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Published: Tuesday, March 12 2013 9:15 p.m. MDT

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Stalwart Sentinel
San Jose, CA

Mormons following Christ's example.

Best story I've read in a while. Thank you, DesNews.

Taylorsville, UT

We found out in the 1960's that love everyone is a dysfunctional concept and doesn't work like these extremist think it should. Love everyone is impossible and that only applies to individuals and family.

Tolerate and respecting others rights is a functional society, especially in the USA where even those facing discrimination must tolerate and respect other rights to be discriminatory of ones beliefs and ideals.

We all have a right to discriminate and not like people for personal beliefs. Discrimination laws only apply to social and economic fluidity of a community. Even that is questionable. Discrimination is a right of independence, freedoms, and free will and religion Constitutional declarations. Its getting out of reason that individuals think they have a right to disrespect others rights to not like someone for any reason, even personal conflicting moral issues.

If anyone can't accept themselves without guilt or shame, then I can't accept them either. If they think I have to accept their beliefs then they do not have my respect or tolerate them as peers or equals. Live and let live, that is god's way of love. Mandating laws for pity is absurd and very selfish.

Go Utes!
Springville, UT

I suppose i am ignorant as i have never hired anybody or lent housing to anybody either, but i cannot imagine that employers or landlords would be so foolish as to deny qualified applicants on the basis of sexual orientation. At what point does that even come up in an interview?

Somebody please tell me how much of a problem this actually is. from what i can tell it is just the LGBT fishing for attention.


This is wonderful. I don't know what else to say. I am truly impressed.

Santa Monica, CA

Thank you for this. I have known good mormon people all of my life and I have known (in large abundance) holier than thou mormons, "you need to be more like me" mormons, and "I love the sinner, I just hate the sin" mormons. I like this kind best. These are the kind more likely to say, "Love the sinner and despise the sin in myself that causes me to judge others so easily."

george of the jungle
goshen, UT

But by the grace of God go I. Your never lucky until after the game is over and your the winner.

very concerned
Sandy, UT

Just because I'm against the behavior that defines homosexuality does not necessarily mean I'm judgmental (of the person). Or, another way to say it is, we make judgments every day, about a million different things. We judge if we are living up to our potential and what actions we should take to do so.

Having said that, I have some sympathy for those who have sexual ortientation problems. Some struggle mightily. I struggle mightily with my temptations. I fight every day to overcome those weaknesses I have that beset me so easily. I struggle in many personal ways to be the man I want to be and Heavenly Father wants me to be.

I agree with the posters I've seen the demonstrators carry. But sometimes there is a fine line between supporting and loving the person and supporting and loving their behavior. But, I am not the judge.

All I know is that in the past, some of these laws have been ripe with unintended consequenses. I have to admit though, I have not read the bill, so therefore don't feel qualified to comment on why the Utah congress does not want to pass it.

Orem, UT

The concern I have for this bill relates to so called gender identity. I believe it addresses things like bathroom access. I think there is a huge safety concern allowing people to choose which gender they imagine themselves to be, thus going into whatever bathroom they want. Having men who believe themselves, or claim themselves to be women can create safety concerns. I feel like the world has gone mad trying to accept every type of behavior without really paying attention to consequences.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

There are already antidiscrimination laws on the books. What else are they looking for. Mormons don't hate gays. What else do they want? I'm confused.

If they want us to agree with them that they should be able to marry instead of engage in civil unions. Then i would be against that.

West Valley City, UT

In all the hubbub about gays being bullied and discriminated against, has anyone noticed how gays themselves use intimidation and bullying against those who believe that homosexual behavior, both public and private, is detrimental and destructive to individuals and to society? Why is there no outcry in behalf of those of us who believe that the spirit is gender-specific just as the body is and that attraction toward the opposite sex is not "orientation" but "temptation"? As a supporter of California's Proposition 8, I have seen some pretty nasty bullying behavior by gays against anyone who doesn't heel to their mark. Where is our "antidiscrimination" legislation? Or are we just supposed to accept the pushing and shoving and spitting and name-calling and vandalism and threats and legal actions and ...?

