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Published: Monday, March 18 2013 11:40 p.m. MDT

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Jazz Source
Alpine, UT

I too was at the game last night. The face value of my ticket read $800. I was on the second row directly across the court from the Jazz bench.

What I am most thankful for is the fact I didn't pay for those tickets. My second observation is that there is nobody on the planet who logically could believe that the effort/coaching was worth $8 let alone $800.

Another observation is that Ty hardly coaches during the game and when he does it is with poor results. Time after time we looked over at the NY bench and the players were huddled around their coaching staff until the whistle blew. Look at our bench and you literally watched our coaches sitting together on the bench and our players, all 5 of them, leaning against the scorers table. Over and over and over.

The contrast could not be more stark. Coaching/encouraging/demanding vs. well, nothing. Even when Corbin did call a timeout it a lousy play call. I screamed it was a lousy play call once and he and then Ty and his tax-evading buddy looked straight back across at me.


Call Jerry Sloan now.

Sneaky Jimmy
Bay Area, CA

You have a good point, I stand corrected. I would like to see one of the Van Gundy boys (mabye both) coaching the Jazz. Avery - I'm not sure about. I like him but I don't know if he can coach. Mike Brown - thumbs down.
But good ideas!

Orem, UT

Where are all the Corbin apologists? If anyone is still defending Corbin they simply are not watching the games or are in denial. This was a bad New York team without their three best players. An above poster asked if we could realistically get a better coach. I think the better question is can we get somebody to do worse? These guys rarely give a full effort, or do what he says. Time for a new coach or a different approach. Time for a coach that doesn't constantly pamper his players, but demands something out of them rather than accepting poor play.

Glendale, AZ

I am guessing at this point the Jazz are just finishing out the year until they can remove Ty and start fresh. However, I would argue that they need to make the move so that the new coaching staff can determine how they want to progress (ie which players to keep and which to jettison). I think the most telling comment came from Ty before the trade deadline where he stood up for the team as it was saying he wanted to keep the team as it is together.
Since then his team as it currently exists has thrown him under the bus with their lack of effort. Good job Jazz!

Hugh G. Hater
Swat Lake City, UT

Another "rebuilding year".

The slate needs to be wiped clean but that will only work if a coaching
philosophy change happens.

I have no respect for Corbin. I need only point you to his go-to guy Earl Watson.

We are all wasting our breath/keyboards I am afraid however. Greg Miller (aka used car salesman) only cares about providing a safe, steady, mediocre, profit-generating team. As long as people line up to pay for cheap seats and overpriced concessions, nothing will change.

Ivins, UT

Doug C...and if they have the coaching they need I tend to agree with you. Without a first rate coach most teams flounder don't they. this is the trouble in Jazztowne.

Queensland Jazz fan
Townsville Australia, 00

I think it is too early to judge Lindsey's work. He has taken a cautious approach this year, but a lot rides on what he does from now on, beginning with who we take with our two first round picks.

Will the Jazz fire Corbin with a year left on his contract?

This is new territory for the Jazz and would indicate a committed coherency from ownership and management we have not seen in the post-Sloan era, but you would be hard pressed to find a worse coach in the league right now than Corbin, who has drawn criticism from commentators all over the league. The Bobcats suck, but Mike Dunlap has been praised for his 'back to the basics' approach to teaching the game, ditto Wittman in Washington. This is what we need.

I doubt the Jazz resign either Jefferson or Millsap, particularly as Millsap will have suitors and Jefferson, as a nice a person as he seems, is a cancer in terms of team play on both ends of the court.

Al Horford has similar stats to Jefferson. But would anyone seriously consider taking Jefferson over Horford? Not a chance, not even close.

W-Ton, Uk

ok NY are under manned & playing their 5th road game after getting beaten badly in the 1st four games. The Jazz have just won a "statement" game (their words not mine) against the Grizz by actually playing some defense !!!!

so what happens ? they have no Chandler so what do we do ? attack the paint I hear you cry ? Nope... we jack up jump shots all night..... Surely we defend the three shot right ? NY like to shoot the trey.... Nope.... hit that corner trey all you want NY, pls, feel free.....

There is talent on this team but for the 1st time I have to look at the coaches....

worst defeat of the season for me, by far..... :-(

sandy, ut

If Kanter and Favors are the best frontcourt in the NBA then I am the messiah. No, not even at 35 plus minutes a game would it even be close. Not even close. They are decent, but the best frontcourt in the league? Get real.

Ivins, UT

At the start of the year, and on paper you would have thought the Lakers had the best front court with D Howard, P Gasol, and Metta World ( or whatever he's calling himself these days). Than you add a back court of Nash and Bryant and would think they would be contending for a championship instead of just the 8th seed for the playoffs.

Tokyo, Japan

ok first of all...@Dustin sir you are in denial...you can replace Corbin with a better coach...Brian Shaw could be better since he knows a winning system...i'd take alvin gentry, nate mcmillan, Stan "Ron Jeremy" Van Gundy...over Corbin...Tyrone Corbin is the Greg Ostertag of Coaching...Big Al should go...Paul Millsap should go...Mo Williams...the only keepers...for me...would be...Carrol Hayward burks Favors Kanter and Foye...Foye would be better off as a bench player...i would knock Lindsey off just yet...he might have a few players in mind this offseason...to be honest i am sick of Corbin and his one dimensional way of coaching...the guy clearly has no system...

Tokyo, Japan


i agree they are not the best...the only thing they have right now is potential...it is up to them to reach it...and with their potential...they could be better than the tandem of Marc Gasol and Zach Randolph....so given 30-35 minutes...they might drastically improve in a few years...

Pleasant Grove, UT

I like Millsap. He should be playing the 3 though (with his "guard skills") so Favors can play more. Marvin is terrible.

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