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Published: Monday, March 18 2013 2:10 p.m. MDT

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Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Considering the quality of play the last month of the season, its clear that Utah and Weber ARE currently the best two teams in the state. Utah State was decimated by injuries and still took BYU in Provo to the last second, so I'd say Utah State is the 3rd best team.

Spanish Fork, UT

Only a person living in crazy town with their head buried in the sand would ever claim that a team with a losing record was one of the best teams in Utah. It seems that BYU was the only team worthy of an invite to any post season tournament. That to me is quite a big indicator.
An even better measurement would be head to head match up. BYU beat Utah, Weber St. and Utah State. Utah was too busy building a fake resume of wins and therefore the only head to head was BYU, and they lost. Weber St. lost to Utah and BYU. So head to head match ups favor BYU. That is real data, not conjecture.
All things considered it's very easy to make an argument of 1. BYU 2. Utah St. 3. Weber St. 4. Utah. You have to come up with some pretty fuzzy logic and then do quite the gymnastic leaps to get to a conclusion where Utah is the best team in the state. Of course Utah's best sport is gymnastics so I guess I can't count that out in the equation.

Salt Lake City, UT

Crowning a team "best basketball in the state" this year isn't saying much.

This cracks me up: "BYU was worthy of a post-season invite".
Hopefully, BYU players and fans experience the NIT for what it is worth... something fun to do. It's a nice chance for fans to see the seniors again, and for the players to have another game or two as a team. Enjoy that.

If you're a fan that thinks getting invited to the NIT means something, or gives the team a chance to prove something, you're putting too much into it. Seriously. What is there to prove? That an early exit from the WCC tourney was a fluke? That BYU might be the 69th best team in the nation? Don't get caught up in that silliness. Enjoy the game(s). Have fun. Good luck.

Salt Lake City, Utah


You're seriously jealous!

Just as being good enough to be invited to any bowl is better than sitting home watching, playing in any post season basketball tournament is better than being a couch potato.

As the 65th ranked team in RPI, BYU was good enough to be invited to the 2nd tier NIT tournament. Not a huge accomplishment, but a decent accomplishment.

As the 152nd RPI team, Utah wasn't good enough to be invited to the 4th tier CIT tournament.

It's funny how Utah fans were beating their chests last week about advancing to the 3rd round of a conference tournament, but now they're trying to pretend that any advancement in the much more rigorous NIT would be meaningless.

Get over your blind arrogance.

Salt Lake City, Utah


"Crowning a team "best basketball in the state" this year isn't saying much."

Which is another way of saying that finishing dead last in the state this year is even more embarrassing than usual.

#65 BYU(21-11) NIT bound
#92 Weber St(26-6) CIT bound
#108 Utah St(21-10) season finished
#152 Utah(15-18) season finished

The state of basketball in Utah:

WCC > Big Sky > WAC > PAC

Christy B
Salt Lake City, Utah

"Considering the quality of play the last month of the season, its clear that Utah and Weber ARE currently the best two teams in the state."

Sorry little sister, but having a brief four-game spurt at the end the season, doesn't make up for stinking up the rest of the season with another sub-.500 record, only 13 wins against D-1 teams, and those ugly losses to teams like #218 SMU, #238 CS Northridge, and #282 Sacramento St.

No, seasons are judged in their entirety, not by a few cherry-picked results.

#152 is #152, regardless of how you slice it.

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