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Published: Thursday, March 7 2013 11:30 p.m. MST

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Salt Lake City, UT


"I suggest that the title of this article is in reference to the Pac-12 preseason rankings that had Utah, a team that was assembled this year, picked last. So, in light of the expectation, the accomplishments of the 2013 squad are indeed noteworthy."

Finishing ONE-game higher than expected with ONE conference win more than your worst season ever, is nice, but is it really "noteworthy"?

Blaming the minimal "improvement" on being a "newly assembled" team is a cop out. Washburn has been with the program for years and DuBois played on an NCAA tournament team last season. With those two players and Loveridge, the Utes could have had a pretty good team, especially with your embarrassingly weak pre-season schedule to fine tune the team. Unlike football, it doesn't take years to rebuild a program. In fact, in can be done in ONE recruiting class.


Coaches K and Connor made a great scheme to beat the zone, and finally the team executed it very well, and hit the majority of their open shots. I'd like our chances against most teams when that happens. Some good defensive gameplanning, too. Nelson got every shot he wanted in Corvallis, and tore us apart. He finished with 18 this time, but he had to earn every one of them. Also a good matchup with Loveridge on Burton, who couldn't get anything he wanted. With some improved conditioning, athleticism and strength, Jeremy Olsen is going to be a great player in this league.

Salt Lake City, UT

Props to the Utes. The DNews should also thank Chris B. Even when he is incorrect he generates several more posts (like mine) correcting him. It is a rare year that no school in Utah has beaten a top 25 ranked team. BYU and Utah State have come up empty but so has Utah. So you get 2 out of three Chris. It would be nice if Chris could direct his energy even more to the Utes and away from Utah State and BYU. It's almost as if he is always looking over his shoulder for a Cougar or Aggie fan. He could probably be the best Ute fan ever!!

Salt Lake City, UT

"And in giving credit where credit is due, last week BYU did take the #1 team in the nation down to the wire before coming up just a bit short."
BYU didn't take on a team that was #1 at the time.

Giving credit where credit is due (using Cougar math)... Utah almost beat the team that came up a bit short against a future #1. Wow! We are improving!!

I love that Coug fans forget history. They call Utah terrible, which makes their own team "3 points better than terrible". What a badge of honor.

Snack PAC
Olympus Cove, Utah


"They call Utah terrible, which makes their own team "3 points better than terrible"."

#59 BYU
#181 Utah

Says otherwise.

But nice try.

East Salt Lake City, Utah

Utah was picked #12 and finished #10 in the #6 conference in the nation.

As a Ute I'm more than happy the direction our program is headed in year one of rebuilding with 11 new players on the squad.


Salt Lake City, UT

Ohhhh! Today is one of those days where results don't matter. I made the mistake of speaking about results of the floor. According to ESPN, the worldwide leader of sports: Utah 58 BYU 61. According to the accepted principals of math, 61 minus 58 is 3 points.

I leave the fantasy stuff to the Cougs, with one exception. This year, BYU and Utah would have split a home and home. That reflects what we've seen this season "Utes on the rise; Cougs on the slide".

Highland, UT


You are sometimes reasonable, on this you are being more than a bit over the top. Relax and recalibrate.

MUSSing with U
Baltimore, MD


"Ohhhh! Today is one of those days where results don't matter."

LOL at the spin.

Results DO matter, but unfortunately for U, that includes ALL results, not just cherry-picked results from one or two games.

The fantasy stuff is things like Utah fans assuming things like Utah would have beaten BYU in a return game at the HC.

Sorry, but it doesn't always work out that way:

at Arizona, Utah lost 57-60
at home Utah lost to Arizona 64-68

Yet, despite the "closeness" of those games, NOBODY, except for fans living under that crimson bubble on the hill, would try to argue that Utah is "almost" as good as Arizona.

How good a team is, is determined by their entire body of work, not just one or two games. That's where overall records and rankings trump individual games in comparing teams.

