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Published: Friday, March 15 2013 12:20 p.m. MDT

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Springville, Ut

Re: MapleDon

So, you believe that the problem with this article is not that the legislature passed a bill allowing everyone to have the right to be untrained and carry a concealed device, the sole purpose of which is to kill others, but it is that Bishop Wester, a prominent community leader, shared his views on the bill and the media published it?

Don't look now, but your hypocrisy is showing.

Beaver Native
Garland, UT

The stated purpose of the 2nd amendment is to provide the necessity of a militia to protect the free state. It also says "the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed". Arguments can be made on both sides as to its meaning, but its purpose is to protect a free state, not to provide for personal protection or hunting. Personal safety and hunting are irrelevant to the stated intent of the 2nd amendment. I believe that a person should be allowed to hunt or protect himself or others so long as he doesn't impose a threat to the rights or freedom of society, but if you're using the second amendment to argue the right to hunt or for personal safety reasons, you're out of context.



The states you named, Alaska, Arizona and Wyoming are all ranked in the top 10 for number of firearm deaths. But i suppose they are states with rampant crime?

Ogden, UT

Guns kill, period!

Anyone who thinks he or she needs a gun to be reasonably secure in this world is demonstrating an extreme level naivete about his or her ability to protect themselves together with severe symptoms of paranoia.

The popular but inane comment that it's not guns that kill; it's people who kill might boast that they are technically right, but there's no denying that it's a gun that does the dirty work.

How anyone can claim they have religious beliefs toward their fellow man and still harbor the intent to kill someone for supposed self-protection speak out of both sides of their mouth.

Just sayin' ...

the truth
Holladay, UT


The right is guaranteed to the people,

not to militias,

and not to the state.

And it talks about well regulated militias, not well regulated arms.

When the bill of rights was written, individual citizens owned the most powerful arms there was, cannons!

The right is not about hunting nor self defense.

That tells you all you need to know.

If the government is too powerful to fight against, that is just an argument that the people rights are infringed.

infringed means to limit or to reduce,

So, our right to bear arms shall not be limited or reduced.

It could not be any more clearer.

one old man
Ogden, UT

I am not anti-gun. But I am very much anti-stupidity.

Allowing unlimited access to deadly weapons by untrained people is stupid. Allowing anyone to go to a gun show and purchase a gun without a background check is stupid. Thinking that anyone needs a clip carrying more than six rounds is stupid.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

"The states you named, Alaska, Arizona and Wyoming are all ranked in the top 10 for number of firearm deaths. But i suppose they are states with rampant crime?"


Nearly 3/4 of which are suicides. To compare meaningful statistics, how about looking at criminal homicides with firearms in those states and areas like Chicago and DC? But they are not included in the skewed study you allude to. Guess why.

Salt Lake City, UT

Even Scalia said that not all regulation on guns is unconstitutional.

Besides, I've seen how this state works with the 21st Amendment and 1st Amendment. Why is the 2nd the only one some of you seem to believe should be unlimited?

Provo, UT

Passing a background check does not infringe on anybody's right to bear arms, unless they have no business bearing arms because of mental illness or criminal record. The argument is that people need to arm themselves to the teeth to protect themselves from the government. I think that if the government were to issue a proclamation require all to surrender their arms, the insurrection would start right then; people who arm themselves against the government would not comply. Therefore, registering weapons does not threaten anyone's right to own it. People have become so spiteful in their hatred of the government that they have lost the ability to see straight.

Say What?
Bountiful, UT


Antibiotics kill period.

Soldiers who defend our nation likewise.

Salt Lake City, UT

"When the bill of rights was written, individual citizens owned the most powerful arms there was, cannons!"

This is true.

So as such, I will concede, you have an absolute right to own, uninfringed, the weapons available in the Founders' days. Help yourself to all the muzzle loaders you want, as the Founders intended. But just the muzzle loaders, that is all the Founders had, all they could imagine, and all they were writing about.

Anything else, and we will have to discuss it and see if we all agree it is okay.

All you people (actually very, very few except for on the D News boards for some reason) that think you should have access to any type of weapon, anytime and anywhere you want, well sorry, you don't get your way. And I don't care how much you stamp your feet, nor how long you hold your breath. You aren't going to get them. The adults are going to talk and make this decision. We'll let you know what we decide.

