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Published: Tuesday, March 12 2013 3:15 p.m. MDT

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Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA


"On the bright side, no NIT means Kaufusi can attend all of spring football - and we need him in the fall."

Wouldn't the Y just play in another tournament? I'd figure if the NIT passed on the cougars, they'd be a lock for the CBI. Did that tournament lose its postseason certification?

Salt Lake City, UT

BYU is a lock for the NIT. Fan base, 20 wins, huge arena...a lock. Anybody who thinks otherwise is just a hater.

Arlington, WA

I will wait to see IF BYU gets a call by the NIT. There's also another two tournaments that they could go to...The CBI and the CIT. Post season play is still exciting.

I don't think too much of Dave Rose as a coach or as a recruiter. BYU relies too heavily on the "automatic" mormons that play ball at school and at church, so have a fairly high level of play, but are undisciplined and lack the true talent of players that go "elsewhere".

If they could just the next level of players under their roof, then they could really compete in the WCC. But until then, they will always be "also-rans".

Lastly, the WCC is an exciting and talented league. When the Big East gets rolling, it will be also!

Wellsville, UT

Not a great year for any of the Utah college basketball teams this year. Hopefully they all do better next year :-(

St. George, UT

It is 99% certainty that the cougars will be in the NIT for several reasons:

1. We have a large areana.
2. We travel well.
3. We will get a lot of fans in the areana.
4. We play an exciting type of basketball, that brings fans when we travel.
5. We have a winning record over the years.

Hope we win it!

Murray, UT

BYU will be in the NIT... they have been to 6 straight NCCA tourney's so a history of recent winning is on their side, they have 21 wins this season, an arena that seats over 20K, an RPI of 68 which isnt great but 100 teams go to the NCCA tourney and NIT combined so you would have to think that a team in the 60s will be in the NIT.
I think BYU biggest problem this season was Davies often being in foul trouble early in games and not having another inside scorer to go like we had last year with Hartsock. We need to find more post players that can be reliable scorers and do a better job on rebounds.

Cinci Man

The biggest problem with BYU this year is that they do not deserve to play in the post season this year. They have too many embarassing turnover in games and a key player cannot stay on the court enough for wins. While Davies and Haws are great players and have great futures in basketball, BYU doesn't play with discipline and a game plan. I hope for a better year next year, but for me, this year is over. Bring on football! Go Cougars!

Mission Viejo, CA

The main problem with this BYU team is the lack of great outside shooting. Brick after brick from behind the arc. Toward the end they just gave up on treys. Pounding it inside would have worked better if Brandon Davies could have been able to swing it out to a shooter once in a while. Haws did not have the outside touch he had before his mission. But who else? Carlino could get hot, but nobody was consistent. And the fast breaks? Where were they?

NIT or not, we can write this season off, hopefully as a rare occurrence in the Rose years.

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