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Published: Tuesday, March 12 2013 9:15 p.m. MDT

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Go Utes!
Springville, UT

OK, new question. How much of this discrimination is imagined due to the hard knocks life sometimes gives us?

Lets be real here; life happens. sometimes you lose a job. sometimes you get kicked out of an apartment. discrimination occurs (i have seen and intervened) but i have not seen evidence to suggest that it is the prevailing attitude in the state or the states predominant religion. is this bill really necessary?

Wallsburg, UT

In my case, the loss of jobs was initiated by my partner's boss, who was the local Mormon Stake President. Because he held such local sway, it resulted in both of us losing our jobs. The condition for her keeping her job was that she move out of our house! Despite this outrageous condition, she moved out, acquiring a rental in town. Townspeople saw my car there one evening as we watched a video, and because of that, she lost her job. My boss was a friend of the stake president, and within days of my partner's firing, I lost my job, too.

The prevalent religion is not always discriminatory or petty, but sometimes it does harmful things while trying to be well-intentioned.

Hyrum, UT

To Amazondoc:

You are incorrect. We don't "need" to accept anyone or their behavior that is totally counter to our own most inner moral feelings and values, especially when that behavior has been shown in multiple studies to have questionable social effects on society.

There were too many of us (even just visiting) in California during active proposition 8 times, that when driving out of an LDS church parking lot, were sworn at and had our cars egged and were spat at... all by these supposedly loving people who ironically are asking others to be tolerant of them, while they themselves show no inclination of tolerance toward anyone else who doesn't totally side with them... none at all. It's difficult to respect people who don't walk their own talk.

Personally, I don't understand why a few dozen people getting together concerning a dead bill should warrant this much attention. It must have been a very slow news day for the reporters involved.


@Tators --

"We don't "need" to accept anyone or their behavior that is totally counter to our own most inner moral feelings and values"

I'll rephrase: **in order to conform to the equal protection and privacy principles outlined in the US Constitution**, you need to accept that everyone has the basic human right to love whomever they wish within the bounds of adult consensual relations. To deny them that right is unconstitutional.

"especially when that behavior has been shown in multiple studies to have questionable social effects on society."

**What** studies? Please name some of them.

"There were too many of us (even just visiting) in California during active proposition 8 times, that when driving out of an LDS church parking lot, were sworn at and had our cars egged and were spat at..."

Churches that opposed Prop 8 were also vandalized, and opposers were also personally harrassed.

"while they themselves show no inclination of tolerance toward anyone else who doesn't totally side with them..."

Prop 8 was an attempt to deny civil rights to thousands of American citizens. It's natural that those citizens should be angry.

Wallsburg, UT

The problem with discrimination against gays and lesbians is that it's entirely based upon what others presume or imagine we do in our private lives. I've personally known committed lesbian couples who have been celibate for years at a time, yet they're discriminated against (and told how immoral and perverted they are) by people who are simply "imagining" what's going on behind bedroom doors. The problem lies principally or entirely in the accusers' minds, not with most gays and lesbians. We simply want the humane and fair treatment with which you'd treat any other human traveler on this earth.

For those claiming that there "are already laws" protecting gays from discrimination, you're largely incorrect. There are protections for federal workers, and for workers in 17 communities in Utah, but there is no statewide protection against flagrant acts of discrimination against gays. Even with a law, discrimination laws are extremely difficult to prove, and they serve principally as awareness-raisers and deterrents.

Cedar Hills, UT

homosexuality within the LDS church is a tough issue. On one hand the Church has publicly stated that having homosexual urges is NOT a sin however acting on those urges IS a sin. Homosexuals are welcome in the LDS church and have no constraints at all other than the law of chastity.

West Jordan, UT

Anytime discrimination is allowed toward any group, citizens should be worried because you never know who could be targeted next. It could be you. As an active member of the LDS Church I do not want any person to have to suffer through employment discrimination, housing discrimination, hate crimes etc. Someone in an earlier comment mentioned the bullying tactics used by the LGBT community. I have felt personally bullied by people in this group and have seen people who preach tolerance for all not practice tolerance for people who are religious or who disagree with them. It's hurtful. But I think we need to come together as human beings and make sure that people are being treated with compassion, kindness and equality. The LDS Church has come out with a website designed to help members understand the LGBT community and to help bridge that gap and increase understanding. I think that having a brother who is gay has helped me understand how to love those who are different despite the disparity in some of our beliefs.It doesn't mean that you have to agree with the lifestyle when you agree that everyone has certain rights.

Mcallen, TX


Aren't you using discrimination with describing the small-ish southern Utah town.

You're blasting their values as they are yours.

There are places I wouldn't live, because of different values/culture. I just live somewhere else rather then argue. Why change the culture of an area, because of one or two people? Simple solution,--find a compatible area to your lifestle.

bountiful, UT

now if we can get Mormons not to ostracize non-Mormons. then something will really be accomplished.

Mcallen, TX

In a small town of three thousand. Two thousand nine hundred , and ninety eight people has similar values, but two?

Hmm? There's more to this story then is being written.

There are many people fired for unjust reasons. That's life, and the way it is.

