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Published: Sunday, March 10 2013 6:15 p.m. MDT

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That's A Good One
Logan, UT

Quit being so hard on Washburn's #1 finger. Right after that picture was taken he held up a zero with the other hand, completing his "We're #10" celebration gesture. Besides, don't you guys have a Nittany Utes Swim program to be "independently" (wink wink) investigating?

Salt Lake City, UT


"TheSportsAuthority, there is no, nor has there ever been a Top 26 poll."

True, but finishing with the 26th most votes in one poll, does indicate that Saint Mary's is on the cusp of being ranked in both polls.

Only a jealous Utah fan would see that post as being "bitter", rather than simply being realistic.

If listing both polls bothers you so much, we could simply choose the one that makes the WCC look the best, just like Utah fans do with football polls.


Current Coaches Poll
#1 Gonzaga
#14 New Mexico
#18 Arizona
#21 Saint Mary's
#25 UCLA

Springville, UT

Stg said, "...where did you get the idea that fans "stormed the floor"?

'Stormin the floor, field, etc.' This is now a well documented phenomenon in Ute sports.

It made perfect sense to me that USALover or any other follower of Ute sports would ask.

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