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Published: Saturday, March 9 2013 4:30 p.m. MST

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Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT

Holliday was BYU's second choice... Aaron Roderick was first choice.

Jason Beck was second choice... Ty Detmer was first choice.

Plano, TX

Re: Roderick -

When people come, and then go again very quickly - don't worry at all about it.

If they are not "all in", rejoice that they are "all out".

He's where he felt comfortable apparently and BYU has someone who is willing to choose to be there.

Wishing them both success.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

Ty Detmer was a wish, not a choice.

Sandy, UT

Dennis Erikson was utah's second choice. Robert Anae was first choice.

Mission Viejo, CA

There is no evidence that Detmer would be a good choice. He would be as big a gamble as Doman was. I'm excited about the new offense we're reading about now. Lets see what these offensive coaches can do before we start looking for someone else. As for the Utah coach who changed his mind ... well I don't see anything at Utah that I would be excited about.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA


Nowhere had it ever been reported that Anae was offered the O.C. position at Utah. All that had been said was that Whittingham asked him to interview. The more likely scenerio was that Whittingham was interviewing multiple candidates for the position, and Anae was just one of the O.C.s on his list. I'd find it highly implausible that Whittingham would have preferred a guy run out of Provostan 2 yrs ago over a 2-time Nat'l Champion/3-time Pac-10 Coach of the Year. I wouldn't doubt that Erickson was Utah's 1st choice. I have no idea what order Anae would have come in. 2nd? 3rd? 4th? Oh well. What does it matter? We got Erickson anyway, so we never had to find out.

Barney Google
Beaver, UT

@AltaHawkFan stick to your High School sports. College conversation is out of your league.

There is a oxymoron down south. Y fans wanted Anae's head on a plater in 2010; After the "Burton's still unblocked" game, Bronco gives Anae his walking papers.

Here's where the oxymoron comes in; They hired Anae back in 2013.

This seasons T-shirt slogan; "Recycle!"

West Jordan, Utah


Who knows, you may be right. Good comeback nonetheless.

Taylorsville, UT

I love this guy's intensity and toughness and how he seems to be instilling that in our WR's this year. I really think he's going to make a difference with guys like Apo, etc. Can't wait for the opener against UV!!! The main question mark with this team is how will the OL do? That is the big key at this point. That, and will Justin Sorenson improve at kicking. BYU already looks great everywhere else.

Henderson, NV

Naval Vet,

You all are too much! Hilarious. Yea, Anae would have come in 4th as an OC candidate at that great, elite institution in SLC! Hilarious. How come you, Chris B and the like live on these BYU boards and I have never even been to a Ute board let alone comment on one?

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT

AltaHawkFan says:

"Dennis Erikson was utah's second choice. Robert Anae was first choice."


Cute response... not accurate but cute.

I guess I must have missed the news reports where Anae was offered and accepted and then rejected Whits offer.

The truth is that Whit made one offer and got one acceptance.

Really... If it weren't for made up facts Cougar Nation would have no facts at all.

Columbia, MO

Roderick has been demoted twice at Utah--Johnson once. The situation on the hill is laughable.

As to Holliday, if BYU wants to recruit seriously in Texas, they must get an invite to the Big 12. However, beating UT would help a lot, both to recruit and to get an invite to join the Big 12. If Holliday can help turn in a 2-0 season to start the year, I'll be behind him and all the other coaches 100%. Nobody in Texas will care about beating Utah or anyone else on the schedule, if the Longhorns come out of Provo with a win.

Lindon, UT

To Barney Google: Did you watch the film of the play where Burton blocked the field goal? I did, and BYU's defender looked right at Burton, then hesitated and went the other way. Appparantly he did not think Burton could get there in time to block the ball, or attempted to shore up the BYU line of scrimmage. Either way, it looked to me like he could have made the block on Burton, but for some reason did not. How is this Anae's fault?

Provo, UT

Not sure what Ben Cahoon did wrong or what Joey Dupaix did wrong for that matter?

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

We get the coaches they want. We get all the recruits. We pretty much dominate. Anae was way better than Erickson.

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT



How was the 2010 block Anae's fault?

Actually Barney never said the block was Anae's fault. But if you had been paying attention Cougar fans roundly criticized Anae for conservative play calling in the final drive that set up the field goal attempt.

Also to be precise BYU's Devin Mahina was left trying to block Utah's Taplin-Ross and Bradley. He chose Taplin-Ross on the inside leaving Bradley virtually untouched for the block on the outside.

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT


"The situation on the hill is laughable."

Laughable? Actually that "laughable" situation is 3-0 against BYU in the last three years.

What does that say about the situation in the bubble?

Bluffdale, UT

Bubble? No. The bubble would be the cover-up that Hill is in the middle of in relation to what is going on with the swim team.

As for Anae, this is one of many Cougar fans who did not criticize Anae. If I remember right, it was Bronco who stepped up and claimed responsibility on that drive. Anae has done nothing but good for BYU as evidenced by the obvious interest in him as an assistant by Whitt. What he was offered, or whetther he was offered is neither here nor there; the fact remains that there was interest.

"Laughable" would be Utah's record in basketball against BYU the last 10 years.

Solomon Levi
Alpine, UT

Howard S.

"Holliday was BYU's second choice... Aaron Roderick was first choice."

LOL at the spin.

The truth is, you're scared to death that BYU ended up with a much more experienced and well-rounded coach.

It's hard to tell who was Utah's first choice.

A-Rod co-OC, demoted to PC and replaced by Chow who was replaced by BJ who was demoted to co-OC understudy and replaced by DE who in theory will be in charge of the offense for one year, at least when Whit isn't micro-managing DE like he tried to do with Chow.

Lindon, UT

I love how a couple of comments on a BYU article really seem to get those ute fans all defensive about things. Now that's laughable!

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