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Published: Tuesday, March 12 2013 6:30 p.m. MDT

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Agua Dulce, TX

"Morally straight" was not a statement about sexuality.

The BSA is basically going to continue its bigotry and put the blame on the membership for it. Standup, BSA -- lead.

Bountiful, UT

A Scout is morally straight. That seems pretty darn straight forward. Its a fundamental and important part of what makes up a Boy Scout. Why bother with the organization if you're going to pry up all the planks that it is founded on? What's the point?

Homosexuals are free, if they want an organization like the BSA, to go out and create their own organization and set it up to uphold whatever values they want to promote. Nobody is stopping them. I fully support them in that exercise of their rights. What I strongly oppose is their effort to go out and attack other peoples beliefs and try and force their agenda down their throats. They can believe what they want to believe in their own organizations and their own churches. Leave me be. It's very simple.

Saint George, UT

Render Bender: Doesn't sound like a Scout Troop at all. If there are leaders who believe in Scouting and scouters who believe in scouting, the types of activiites you mentioned are handled quickly, thus the need for the Scouting program to have strict rules on behavior and purpose. Without them, Scouting is useless, as per your personal experience.

Bountiful, UT

"The words "morally straight" will have to be stricken from the oath. Next athiests will demand acceptance and God will be removed."

Good point. Once they cave to the pressure of homosexual activists, Humanists will be next.

After that it will be people who hate America and think the U.S.A. is a corrupt nation who oppresses other countries and the flag and symbols of freedom the USA espouses like the Eagle are all symbols of the oppression the USA forces on the rest of the world. These people will then work to have any recognition the BSA gives to those national emblems of freedom be removed from the program just like other liberal groups have successfully done with recognition of God and with morality.

Pack Meetings and Court of Honors will no longer begin with a flag ceremony, pledge of allegiance and a prayer. Instead it will begin with a moment of silence and a caution not to pray or think of the flag.

By then the BSA will be dead and the liberal groups will have won. At that point it will be on to the next set of victims. Conservative Christian Churches.

Born that Way
Layton, UT

I would like to see the BSA leave the matter to is charter organizations, but also provide leadership counsel on 'best practices', and even leave open the possibility of expelling groups that move too far beyond the boundaries of these best practices.

I think the LDS church already takes (or has the potential to, in places where there's little experience and tradition is entrenched) a rather moderate stance when it comes to this issue.

I also think that showing and having compassion for all boys is the best outcome. If the BSA does shape boys into young men with strong values, virtues, and integrity, then shouldn't there be an outreach to those young men who are born with tendencies that challenge the cookie-cutter male experience (if there is such a thing)?

Imagine you're a young LDS youth, you feel Samesex feelings. You started scouting before you knew anything about sexuality as a cub scout. Now you start to realize that if you divulge your feelings, you will be kicked out of your scout troup. Suddenly the spotlight is blinding. The young man is taught to hide and hold it in

Born that Way
Layton, UT

Rather than remaining in a state of denial about these confusing feelings, the LDS leadership has put a lot of effort into encouraging its members who feel this way to confess them and find ways to live in acceptance of it. It encourages fellow saints to be tolerant and kind to those who don't fit their own mold.

If youre that youth and all your friends are going to scouts, and you cant, doesnt that invade your privacy regardless whether you want people knowing? Before the boy even has a chance to figure out himself, he's put in a box.

This is not LDS, its the world way. Look at gay rolemodels. They follow hackneyed flaming archetypes. A youth in that situation doesnt realize he has choices. They dont have to give up their testimonies, membership, friends, or dream of parenthood. They dont have to follow the worlds course and they can find this out if they arent hiding it.

I fear some feel it better a millstone be hung around their necks and they be drowned for a condition they didnt consciously choose.

Its time we pursued acceptance so these youth. Tell them they have choices.

The Caravan Moves On
Enid, OK

@ "San Diego Chargers Fan - San Diego, CA
Funny to see how many people seem to know what the LDS church will do if BSA changes its membership policies. From many comments here ("Say goodbye to LDS church sponsorship") you must know President Monson better that the rest of us do. The LDS church openly embraces gays."


You are insinuating that the LDS church accepts homosexual activity as being morally acceptable but they do not. "Love the sinner?" Sure. "Accept the sin?" Nope.

This issue with homosexuals pushing to be allowed into the Boy Scout troops is not about just accepting "people" but accepting people BECAUSE (in their opinion) the actions and values they (homosexuals) have is not wrong or immoral.

Las Vegas, NV

BSA Scout Oath for 2013:

On my honor, I will do my best,
To do my duty, for the almighty dollar, and to fake the Scout Law;
To help other people when it's politically expedient;
To keep myself physically strong, mentally awake and morally faint.

Cedar Hills, UT

this is really a non-issue. LDS parents will not support BSA if homosexuals are allowed as scout masters. Very simple. BSA can survey all they want but they really ought to already know the answer. They will lose the major source of their funding if they allow homosexuals ... it is their choice.