U played Arizona and BYU tough, but U got blown out both times U played Stanford, yet Stanford is ranked BELOW Arizona and BYU.

RPI Rankings
#14 Arizona
#59 BYU
#61 Stanford
#181 Utah

Down under
Pacific Northwest, WA

Total Domination? Really? Let's not forget who you played. OSU was another fellow cellar dweller. I hardly think that a narrow win, at home, against an equally bad team would be condidered domination. But to each his own.

Down under
Pacific Northwest, WA

Sooner Ute,
It's the body of work for the entire year not just one game that counts. A team can't just show up for a few games here and there and call it a great season. By the way, people in other parts of the country would laugh you off the page if they could read the hype about your wonderful 4 win conference season. Please take the blinders off and do a reality check.

Ute buster
Pacific Northwest, WA

The ONLY reason Utah even came close is that BYU has a tendency to overlook and don't plan for terrible teams. They were looking ahead in the schedule to conference play. But please feel free to live in your little cromson fantasy world.

But seriously folks!
Salt Lake City, UT

I really get a full-on belly chuckle reading the comments from Utah fans about their wonderful 4 win conference season and that it was ONE game better than last year.

And then there is the 1,000 career point for Washburn. Let's see; 4 years x 30 games per year = 120 games; THAT'S 8.5 points per game. How is this such an accomplishment? Marty Haws will, or has already reached the same pinacle in less than two years. I guess it's the difference in programs.

East Salt Lake City, Utah

@Ute buster

The ONLY reason Utah even came close is that BYU has a tendency to overlook and don't plan for terrible teams.


That is not the ONLY reason considering Ducky and his ilk were crying "Utah was too physical for BYU".

BYU was looking SEVEN games ahead, including Big 12 Baylor and ACC VTech, to WCC play? LOL!!

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

@ But seriously folks!

W/L record aside, Utah is far improved from last year. It has been a long time since Ute fans have been able to say their basketball team is better than the one before it. I agree the number of wins is a small difference but the fact that the program has seemed to stop the downward skid is significant.

As for Washburn, it is notable because he stuck it out and stayed committed to the program through its darkest years when almost all of his other teammates bailed. The accomplishment is a testament to his character, and that is why it is being celebrated. Noah Hartsock averaged 8.5 ppg in his career, was not a special player for the Y?

Real Bass
Idaho Falls, ID

If 5 pack teams make the big dance...u are only 5 away...could things get any worse in the hump!

Syracuse, UT

Interesting to see a WCC team's fan base so focused on an elite conference's team. Why isn't the WAC's USU making comments? The Big Sky's Weber State and SUSU?

Good luck to these five quality young men. I hope each is successful in life.

I also hope that byu's fans can focus on the WCC and resign themselves to the fact that the PAC 12 did not want their program. It wasn't the University of Utah that rejected byu so why express your jealousy and hatred in comments tied to an article honoring our five outgoing seniors?

I sincerely hope each of our great state's programs do well.

Comments degrading Utah and Colorado with a "PAC 10.2" tag is disrespectful and shows ignorance and jealousy. Since Notre Dame is the only BCS caliber independent program, should Utah fans refer to your school's move as "Indy 1.5"? Since Gonzaga is the only team in the WCC with a national reputation, should we tag your team with 15 total NCAA Tournament wins all time as joining the "WCC 8.1"?

Let's all show a little more class, especially in articles honoring five graduating seniors.

Ogden, UT

Congrats to the Utes, here's to a tournament run in the Pac 12.


Get used to the name calling it happens from both sides. U fans have constantly referred to me in comments as an Indy-WACer. Y fans constantly refer to the Pac 12 as the Pac10.2 or Pac + 2. I agree both sides should grow up, as many of us act as childish as our politicians in D.C.

West Jordan, UT

pretty bad team playing another team. WoW what a story!!!!!!!!!!

Orem, UT

Most of the earlier critical comments were about the silly original headline. So, the authors changed the headline...now it's back to bickering among BYU and Ute fans. Making fun of the author of the headline was great, while it lasted. :)

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