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Published: Saturday, March 9 2013 2:35 p.m. MST

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Farmington, UT

I respectfully suggest that if they really want to play and continue playing, they consider playing from tip-off to final buzzer, not just half or 2/3rds of the contest and thinking they can pull it out. They've had some tremendous losses by just not playing like they really wanted to be on the court or to win. And they have occured early in the first half and at the final 2 minutes. Unfortunately that is a recipie for watching tournaments, not participating in them.

Idaho Falls, ID

Will we even get the NIT invitation? I am not convinced that it is a sure thing.

Crestucky, FL

Utes get last laugh...again. Cougs fail disappointingly pathetically...again. News flash: The Jimmer has moved on. And no one was left to carry the load because each player was looking fir the other guy to do it. Sadly, no one did.

Omaha, NE

Part of the problem at the end of the season is the lack of real competition prior to the conference. They beat too many teams with Eastern, Southeastern, Northeastern etc. in their names to gain the experience needed at the end. This goal of a 20 win season each year creates a need for an easy schedule. BYU played 10 of these teams to get 10 of their wins but that did not toughen them for the WCC and may hurt their NIT chances. Gonzaga oly played five of these type of teams.

The Deuce
Livermore, CA

I saw 2 things in last night's game. First, no one looked like they wanted to play or even be there. Poor guard play and no one else showed up except for Davies. The next thing I saw for the first time this season was a real lack of coaching to win by Coach Rose. He just kept doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome. I saw no adjustment to anything during the entire game. I am a Coach Rose fan but last night started me thinking about the general problem with both the football team and the basketball team this year, lack of quality coaching in key situations. Is this where the Cougars are headed to in the future, one and done?

The Rock
Federal Way, WA

While I am disappointed in the loss that missing the big dance, going to six NCAA tournaments in a row and winning 25 or more games in each of those seasons is a remarkable achievement. This is accomplished by a remarkable coach.

Coach Rose has landed some very good players for the coming years. I see a final four in three years...

Jonathan Eddy
Payson, UT

Too bad BYU-Alpine wasn't able to compete. The results would have been much better.

Lightening Lad
Austin , TX

Under the circumstances, Dave Rose would be better served by getting outside his comfort circle and with his assistants beating the bushes for some athletic kids who can board and shoot. This team has more kids that either hit their ceiling at the JC level or should have been enjoying their first two years at a JC, more than half of this years Cougars are not talented enough to be playing at this level. I'm convinced the team is made up of great kids who will all graduate eventually and that Rose is the best person to be in this position, but if anymore evidence is needed to convince anyone that this team has only 2-3 kids who should be starting, they got a massive dose of proof in Vegas.

Ogden, UT

Disappointing end for a disappointing year. I recall getting made fun of for saying that this years team was a twenty win team. Looks like that prediction was pretty close to fact. May next year be brighter.

Provo, , UT


BYUs OOC schedule was actually pretty hard. They just didn't win the hard games...

Mike in Cedar City
Cedar City, Utah

If they get any invite, it's one and done.

Kaysville, UT

The team this year just showed a complete lack of competitiveness. they just looked like they didnt want to be there. I agree with the less than quality coaching calls. San Diego was destroying our zone defense and we rarely tried man to man or a different zone scheme. Execution all around was depressing to watch not only in this game but for the entire second half of the season.
I dont understand why Sharp was used less and less as the season went on. he was a stud this year but was seriously under utilized. as was Winder. our best on ball defender and he barely played even after his ankle was doing better.
Honestly, i am glad zylstra is graduating, just like Riley Nelson, Zylstra hurt the team more than helped it. if we get selected for the NIT, they better put a fire under the butt or they will be one and done there too. lets hope

Go Cougs!

Mesa, AZ

"Coach Rose has landed some very good players for the coming years. I see a final four in three years..."

Why do this to yourself? It's perfectly fine to be optimistic, but there's a reason byu leads the nation in Tourney appearances without ever reaching The Final Four.

Set reasonable expectations, instead....How about, competing more competitively with Saint Mary's for 2nd-place in the wcc, for instance?

Col Coyote
lakewood, CO

The talent level of some players on the roster appears to me to be a problem. COUGS did not have a bench that they could rely on and get immediate help all season long. They could not guard the perimeter. Bottom line is they need better athletes.

Richmond, VA

@The Rock,

Could you please stop with the predictions? It's precisely those kinds of silly and mindless predictions about final four, national championships, etc, etc, that cause so much pain and anguish to us fans when they don't come true. Is it any wonder that the likes of Chris B, ETB, Mildred of Filmore, Naval Vet, 54-10, and others despise us? Can't we at least wait until we actually accomplish real success against meaningful competition consistently before we start pounding our chest? Actually, I prefer that we don't even predict anything, that we just let our team play do the talking. So please stop it! You can't keep feeding the trolls with posts like that.

Even so, good luck to our Cougars in the NIT if they get an invite! Not sure if that's even a given at this point.

Cardston, Alberta

What a bunch of lame comments! How do you compensate for the losses of Rogers and Collinsworth? Chris Collinsworth was a starter before his mission, and Rogers had excellent
potential as a perimeter shooter. We sorely needed these skills to field a real competitor on the starting five. Hawes has drawn double coverage all season and still lead the league in scoring. Kid is exhausted by now.

Salt Lake City, UT

Hartsock, Abouo, Harrison, Rogers, Collinsworth, were on a very good team last year. They were not here this for different reasons. A huge turnover of very good players.

This is not sour grapes as much as reality. Too bad Brandon Davies could not have been surrounded by a better cast, especially a strong power forward to man the middle with Brandon. That was suppose to be Chris Collinsworth. Stephen Rogers who have really helped with the perimeter shooting.The offense generated plenty of solid shots but the team could just not deliver.

The outside shooting is a worry for next year. The middle even with the loss of Davies could be stronger. I believe Mitka is as advertised. I also believe he could have helped this year.

Disappointing year, but things will get better.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

Utes get the last laugh??? Licking our wounds aside, the Utes still ARE the last laugh. Who woulda thought this idea might give me comfort - no matter how disappointing this season has been, at least it wasn't like Utah's.

St. George, UT

The Utes get the last laugh? Where will the Utes be playing after the season is over? Oh, ok, nowhere. Just like your football bowl game.

Try again, though!

Gilbert, AZ


"...there's a reason BYU leads the nation in Tourney appearances without ever reaching The Final Four."

Remind us how many Final Fours the Utes have been to since the Tourney expanded to 32 teams in 1975.

For all of your chest-beating, the Utes have only won more than 2 games in the Big Dance TWICE since that pathetic 1944 season.

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