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Published: Monday, March 18 2013 11:40 p.m. MDT

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Layton, UT

We need a real coach not TY. The players openly disrespected Corbin on National TV by not doing anything he called for. It is time to get someone who can control his players. Al doesn't play defense and Mo only plays for himself.

Farmington, UT

What is that vacuum type noise coming from ESA? It's the sound of early vacations for the Jazz.

I attended tonight's game and left with a minute to play when the Jazz were down by 5 and NY had the ball. Up by two at the half, the Jazz went to sleep in the third quarter (again). Favors went 4 - 10 from the free throw line. That won't win any ball games, even in junior high school. How much are we paying these guys that can't hit a pair of free throws, anyway? And Jefferson couldn't throw the ball into the ocean if he was standing on the beach.

Don't even get me started on defense.

That's my one-and-done game for the Jazz this season. The promotional hot dog was better than the game. I can understand why attendance was/is low.

Santa Monica, CA

Okay, I'll be the first to say it. Mo Williams is playing how HE wants to play and he isn't enough of a ballplayer to take over at end of games. The Jazz have steadily played worse and worse since he's returned to the lineup. I think that the avoiding of what the coach wants starts with the point guard position and Mo Williams has these guys totally out of sync.

Orem, UT

The person who wrote the headline stole the word I was gonna use: Pathetic. 'Nuff said.

Moab, UT

Pathetic. Throw in the towel. Play Burks, Hayward, Carroll, Kanter, and Favors together more.

Bountiful, utah

The Jazz won a lottery pick last night. I hope they use it to get a point guard and replacements for Jefferson/Milsap.

sandy, ut

Has anybody else watched any of the previous 4 games New York has played and lost by double digits? They are TERRIBLE. They get absolutely smashed by everybody.... except the jazz. They are missing their 3 best players, we have a full squad. It is disheartening to see the jazz play with not attitude, no passion, no urgency. I am glad I chose to not accept 2 free tickets last night to the game. It would have been a waste of time on players who don't care to give the effort. Earl Watson must go. He is horrible, and so is Marvin Williams. Not worth it.

John Wicks
Salt Lake City, UT

Lindsey and Corbin should both be fired this morning and quite possible KOC. The front office is a complete joke. Jerry are you listening??

Ivins, UT

I've been complaining about Corbin even before it's become fashionable. My frustration now is shifting more and more to Greg Miller. It's bad when your coach is in the dark but it's even worse when the owner/management are just as bad. Larry Miller would not put up with this mess. When he saw no effort from the team he was in the locker room demanding more from the players and coach. I doubt Greg Miller knows where the locker room is.

I live out of town but I would love to see Jazz fans wear brown paper sacks over their heads at home games like the New Orleans Saints fans did way back when they referred to them as the New Orleans Aints. Maybe then management would see that fans are embarrassed with whats going on here.

Bountiful, UT

Adios Utah Jazz, I have stayed with you longer than I should have. Tickets are to expensive to be bored at games, being beat by bad teams and having the big name players staying home rather than playing us. We have gone down hill since the Karl,John & Larry era.


Why is that the organization sees things so differently than we, the fans see things? Somebody is seeing things wrong and I don't think the record supports the organizations view. I wounder if this is "just one loss" again. I see it as another in a long string of humiliating losses.

West Jordan, UT

Surely Larry Miller is turning over in his grave.

What a disaster the Jazz have become.

B Russ
Ephraim, UT

If Ty Corbin, Al Jefferson and Mo Williams are still here at the start of next season, then this once proud franchize is toast.

Saint Louis, MO

Surprisingly, Marvin Williams has been playing well while Jefferson and Millsap are making key mistakes in the fourth quarter. Every time that Favors and Kanter play, they beg for more playing time and keep the bit in their mouth. Once the three game trip to Texas is over, the smoke will clear. We'll be able to see "Russia from our front porch".

LaVerkin, Utah

But Mo sure has some Ugly tattoos, don't they count?


Ty Corbin was WIRED for sound on the ESPN broadcast last night.... Ty's first instruction to the players was "stay between your man and the basket"....... his second wired advice was "we need to be aggressive on both ends"

Those are 2 pearls of wisdom during a timeout..... That is exactly what I tell my Junior Jazz team..... I realized last night I'm qualified to coach in the NBA..... Now where is my application? and how do I get Greg Miller's email to send it to?

Idaho Falls, ID

I have defended Corbin quite a bit this season. I think he is a decent coach, and I think we will have a tough time replacing him with someone better. However, the players don't seem to respect him, and they are not playing like a team. I am not sure why Carrol was not played last night. Hayward was the only starter who was giving any energy. As for Dennis Lindsey, I think he has a plan, and that plan involves letting some free agents go, and building through the draft. We can't really judge Lindsey until we have seen what he can do in the off season. I hate the whole "fire Corbin" campaign because nobody seems to have any plan beyond that. I am in favor of getting rid of Corbin if there is a qualified candidate who can take his place. We are also in desperate need of a PG. Mo can stay, but he needs to be a shooting guard, or a 6th man. I don't know if we are always better with the young guys on the floor, but we are a lot more fun to watch.

Sneaky Jimmy
Bay Area, CA

I'm not ready to dump Corbin yet. It's his first full season as a head coach. Is there anyone available that could do a better job? I doubt you'd get Phil Jackson to Utah. They don't have a serviceable point guard that can lead them in the final 2 minutes. They self destruct when the defensive pressure increases. That indicates no confidence in the PG's ability to manage the game. JR Smith KNOWs that he is tougher than the whole Jazz team.


Stan Van Gundy, Avery Johnson (might won't to prove a point in Utah, Deron Williams thing), Jeff Van Gundy, and Mike Brown are just a few out of work top NBA coaches who the Jazz could hired...... plus the obvious Phil Jackson and Jerry Sloan !

But Ty is a lot cheaper at 1-1.5 million a year ... you get what you pay for.... Greg Miller could use some of his player money on a coach and the Jazz would be a lot better team, even help with the salary cap LOL

San Diego, CA

Lottery pick for this year. What a waste of season. We should have traded both al and milsap. We need to get a pure point guard this summer. please don't re-sign al and milsap. kanter and favors MUST start next year. They have to have 30+ min. They will be the best frontcourt in NBA.... if they play 30+ min.

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