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Published: Tuesday, March 12 2013 3:15 p.m. MDT

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Johnny Triumph
American Fork, UT

Hopefully San Diego's strong showing vs St Mary's will aid BYU. Other than that the Cougars had a very lack luster season and might not deserve any post-season play.

Spanish Fork, UT

No fault of the NIT... BYU just isn't a very good team this year. Only two players would likely start on most of the WCC teams -- Davies and Haws. The rest are players 8, 9, or 10 or higher. Losing Collingsworth and Rogers as starters hurt more than most of us thought at the start of the season. Looking forward to 2013-14 and hoping someone is good enough to take the reins from Carlino.

Springville, UT

If it happens great, if not... oh well. Looking forward to next year's team.

5 months and we'll be talking football!

The Deuce
Livermore, CA

Based on the recent WCC tournament, most teams were getting better as the Cougars were going the opposite direction. It is doubtful at this time whether the NIT experience would be any better. I can say that if you are looking for a team thagt will help to fill an arean, then I would invite the Cougars. The fan base would justify their selection. But is that based on how competitive the Cougars are or that they can bring fans into an arena? This was a tough year that seemed to start out with such promise and never really materialized. What happened to a team that was picked to challenge for the conference title? I have heard all of the excuses about injuries, etc..... Coaching, player development and recruiting athletic players is the answer to that excuse.

Lindon, UT

@ Rock On

In what world?


Sorry to feel this way, but I believe both Air Force and Denver will beat BYU if they are the NIT opponents.

Kaysville, UT

@ Rock On

Carlino is our best point gaurd. no one will take his job from him. when he is on his game his passes are beautiful and he averages several steals a game. I agree he still has some growing to do, too many mistakes but his talent level is tremendous. he was much better this year than last year and i hope he continues to get better. I cringe to see us lose in the first round of the NIT as well. which will probably happen the way we have have finished this season. I hope they execute better next year. Go Cougars!

Bakersfield, CA

Rock on-
you're dead on!

Frisco, TX

Cougs went from being an NCAA bubble team in mid February to being an NIT bubble team. That's what finishing 3 - 5 will do for you. What a disappointing end to the season. The Cougs should have finished the season 7 - 3, with loses only to the Gaels (on the road) and Zags in regular season and the Zags in the WCC championship game.

I don't know what to think of Carlino. He played poorly during non-conference, played very well during the first half of WCC play, and played poorly during the last half of WCC.

He seems to let his emotions take over his play, and his confidence seems to be affected by his emotions. He's either needs to "fix" his game in the off-season, or we need to find another PG ASAP.

Lindon, UT

Tilka, they probably cannot both be opponents - maybe one or the other.

AZ Blue & Red
Gilbert, AZ

Guys BYU can play with most teams. The problem is they can not always finish. They played with the Zags and St Marys both times. Should have won the first meeting. Other times they look like they need a kick in the behind. Let's be very honest here. The NIT is not just about the best teams but who has the biggest arena and who will bring in the most $$$. Trust me BYU will be in the NIT and they will play in Provo. 80% sure. If not then in the West somewhere where they can draw all the fans. Bet the first game maybe 2 will be in Provo.

Go BYU lets make a run now that we will be in the NIT

Salt Lake City, UT

Sure, Carlino still has some improving to do but he brings something to the team when he's on the floor that no one else can bring. Carlino's not the problem. The lack of talent is the problem. When Zylstra is on the floor as much as he is and doesn't do a thing to help the team win -- that is the problem. I would liked to have seen Winder get more consistent minutes and see if he could have improved. Delgado also never got a real chance to develop with consistent minutes. At least the two of them had some upside - whereas, with Zylstra, it was like BYU was playing with 4 guys. BYU needs a serious talent upgrade!

Mildred in Fillmore
Salt Lake City, UT

Only reason the NIT would keep us out is because they know we would win it.

Parker, CO

I agree with JonJ. Lack of talent was clearly the issue. You can add Cusic to the list. I got tired of opposing guards blowing by him and Zylstra. Winder should have played more. He did well last year. Just needed a chance.


Carlino is a turn-over machine as well as a very mediocre point guard. You cannot win without a legit point guard. Very simply put. Not sure if the cougs have one in the program, or one on the way this side of Lone Peak via Germany in two years. Yikes!

Old Navy
Provo, UT

Carlino was one the main problems. All season long, he played like a jackrabbit on speed. He continually threw up shots and made wild passes which ended up being turnovers.

Provo, UT

On the bright side, no NIT means Kaufusi can attend all of spring football - and we need him in the fall.

Roy, UT

Carlino is key to winning/losing, the difference maker...he has great physical skills, needs to mature, to be consistent, unselfish, play smarter, maybe needs lostsa time looking at past games to understand why he turns it over so much...still, it seems we have Davies and 4 guards, so maybe we should change up the D and press sometimes, use all the guards energy and see what happens....I'm so disappointed in the low shooting percentages, esp. from outside. Still love the Cougs, hope to see them in the NIT.

Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA

I can't imagine BYU being passed over. They have 21 wins and, as they say, they "travel well." I would think that the ability to put fans into the arena will tip this their way.

Blue Coug Fan

Carlino is very talented but it is tough to teach court vision and unselfishness. If anyone can bring him along Rose will. When he was "running wild" on the floor this year the team chemistry really suffered.

It will really hurt losing Davies next year. Not sure what our inside presence will be like. No one has shown that they can step it up inside next year yet.

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