been better if it focused on the gathering of great talks given by women at the various General Meetings.

Pleasant Grove, UT

The reason it is important is because organizations (like the church) sometimes inadvertantly send messages about what they believe through their actions. For example, imagine that half of the church membership was of Asian ancestry and over a period of 150+ years we never asked an Asian person to pray at general conference. What there be a message there? What would you think if you were of Asian ancestry. I bet you would not think it is because the leaders of the church thought that Asians were too good to pray. We have to be thoughtful about our actions as a church because sometimes traditions (perhaps false traditions) send wrong messages. Women not praying at General Conference is probably a good example of this.

Huntington Beach, CA

I don't see the big deal about if women pray or not. I think everybody is making a big deal about the whole thing. I think it is great if they do. It shouldn't even be a topic for a newspaper.

Clearfield, Utah

I have watch alot of general conferences and never realized that a women has not opened or close any of those sessions in prayer. Though I would not have a concern in the world if women did pray at general conference, but I don't it is that big of a deal. General Conference is a time to learn and focus on the Savior and what we need to do to become better followers of Christ. Wheather a man or a women gives the prayer at conference it does not matter as long as their pray is from the heart, sincere and helps bring the Spirit into the meeting. That is all that matters.

Walnut Creek, CA

I have no problem with women praying in general conference or any where. What does bother me is all the indifferent and often judgmental responses to those who are genuinely pained by the easily correctable minutia. Have these indifferent and judgmental people forgotten the core of the gospel, charity? Why are so many adverse to resolving easily corrected issues that will result in a greater sense of self-worth and well-being for others while doing absolutely no harm to anyone?


I hadn't ever noticed women not praying in GC either. However, I do see why there may be a need to address it. I know of a woman who was told she couldn't pray at a district meeting on her mission because they had decided to follow the example set at GC of only the Priesthood praying. I do not think that this was done intentionally by General Authorities, but whether they were meaning to or not, they were setting an example that others (silly as it may be) were taking to heart. Just my two cents. Love the gospel and am excited to feel the Spirit at GC, regardless of who prays!

george of the jungle
goshen, UT

It's their church. I don't think any one out side of it has any thing to say how they do things. It's none of any ones business but theirs.

Walnut Creek, CA

The big deal is that it took a petition of thousands before the church made a decision to change this odd policy that officially never existed. The big deal is that they listened to the voices of the members who thought women praying in GC would be a good thing. The big deal is that in LDS culture it's perceived as taboo to petition the church to change anything, even something as simple as easily changed as this, and the organizers of the petition were vilified for making any noise. The big deal is that now maybe that perception will change a little and people will realize that the voice of any of God's children can be the vehicle by which church leaders gain inspiration. Ask and ye shall receive.

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