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Published: Saturday, March 9 2013 12:10 a.m. MST

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South Jordan, UT

Typical attendance numbers for a WCC game.


Feel a little sorry for the team, they seemed to try too hard and just couldn't pull it together for a complete game. Seemed to mostly play better as the year went on, but not as much improvement as opposing teams.

Still love my Cougars!

West Jordan, UT

I hope the Cougs can rebound and play well in the NIT. I also hope everyone now knows that this years team just wasn't that good. Haws takes way too many shots and that hurts Carlinos game. Davies is the only legitament big man on this team. Coach Rose did a great job with this bunch of guys. I don't think another coach could have won 10 games with this group. Better luck next year!

Lincoln City, OR

Truth is we just weren't very good this year... We had only 2 solid consistent players all year long and every once in awhile Carlino would show up...

Sure, we were good enough to beat less talented teams like Utah (in fact, I think that we ran the state) but not good enough to compete consistently at a high level...

That leads me to the question of when we will be able to return to that level... The incompetence of the Administration and our AD in getting us into a bigger and better Conference for all sports is hurting our recruiting efforts and it is starting to show up on the Fields as well as the Courts...

We are challenged from both a scheduling standpoint and from a player recognition standpoint... A large percentage of recruits believe they have the skill base to eventually play at the next level and they want to be "showcased"... Being independent in Football and playing Idaho, Idaho State and New Mexico State in November does not a "showcase provide"... I also think that that is true with the WCC (albeit that Gonzaga is an outlier)... 8 schools with populations of about 5,000???

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

Rose is a fantastic coach, but his teams are seldom competitive in tournaments for some reason.

Danbury, CT

A tough loss for a team that has frankly had a hard time all season long performing well when the game was on the line. This bunch has just not had anyone that could step up in the crunch. Even the free throw shooting has been down this year.

Speaking objectively, take away Jimmer, and you would probably say the same of the team for several years now. As much as I like Dave Rose, I don't see that he gets the best performance out of his players, who come from no different background than say, the kids who play for Coach Lewis at Lone Peak, but who seem to get it done in tournament play.

Am I the only one here who feels unfulfilled come March Madness by BYU's 20 some odd wins in regular season?

Springville, UT

I watched this team play in Brooklyn. There were some good signs, if they could find leadership, consistency, and players who would step up. I thought they would gel and pull it together. They never did. This has to be one of the most head-scratching, frustrating teams I have ever seen.

Ivins, UT

Utah basketball....like the Jazz, so go the Cougars. Maybe we have more important things to worry about.

Cinci Man

One and done. The NCAA and NIT may both be out of reach, now. Maybe there's an N.O.T tourney. What a sad year. But what a great bunch of young men. I wish them all great futures. I look forward to next year. Go Cougars.

Frisco, TX

Everyone except Davies played awful in the first half. I know every play has an impact on the game, but after we had crawled back into it; the two plays that seemed to be the dagger were:

1. Haws turnover in the final minutes. After Davies poked the ball away for a steal, Haws threw the lame duck pass that was picked off. Ouch. Mistakes happen. I know he wishes he had that one back.

2. Austin shooting a three at the end of the game. Why? Why? Why? He has one of the lowest percentages from behind the arc. There is still plenty of time on the shot clock. Davies has the hot hand. When that shot went up, I knew the game was over.

If those two possessions had gone differently, the win probably goes to the Cougs.

I'm not even expecting that great of a seed heading to the NIT now.

Not sure what to expect next year? Losing Davies will be a big loss. K. Colinsworth is a nice addition. Unless our Sophomores (Haws, Carlino, Austin, Sharp) improve dramatically, I'm expecting a similar season next year with 20 - 22 wins.

Lee Corso
American Fork, UT

Despite the lack of great talent it was surprising to see a Coach Rose team get worse as the season went along.


I'll say it again, the cougars do not block out on rebounds. They watch and go for the ball instead of blocking out and making sure the other team can't get the ball. This is an 8th grade level issue. Plus last night they looked slow on both offense and defense. I hate to say it but we should expect them to lose in the first round of whatever tournament they get into.

provo, UT

Gosh o golly darn are boys we're fouled all night...sorry for my language, but i'm mad. those umpires cheated our good boys from our win.. we are a national brand!!GOLLY DANG I'm A MAD COUGAR!!!

Glendora, CA

A real reality check for the Cougar basketball program.

Layton, UT

"We didn't play as well as we're capable of, but that was due to San Diego's defensive pressure."

"But all the credit in the world to San Diego, because their game plan and they way they executed made it difficult for us to get over that edge."

Props to Coach Rose and Craig Cusick. That's sportsmanship. I've never heard bronco say anything like that.
I was impressed by Brandon Davies's play this year. He's got a future in pro ball.
Good luck to the Runnin' Utes this afternoon and in their tournament.

St. George, UT

Too bad about the loss but honestlyt he best fit for the Cougs is in the NIT where they could do some damage and play at home. Go coug.

Boo Ya!!!
Richfield, UT

OUch. Rebuilding? Next year?

Cant wait to see the answers from everyone (Except Coach Rose who is a great coach).

Post away!!!

Highland, UT

This is very disappointing. I'm not sure what all of the reasons are for this last half of the season fade but it is obvious this team just never had the chemistry it needed to be an NCAA team. I don't wish to pile on as it is still a 20+ game winner and will be in a post season tournament but it is a team that seems to have underachieved, the 1st of Coach Rose's teams that I would lable with that moniker.

So. Cal Reader
San Diego, CA

So what about the physical presence and "edge" we read about yesterday? This game was beyond embarrasing, yet a typical game for the Cougs this year. They deserved the loss, pure and simple. Interesting note section-- I could care less about Carlino's "bright blue" shoes. Whoe cares? Also, Austin presence had little if any impact. The 3 rebound "advantage" was far from a game changer. Although Austin's 3-point attempt with under 2 minutes left certainly was. Very poor shot selection, and he wasn't alone in that. Let's put 15-20 pounds on Austin and get him to be a little more of a presence inside. I don't need a 6'-10" kid attempting 3's.

Smithfield, UT

When Carlino figures out that it's not about the shoes and the leggings they will be a much better team. And then the DNews encourages this foolishness by mentioning the shoes in the article. Stop with the shaved head, the leggings, and the blue shoes. Just play ball. Get serious.

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