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Published: Wednesday, March 20 2013 9:05 a.m. MDT

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Phoenix, AZ

Pathetic when headlines keep coming up crying about how the state of Utah was shut out of the NCAA tourney for the first time in 20 years. I mean, come on. Other states have this problem. Like...Hawaii...Alaska...LOL

Columbia, MO

Great win for the Cougars against the PAC12 last night. BYU is the only team from the state of Utah with a perfect record against the PAC12 this year (2-0). In fact, BYU is the only team from the state of Utah with a winning record against the PAC12 this year.

Salt Lake City, UT

BYU advancedfurtherthan Kentucky in th post season. Teams can have up and down years. BYU probably will never win a national championship in basketball, but they can make it back to the NCAA tournament for sure.

Sunset, UT

There is also the state of Texas without a team in the tourney... and they have a lot more teams playing. There were a lot of teams down this year... particularly in the West outside the Mountain West Conference.

Go Big Blue!!!
Bountiful, UT

Stew did did a great job of working through all of the Aggie injuries. Looking forward to a healthy team next year in the MWC.

Chris B's momma
Idaho Falls, ID

You can't really compare the utah and BYU programs in the same article. One struggled a little this year and the other continues to suck. Winninng a few games at the end of the season in the pac is not impressive. They get no respect and deserve none. The conference is WEAK. Then theres the utes preseason schedule. Smoke and mirrors with 3 starter leaving, next year will be another disaster.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

The fact that this is the first time in 20 years that no team from the state has made it tells me that the state has some pretty decent teams! Glass half full!

Highland, UT

I think the trend for utah, the school not the state, has been established and is evident. Missing the tourney for the 1st time in 6 years hardly establishes a "trend" for BYU. The only trends that can be seen here are that BYU wins 20+ games every single year and advances to the post season, utah has a losing record every year and advances to the couch potato invitational. Those "trends" are evident.

Salt Lake City, UT

Mean comments by Duckhunter. Caution is recommended here. What goes around, comes around. It is not surprising that several Ute supporters, who are frequest contributors and BYU bashers, have disappeared again. Seems to happen when BYU wins or Utah loses. Ditto for Utah bashers wearing blue.

Utah is getting better. But they may be two years away from a winning program. But showing continued improvement.

BYU was hit by the injury bug also. Losing Chris Collinsworth and Steven Rogers impacted the program. That was evident because of the need to bring in a football player to add inside "beef". They have good big men coming in but it may take time for them to adjust. Ditto for perimeter help.

Utah State will really have their hands full next years. The MWC appears to be the best in the West and could be for sometime. Hard place for the Aggies to rebuild.

Weber will always be strong in the Big Sky. Just need to win the big ones more frequently

Salt Lake City, UT

To hear Cougar fans crow about the NIT, it is not a fluke that they missed the NCAA tourney -- it was planned.

Frisco, TX

BYU will be a bubble team again next year. Mika will be very good in the long term, but not as good as Davies' as his replacement next year. K. Collinsworth will be an improvement over Zylstra. Carlino, Haws, Austin, Sharp. Winder will all be improved. If we lose a couple of games we should win (i.e. San Diego, San Fran, St Mary's at home) we'll be back in the NIT. Win those games and it's back in the NCAA. Three to four years from now BYU will be a legit Top 20 team again with recruits like Nielsen, Chatman, Mika, Emery, TJ Haws, Hartsock, Worthington, Calvert and Shaw. Pick up Chapman and Dalstrup and BYU is a legit Top 10 team in a 3 - 4 years.

Utah will struggle to get to double digit wins next year after losing 4 of their 6 best players from this year, but should be improved in 2 years when they could reach .500.

Utah State should be improved, but will have their hands full in the toughest BB conference in the West for a few years.


CFIT, you consistently say Utah is losing 4 of their best 5 or 6 players. Cedric Martin, Jason Washburn and Jarred Dubois are graduating, and that makes 3, so who is the 4th? And I agree, losing Wash and JD will be quite a blow offensively, and Cedric was our best defensive player, but couldn't score consistently. But if Aaron Dotson can manage to finally get and stay healthy, he will definitely be an improvement over Cedric at the wing position. Even if Dotson never ends up panning out, Dakarai Tucker started taking a lot of Cedric's minutes at the end of the year, anyway because he improved a lot defensively and can shoot the ball very well when he's open. So who is this 4th player you keep talking about the Utes losing??

Mesa, AZ


Don't waste your time....It's clear he knows nothing about our school nor byu....Let him exist as he currently exists and watch the epic implosion of his very own reality when both schools utterly disprove his "predictions"....If history ever taught you anything, it taught you that I'm 100% accurate w/it.

Highland, UT


"Mean comments from Duckhunter"

Nothing "mean" about the truth but you are right about one thing, "What goes around, comes around" and right now it is "coming around" for utah "fans".

Salt Lake City, UT

CougFanInTx "Utah will struggle to get to double digit wins next year after losing 4 of their 6 best players"
Always a great mystery as to what your metric is, and what you're looking at.

According to the Utah Combined Team Statistics for the season, the top 6 players in PPG are
Senior, Freshman, Senior, Freshman, Junior, Sophomore
In other words, "2 of their 6 best players".

Arlington, VA


Since when is "best player" confined to offensive production only?

Cedric Martin is Utah's best defensive player; much of what he did for Utah, such as slowing down the opponent's best scorer, doesn't appear in Utah's offensive stats, yet Martin will be sorely missed by Utah next season.

You need to learn to think outside the box score once in awhile.

Snack PAC
Olympus Cove, Utah


"To hear Cougar fans crow about the NIT, it is not a fluke that they missed the NCAA tourney -- it was planned."

Laughing out loud at your hyperbole.

Not a single BYU fan has even implied that the Cougars are glad that they're playing in the NIT rather than in the Big Dance, BUT, playing and winning in the NIT is still MUCH better than watching another post season from the comfort of your couch.

Salt Lake City, UT

TheSportsAuthority wonders "Since when is "best player" confined to offensive production only?"
What we're really after is identifying CougFan's criteria for "best", not mine. I was taking a guess that perhaps he meant offensive production.

Idaho Falls, ID

Morril, best coaching job ever! Get real. Anyone can stall a game for 35 seconds each time they have the ball, have the point guard get trapped time after time on a full court press ( and this is not only the first season his team can't figure out a full court press) Not have your players in physical shape (excluding Stone) to play D1 ball so that your guards have to do the rebounding. Get somebody that can dunk a ball (too bad Reed had to get hurt),average dunk per game (maybe .5). How many coaches does it take to coach a team (7)? Maybe they needed that many to fill the empty seats. Get ready for maybe a 15 win season next year. Can't wait for Aggie football. Maybe Stew could get one of the football players to take it to the middle. Stone, go play football, you would make an awesome tight end of defensive end.

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