I'd like to hear from this stake president, and I'll probably hear a different version of this story.

Res Novae
Ashburn, VA

My religious values don't include denying someone a job or housing because of their sexual preferences. Their presence at work or in my neighborhood neither imposes their values onto mine nor forces me to approve of what they do privately. Mormons of all people should be hesitant to say that if you're only 2 people out of a town of 3000, there's no problem with firing you simply because you have "different values."

I'm ashamed that others who supposedly share my religious values are trying to rationalize mistreatment of people with throwaway sympathy like "many people fired for unjust reasons. That's life, and the way it is." Ironically, they're making the very case for the law that they're arguing against.

Kearns, UT

I'm sorry, but the "guy" is still genetically a girl and dressing like a male won't change that. ACT score or not.


@Flashback --

"I'm sorry, but the "guy" is still genetically a girl"

It isn't always that simple, and you don't have any way to know if it applies in this specific case or not. In fact, there are several medical conditions that can produce a person whose external appearance doesn't match up with their genetic composition. These biologically confused folks are sometimes raised as the "wrong" gender. In fact, by some estimates roughly 1% of live births show some degree of physical gender ambiguity. Look up "intersex conditions" for further info.

Oldy Glocks
Orem, UT

The Lord placed Adam and Eve in the garden with a commandment to go forth and multiply and replenish the earth. Has the Lord rescinded that commandment or given a pass to those who deny His role in the Eternity of life?
I do not recall any mention in the scriptures about Adam and Steve.


Many of these comments make me so sad. This group got together to talk about loving and taking care of others... and to help point out the bullying that LGBT people have had to put up with... That they lose jobs, get kicked out of homes, get beat up and sometimes killed, are shunned or constantly told that they are "less-than"... and the newspaper comment section is just full of more hateful and disgusting bullying.

Way to go Grayson, and your mom, and all of you that got together to share your values of love and acceptance. I hope none of you are reading these comments, and... just in case you are, know THIS person supports your rights.

Albuquerque, NM

How sad that such bullying and discrimination goes on around a country that should know better. I am white and I grew up in a predominantly Hispanic neighborhood and I was the victim of discrimination and bullying since the 3rd grade. I was the butt of jokes, beaten up for the color of my skin, had my shins kicked in every day, except for one, during 5th grade, slammed into lockers in middle school, insulted, called names, (although I kinda liked "3 Mile Island" one), warned against taking Spanish classes, had horrible cartoons drawn of me and shared around class, thrown into trash cans, trumpets blasted into my ears....I could go on. That was my past throughout grade school and into my college years.

But today, I work to learn and then to help the Hispanic population in the U.S., because I realized that being nasty and hateful from all of this only serves to cause more problems on me and that Christ did not retaliate from the abuses he suffered.

Be more like Christ, don't retaliate against your abusers. Calmly help to change laws, but respect those who are different. Don't discriminate against religion as well.

Layton, UT

It's sad to come here and see people working so hard to justify treating other people badly. It would be nice if we lived in a world where we didn't have to have laws to protect people from oppression. But that's not the world we live in.

I respect everyone's right to disagree with me for being a Mormon. People are perfectly welcome to disagree with my beliefs, my definitions of morals, and the way I live my life. Insults, disagreements, jokes, taunts, and social stigma... those are all versions of protected free speech and I support them, even if I suffer because of them.

But when it comes to my ability to make a living and have a home, my Mormonism should not be a factor. I should be protected against discrimination for housing or employment based on my religion.

Gay people should have the same protection. I disagree with the horrible comments on this board but I will defend your right to make them because I believe in freedom. Denying people housing or employment because of their sexual orientation... that's oppression and I disagree with that because I believe in freedom.

Brian Utley
Freedom, IN

Talk about shoddy journalism! Your headline writer and your reporter really had a disconnect. The "Mormons" didn't rally. It was a "Small Group of Self-described Mormons." The message to mere headline readers such as I am is entirely different. Surely blindsided me with your bait and switch.

Gonzales, LA

yes quite interesting reading this was. I would say only a couple of things, 1 Jesus said love the sinner not the sin, in my mind this isn't putting the sinner ahead of all else or giving them special privliges as most request. I brought back to the years when most of these situations started mostly 60s and 70s the years of free love, drugs and rock and roll. The liberal professors that got into our college and started telling students about how they should be treated and how unfairly they are treated has caused a landslide that basically says each person in this nation should have their own special laws or they are being discriminated against.
I believe most people in this country are quite tolerant of others. We have a black president yet the race card is continually played, we have bent over backwards for many and satisfaction never comes, no matter whats done its never enough. I think if one were to really look at whats happening and the majority would start seeking what they want instead of letting the minority call the shots many things would change for the better. Silence sometimes destroys all.

London, 00

Well done Utah, now you're only 10 years behind the rest of the civilised World.
Why would anyone think Mormons are homophobic?
Oh, wait...
All the anti-discrimination measures got blocked. By who?
Looks like you're determined to treat homosexuals as second class citizens.
My guess is that eventually a POTUS will have to threaten to remove your tax exempt status before you decide to treat other human beings who aren't quite like you, equally before the law.

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