Nampa, ID

Don't confuse homosexuality with predator. Child molesters are predators. They aren't looking for same-sex sex. Predators look for victims. Two-Deep leadership is just one safeguard against this.

Bill in Nebraska
Maryville, MO

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints allows all young men who have same-sex attraction to be active scouts. However, to allow openly gay meaning they are living the gay lifestyle are not allowed to be scout leaders or in the scouting program. The same is done with any Young Woman who is sexually active to no longer be active in the Young Women program. They are treated as an adult and must therefore attend adult activities. Those with same-sex attraction may actually be leaders in the scouting program. However, this is not about those having same-sex attraction. This change is about those who are actually living in the gay/lesbian lifestyle which the LDS Church neither condones or supports. The website for same-sex attraction is there to give support to these individuals and to help them to live a chaste life. It does state that many who have same-sex attraction may never be able to have a family or a spouse in this life but if they live a very chaste life that they will be able to have all of this in the next life.

Bakersfield, CA

San Diego Chargers fan. You missed one important fact the Church has firmly stated that active Homosexuality is a sin the message could not be more clear. The statement that the LDS Church openly accepts the acts of Homosexuality is a untrue. Please reread your own comment from a statement made by Elder Todd D. Christopherson Quote: "Someone who is adhering to the norm of chastity, someone who is following the covenants and the standards, teachings of the gospel of Christ, though they may be dealing with same-sex attraction really there’s is no reason they cannot be fully participative, that they can be a full-fledged member of the Church and hold callings and speak and enter the temple and serve there, and all the other opportunities and blessings that can come from Church membership will be available to them." Unquote. Dealing with same sex means not being an active homosexual as a member of the Church. It means that a person must repent and they are not Temple worthy if they are actively homosexual. Normal chastity is sex between a married man and women the Church teaches this to all its members.

Huntington, Utah

The Assembly of God has the Royal Rangers. LDS could do similar.

Aurora, CO

@ San Diego,
You might be mistaken in what your first job is. As Scoutmaster in an LDS-chartered troop, your job is the same as a Scoutmaster in a non-LDS chartered troop; that of teaching the boys to run the troop, to make decisions and to make sure the Scouting program is followed. Being a Priesthood holder in addition to that just helps you recognize who the real leader is: the SPL. The one with the keys makes the decisions. Don't confuse your Scouting position with your Church position. You serve in the one to teach, coach, mentor and support. You have the other to make sure that the righteous principles are shown to be the same as in Scouting. When you use them both to get the boys to lead and make decisions, you succeed and so do they.

Rock Springs, WY

First it was jokes about gays, then the question is he gay. then the coming out of the closet. Now it is cram it down our throats. Seems like they have been using the line upon line concept really well. Crack this door open and wait and see what will be thrown at the church. just look back at prop 8 in california. In 1964 a russia leader told then Sec. Of Agriculture Elder Benson (President Benson) that America would be destroyed from within. he asked why because the american people are so gullible. It's one thing to be gay and another to have it crammed down our throats. Kids at school can't even use the word gay in its proper form without being wriiten up.

Bountiful, UT


Don't you pay attention? The LDS Church doesn't discipline members who have Same Gender attraction. They reach out to and embrace those members. Its when they choose to violate covenants they've made with regards to acting on those attractions that they are subject to church action.

If a YM in an LDS Scout troop tells his Bishop he has Same Sex attraction but he is still living a Morally straight life then he will be fine.

Provo, UT

People, just because a person is gay, doesnt make them a child molestor

Plano, TX

Leaving the decision to the chartered organizations leaves them open to lawsuits over the issue, plain and simple. The defense against these lawsuits will be very expensive, regardless of the outcome. The BSA is caving to corporate sponsors, and I'm not sure why. They already lost Levi Strauss and Wells Fargo years ago over this issue and changing the standards was not considered then. Where is the "morally straight" standard for the Executive Board?

Moses Lake, WA

I'm not a scouting fan by any stretch. I believe it helps the young boys that want to be in it but it isn't for every young man. In fact those who don't want to be in it are a pain for the the leaders and distraction from the intent of the program. Having said that, I feel that this is more of a political issue that a sexual orientation issue. Let them be scouts. I don't care. Just quit shoving it down my throat what your sexual preference is. In most cases you aren't picked on or not bullied. And you wouldn't be bullied or picked on at all if you wouldn't make it a central issue in your life. Political correctness con a muck, and will destroy scouting like everything else. Ahhh I feel much better.

Ivins, UT

Scuting will be fine in LDS hands. It is still the best program avaialable to support the LDS Aronic Priestoon proglram. Young potintial gays are hardly identifiable at scout age..let it go. Leaders are carefully checked out to eleminate potential problems also. Looks like the active gay community has the National Councel on the run however. Too bad. About the money, pinch the pennies and dollare to go into your scouting programs and make the professionals sweat for wheat they get.They are overpaid. Do not buy into every money scheme they throw out.
Just say NO THANKS.

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