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Published: Saturday, March 9 2013 2:35 p.m. MST

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San Diego, CA

The moon has set on LadyMoon--"Utes get the last laugh?" . . . Who is laughing at who? The Utes were beaten by those sorry Cougs and the Utes were 5-13 in conference and a losing record overall. In sports you get what you earn, that's why they play the game and Utah did earn the last laugh.

Atlanta, GA

The loss of Collinsworth and Rogers had a big impact on the season. Collinsworth would have given the Cougars another big rebounder and inside scorer. Rogers would have provided an excellent outside shooter. I think the difference this season, without them, is conservatively four or five wins instead of losses. We would not have lost to St. Mary's twice. we may even have been able to beat Gonzaga at home, and no way would we lose to San Diego twice. The difference between second place in the conference, and winning 25 or more games, getting an at-large NCAA invitation, vs. the NIT would make a big difference in how Cougar fans view the team this year. Rose did very well, given the limitations he had for starters and rotation.

Idaho Falls, ID

Reality check: Except for some late game heroics and a little luck, BYU could have had 2 embarrassing losses to Utah and Utah State on BYU's home court. So all this thumping on the chest saying, "at least we're not as bad as Utah doesn't make a lot of sense to me. The Truth is our basketball team really is no better than Utah or Utah State. Both of those games could have just as easily gone the other way.

So BYU fans, you can lower yourself and denigrate your rivals' basketball teams but the fact is, there really isn't any difference between the teams, at least not this year.

Springville, UT


The longest string of PAC 10.2 conference wins for the Utes is TWO.

I do believe I'm laughing last.

Overton, NV

"as was Winder. our best on ball defender and he barely played even after his ankle was doing better. "

Another "the grass is always greener" comment.

Did you watch the game Friday night? When Winder was in the game, where was he on defense? Key to defense is put yourself between the basket and the man you're guarding. When Winder was in the game in the first half, he was not in that position. He was behind the man he was supposed to be guarding.

Best on ball defender? Um. No.

Park City, UT

sammy- so after the 2 in a row you're laughing about, that put the Utes in the "10" so is the .2 OSU and WSU? NOW I get it. Your little joke to yourself about .2 is just a way of saying who is in the last two spots of every athletic season. Right. It's a way for you to remember, kind of like putting a string on your little finger? Might just be easier to say PAC 12 like the rest of the world, but whatever makes you smile, I'm all for staying off of meds.


We best plan for an early exit from the NIT. Maybe more hope for us if we go to the CBI. So the only chance to go to the big dance was winning the conference tournament and the senior on the team says they didn't come out with enough desire or confidence or energy, or whatever he said? This is why they aren't a championship team. Besides not know about the basics of blocking out.

Which brings up another question - didn't they hire a big man coach? Why hasn't he taught the bigs how to block out?

Columbia, MO

Postseason play is a good accomplishment. It's better than staying home. I saw enough good in this Cougar team to believe that they can do well in the NIT, if they get a decent draw. It didn't help to lose to USD, but there is still a shot at some post-season glory for Davies---who really deserves it.

Steve C. Warren

Just say no to the NIT. Winning a game or two in the NIT won't change the fact that BYU isn't a very good team.

Maybe Davies can play overseas next year. I wish him well, but I won't miss him.

Springville, UT


No, you have it all wrong.

I created the little PAC10.2 poke at the Utes over two years ago when it was obvious that the Utes and the Buffs were an afterthought to the big 16 superconference fiasco that the PAC10 tried to do.

It's pretty clear that both the Utes and Buffs do not participate monetarily as full members and athletically... well you know the story or do I have to explain that too?

But thanks for asking and I do smile every time someone uses PAC10.2

Get it now? LOL

Wow #10, U're awesome.

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

" ... Is it any wonder that the likes of Chris B, ETB, Mildred of Filmore, Naval Vet, 54-10, and others despise us? ... "

Who cares what these pretenders think about anything??


"Who cares what these pretenders think about anything??"

You, Tom, and the dozen or so other pretenders on every article.

So. Cal Reader
San Diego, CA

Very interesting. Zylstra was the only Cougar to quote? The guy that was MIA the entire season? They guy that talks about lack of effort and personified it?

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

Utah State @ BYU will be a first round matchup. NIT loves attendance. Pretty good match up, but lets face, a dissapointing year for Utah colleges all the way around.

Mildred in Fillmore
Salt Lake City, UT

We'll win the NIT because we are the best team.

Omaha, NE

"Except for some late game heroics and a little luck, BYU could have had 2 embarrassing losses to Utah and Utah State on BYU's home court."

BYU did beat those teams, as well as all teams in Utah. They had the heroics it took to defeat in-state rivals. Your point is not valid because they are example of what didn't happen. There isn't a difference?? Are you blind? BYU beat them all, so they are better than them all in one-on-one situations.

Like it or not, BYU gets the nod for the best in-state team based on in-state teams playing each other.

Down under
Salt Lake City, UT

Lady Moon,
No, Utah will not get the last laugh because most of the country and especially the PAC 10.2 is still laughing at the pathetic Utah team and their 2-in-a-row banter. Who n the world would make such a fuzz over 2 wins in a row.

But seriously folks!
Salt Lake City, UT

Oh well, at east we are not Utah,,,,,, who will notget any invitation.

Tooele, UT

I pretty much stopped paying much attention to the team after the last second winning shot vs. St. Mary's. I always kept seeing glimpses of the play of team members like Zylstra. Pathetic! I'm glad that ALL the seniors will be gone from next years team. Maybe coach Rose can do something with the new players and those returning from missions. We can only hope for better results.

Hyrum, UT


You need to learn that a win is a win whether it's by 2 points or 20 points. At what exact point do you start giving a team credit for it's victory? Close games usually have a way of balancing out, so you look at the overall records and go with it. Though they didn't finish as strong as Utah, BYU had twice as many wins on the year and did win in it's only head-to-head matchup with them. Both facts state that they are the better team.
When Utah beats BYU in football by a point or two from a missed, make-able field goal, their fans make it seem like they are world beaters. You should allow BYU fans a little fun while we have our turn in the sun. Quit being such a scrooge.

Mildred in Fillmore:

Once again you get the Emmy in commenter-land for most sarcastic commenter in these blogs. The only thing funny about your comments is how they seem to entertain only your own sense of off-humor and pretty much no one else's. Think about giving it a rest.

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