Jim Cobabe
Provo, UT

What difference does a self-imposed label make? Of course anyone can claim to be "different", and assert that they are somehow a "victim" of discrimination. The false posturing that "LGBT" means something special and wonderful that merits special laws or special protection is just another approach to normalizing deviant behavior. Perhaps this situation requires that every individual should be considered "different" and have a unique set of laws and rules that apply. From the perspective of a pluralistic society, the very notion is absurd, and would prove impossible to implement or enforce.

Orem, UT

I prefer this demonstration to a bunch of folks dancing and prancing down mainstreet half-(or completely) naked on pride day.

South Jordan, UT

I think the LGBT is out of line and using some interesting Bullying tactics." I also find it strange that they referred to the transgender person as a "he." I don't know what the scenario is, but I'm pretty sure the government has this individual listed as a girl (the gender at birth) and as far as housing contracts go, I think we're right, particularly in dorm/ single gender apartments to say we don't want to deal with the complexities of your Psyche because most people are going to be a little weirded out showing up to college and suddenly realizing their sweet nice roommate us really a boy. There are consequences for your actions people. Choosing to be the opposite gender is no different.

American Fork, UT

Go Utes: Don't know about overall stats in how often discrimination occurs. One of the speakers yesterday told his story of being kicked out of an apartment for being openly gay. A UofU professor has done a survey of LGBT people in Utah, where nearly 50% felt they had been discriminated against. Don't know more details beyond that.

Mcallen, TX

People who are discriminated:

* rich people
* "You didn't build that"--responsible people making a successful living are being criticized.
* the half of our population who pay federal income tax, compared to those who don't
* people who don't qualify for college assistance
* an eighty year old person still paying income taxes
* school children whose learning is hampered, because the emphasis are on the low achievers.
* people forced to pay for someone's welfare.

Yes! We need "statewide anti-discrimination efforts". Maybe country wide.

Wallsburg, UT

As a lesbian with deep, Utah roots, I can assure you that discrimination occurs regularly in Utah. My partner and I were both fired from our respective jobs in a small-ish southern Utah town. We weren't "out," but we did live together, and we were fired based upon a rumor that began to circulate around town. After losing our jobs, we were subsequently blackballed by the entire town. After 8+ months of trying to find ANY job, we finally had to board up our ranch and move to the Wasatch Front.

In our case, we lost both our jobs and our home.

Mcallen, TX

All people face discrimination in some form. You grow up and handle it.

Quit whining, and acting as a handy cap. This country has more important issues.

USS Enterprise, UT

To "Florwood" if you were always told by your peers that you are a victim, don't you think that you would be more likely to say that you have been discriminated against?

They have claimed victimhood for so long, that they believe that anytime somebody says no to them that it is because of discrimination. If Utah was so horrible to gays, why is it that the gay magazines always talk about how tolerant Utah is?

Taylorsville, UT

wow those of you who say you see LGBT community bullying. you need to look at the actual facts. see you dont see gay people on the news for beating up straight people. but you do see straight people beating up people who are gay. if you say this is not true i can show you story, after story, after story.

as a personal experience in this discrimination this. when i moved here last year. we were looking at apartments. at this one complex. it was two ladies and me and my girl friend waiting to look at apartments. the two ladies were in the lobby before us. so the leasing agent walked in and asked who was here first. after showing them apartment the leasing agent came back. first words out of her mouth were sorry you had to deal with those people. i had to ask. what people? people who are gay. this was from the leasing agent. yes i placed a call to the management company she worked for. don't know if anything happened to her or not. i feel bad for the ladies if they had to deal with her.


@mytwobits --

"In all the hubbub about gays being bullied and discriminated against, has anyone noticed how gays themselves use intimidation and bullying against those who believe that homosexual behavior, both public and private, is detrimental and destructive to individuals and to society? Why is there no outcry in behalf of those of us who believe that the spirit is gender-specific just as the body is and that attraction toward the opposite sex is not "orientation" but "temptation"?"

The funny thing about freedom and civil rights are that they should apply to **everyone**, not just to people that you happen to agree with.

Homosexuals have never fought for *special* rights, only for *equal* rights with the rest of society. You don't have to believe that homosexuality is "good", or even that interracial marriage is "good" -- and remember, the very same arguments that you are using now were used previously back in the days of racial segregation. You just need to accept that everyone has the basic human right to love whomever they wish, within the bounds of adult consensual relations.

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