Hyrum, Ut

"People are being killed by guns at an alarming rate," Bishop Wester said. "Anything that touches on guns, especially the proliferation of guns, is a concern.

"A gun is a very forceful instrument, a very lethal thing and it makes sense that we do have laws that require background checks as a way of protecting the sanctity of human life."

Perhaps the good Bishop doesn't know that guns are actually low on the list of weapons used to take life. Why is he not speaking out on those items on the list that top guns? Guns are a very dramatic display of force, but cars are 34+ times more likely to kill someone and yet he does not speak out against them. Maybe he should educate himself before he speaks in favor of slavery; YES! slavery because that's the aim of those who would take the insturment that would prevent them from enslaving you.

Hyrum, Ut

"Driving is niether a right nor a privilege."

Craig Clark - it has to be one or the other and since it is not a right it has to be a priviledge. Call it what you wnat, it is a priviledge.

Gun ownership is a right guarentteed by the constitution of the United States of America.

Springville, UT

@Th. Jefferson:

Actually, I think the Hon. Bishop Wester would simply say your comment was an ad hominem attack, meant to distract people from the real issue.

Ogden, UT

America's love affair with guns is disgusting, embarrassing sick.

Vacaville, CA

Those intent on doing harm to others will use a gun no matter what the law. They have no respect for either the law or humanity. Gun owners for the most part are responsible, law abiding citizens. Carrying a weapon in public merely adds another dimension to this responsibility. True, accidents may occur but for the most part having responsible gun owners on the streets may deter criminal activity and make us more safe.

We have delegated the responsibility of public safety to the police and as a result 'public safety' is worse not better. Gang bangers aren't afraid to shoot up the streets because they know no one will stop them. Maybe, just maybe, knowing they could be killed will stop a criminal. Fear is a strong motivator to those with a shallow mind.

Why do we always punish law-abiding citizens? Sadly, it has gotten to the point where I fear government (the law) more than I fear criminals. Progressives (Obama) want us totally dependent upon government and unfortunately many have gotten sucked into this mindset. The concept of limited government is no longer understood.

"Freedoms, just another word for nothing left to loose." Joan Baez

Vacaville, CA

Those that feel background checks are a good idea are neglecting the fact that criminals don't need background checks to obtain a firearm. Background checks are merely a formality, a way for government to keep track of where "legal" guns are located. Government is doing nothing to locate and remove illegal weapons or to prevent illegal activity. Government can't guarantee our safety no more than they can secure our border from terrorists and those intent on committing crime. Criminals are not afraid of the law. They know that if they get arrested, judges will release them in a few years anyway. They don't mind risking time in jail as it is just free room and board. Their logic is completely different than that of a sane, law abiding citizen.

The fool is that person who thinks government can protect and secure us.

Anti Bush-Obama
Washington, DC

This guy isn't being liberal enough.

Lets ban all marriages because there are people who kill or abuse their spouses.

Lets ban all birth because the world is overpopulated and some kids are born into an abusive enviornment.

Lets ban automobiles because somebody can kill as many people nehind the wheel as they can with a gun.

Lets ban anything else that can be used as a weapon regardless of what people need it for.

Lets do away with Names, Hairstyles, and Clothes because these things create invidualism. And somepeople may look better than others.

Lets just have everybody wear uniforms, call everybody by numbers, live in the same type of house while our government lives in palaces.

Anti Bush-Obama
Washington, DC

Not letting people make their own choices and having the fear if people were to have that option that they would make the wrong choice.

It sounds like something that Satan would do because thats what he wanted.

Why are we even here if the Government wont even give us the power to make our own choices out of fear of us making the wrong choices?

Supressing the Free will is Facist. You got to let people make their own choices even if it's the wrong choice because how are they going to learn?

Anti Bush-Obama
Washington, DC

Did anybody read about the drive by shooting that Happened in DC this week where there is a total Gun ban? It probably didn't make many headwaves seeing as how this is counter productive to all of the anti-gun propoganda out in the news these days. This just proves that Criminals will always find ways to get Guns.

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