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Published: Friday, March 8 2013 5:50 p.m. MST

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Rewarding dishonest actions will never stop the problem. Only enforcement will. Give them a path to citizenship/work visas by returning home, going to the back of the line, and coming back legally. This would help to deter future law breakers.

Family is not an issue, as separation by borders does not break up a family. Do our servicemen overseas have broken families?

Leesburg, VA

Christianity at work. The shepperds doing what they were called to do.

Cache county, USA

Sounds like fun.

Eugene, OR

"He [President Obama] just said in this value process we need to stand together and make sure the United States is still a place where people can come, and once they come, feel not at fear. And do it, of course, in a lawful way. He was talking about his principles and what he said is totally in line with our values."

-President Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Okay, right-wingers from the DN boards. Your move.

Roy, UT

Pres U perfect man of Faith there, being born in Czech, raised in Germany, now of US, a very compassionate man who also understands importance of rule of law. Kudos to Pres Obama for seeking this participation of men of Faith.


Shepherds teach right from wrong. I don't see that here.


Little by little Obama will meet in the middle?

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


"do it in a lawful way"

your move.

Ogden, UT

Here's to a speedy and fair resolution. This is an important step to figuring out the best option available. One thing that makes America great is diversity, we just need to figure out how to help immigrants do it correctly.

Eugene, OR

Chris B.

The whole point of the President and Congress working together on immigration reform is that the end result will be "lawful."

It's going to be fun watching you guys tie yourselves into knots over this one.

me me me

RRB...being an active duty wife myself I feel I can answer this question. Yes the answer is yes. We military families have much needed counseling after deployment, to repair the broken pieces. Our kids pay the hefty price for freedom. Deployments take a toll on families. Some work it out...Some never repair...

Mesa, AZ

And the law prohibits shoplifting, robbing a convenience store, and squatting in vacant homes. Yet some who are homeless break these laws to support their families.

In the interest of supporting families and keeping families together are these laws and these lawbreakers to be ignored?

Those who enter this country illegally are lawbreakers. The question is--which lawbreakers get the "get out of jail free" card? Which laws will be enforced?

Provo, UT

The only way people are invited to work, is with a work visa, and they expire.
We need to care about everyone, including those citizens out of work, or had their id's stolen, lost jobs to the depressing of wages by surplus labor. They are the forgotten people in this debate. If families are separated, it's by their choice.
These churches should of been preaching to their business owners, and the illegal aliens years ago. Now it looks like a push for cheap labor for their business owner members.

me me me, I live in a different country from my family, a choice I made. I don't need counseling. Half of my family lives in another country, we are not broken.

Sandy, UT

I think most of us like the idea of compassion and charity. However, with our massive unemployment, how will all the people just walking in here find employment for their families? With our deep record national bankruptcy, who will provide all the "social services" for those who walk across our borders or come with a visa and then just stay? Can we realistically accommodate the wants and needs of all those in the entire world who want to simply move here and be citizens? What do you tell those well-qualified and educated foreigners who follow all the rules, wait many years, pay thousands of dollars in legal fees, and then get preempted by those who simply walk across the border and stay? If border "security" doesn't become a serious priority, how long will it be before we simply cease to be a nation? Talk is great, but the bottom line is, who's going to pay for it all, and how? I would urge all civic and ecclesiastical leaders to address these questions, because they're real and they're not going to be wished away regardless of anyone's good intentions or high hopes.


Sandy, UT

Wonderful to read this story. As President Obama has said, America should be a place where people can come, and when they come, not feel at fear. Many who advocate help for the immigrant continue to urge that the help should be achieved in a legal fashion. Congressional legislation, then, would be wonderful. It would also be wonderful to see at least some of Utah's delegation aiding the cause, helping to create a path for citizenship for those who are already here, a path that is quick and that does not require them to be separated from their families here for any extended period of time. I do think it interesting that what we once called "amnesty" is now being dubbed "a pathway to citizenship." Still, all it amounts to is forgiving someone for not having paperwork. I have no problem with that. -- John Jackson

Salt Lake City, UT

The term "compassion," as regards the way we view illegal aliens, really doesn't belong in the discussion at all. This is because compassion really is not at issue -- there is no actual shortage of compassion towards the illegal alien to speak of.

The real issue, instead, is that some are hijacking, perverting, and co-opting the principle of compassion in a devious effort to persuade us to look the other way at chronic illegality, contrary to our knowledge of right and wrong.

Albert Maslar CPA (Retired)
Absecon, NJ

When caught in a public venue without a ticket, the penalty is ejection or the required purchase of the ticket but in the US, illegal entry is rewarded on the understanding of quid pro quo and a distortion on a bronze plaque hung in the Statue of Liberty, "Give me your tired, your poor, "your vote." As long as that is the ultimate purpose of unfettered amnesty, the problem can only get worse.

Springville, UT

Law vs. compassion and mercy? I'll take the latter. I think the church leadership gets it on this one. Too bad the conservative crowd doesn't.

Jackson, TN

What Obama and the liberals want to do is NUTS and illegal.

It's like me breaking into the White House and Obama saying "welcome" and giving me a free room, free food, free education, and spending money!

I'm going to sneak into a movie and, if caught, say I am an "undocumented ticket-holder"

Durham, NC

I think everyone needs to take a step backward on the legal issue, and realize we each break laws. Some minor like traffic laws, some more serious like tax evasion and taking payments under the table. We also need to realize that most of our relatives did exactly what these people are doing, they picked up their families and moved to new areas to give their kids a better chance in life.

The Mormon pioneers settled in Mexican land, without permission. The settlement of these lands "became" legal through negotiations with the federal government once the land was acquired at the end of the Mexican-American war. A path to "statehood" was negotiated... where these new citizens had to change certain things to come under compliance with US law. We still see those in Utah who still have not or will not obey these laws.

So before we spend too much time up on our bully pulpits casting stones, we need to remember our paths, separated by 150 years, were and are driven by similar needs.

Citizenship should not be free, nor easy, but a realistic path needs to be provided for... just like for our ancestors.

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