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Published: Thursday, March 7 2013 9:55 p.m. MST

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American Fork, UT

This is interesting, because Orson Scott Card is perhaps one of the most visible Mormon's who is also a Democrat. He is quite liberal on a lot of his stances, but apparently not on gay marriage. It just goes to show you that you can associate with one side or the other without completely adopting all of their stances on issues. I wish more people around here could understand that. It looks like Card was and will continue to be someone I look up to.

Saratoga Springs, UT

Homosexuality is, always has been, and always will be, a sin of immense moral magnitude. The fact that there are powerful forces within our society that not only support it, but seek to silence and intimidate anyone who does not agree with this lifestyle is frightening.

I am glad that Orson is on the board of NOM, and I support his courage for standing up for what is right.

Danbury, CT

Why does sexual orientation have to enter at all into comics?? Are other characters Hindu? Mormon? Japanese? Amputees? War Veterans? Why is our only way of expressing ACCEPTABLE diversity these days have to be as LGBT? I'm OK if we open it wide to embrace all kinds of diversity but it seems to run counter to the whole idea to have diversity constantly expressed as one form. And out of proportion with the actual population.

Kind of reminds of the Diversity Conference I attended recently where everyone was of a different ethnic background or sexual orientation, but ALL had been raised and educated within a 50 mile radius of New York City. Diversity is not just skin deep, people.

Woods Cross, UT

atl134 wrote: "He wants homosexual relations to be illegal."

So. I think smoking pot should be illegal, but it is because I think in the big picture it harms society and people. I don't hate people who smoke pot. And OSC doesn't hate gays. I believe that he thinks overt homosexual behavior is bad for society and that gay marriage is bad public policy. So why the knee-jerk "hater" label? Why can't so many in the GLBT movement actually engage in civil dialogue? You know, without attacking religion and recognizing and respecting that their are a variety of reasons to hold to a potition that differs from the GLBT position.

Sugar City, ID

I think it was tragic that the Romney campaign did not make this issue more front and center. It would have resulted in many who stayed away from the polls to have voted for him. But the experts were sure that jobs was the real issue. And why is this paper silent on today's job info?

Bruce T. Forbes
Kearns, UT

I am not a fan of Mr. Card, but this stinks. I thought the entertainment world got rid of witch hunts at the end of the McCarthy era. I as saddened. This may just make me a fan of Mr. Card

Farmington, UT

What a hit job. Anyone who knows Scott Card personally, or has merely read his books, essays or his websites, would ever accuse him of hating gays. He has numerous gay friends who can attest that he treats everyone equally and with love and respect. Card's involvement is best described as a very thoughtful, impassioned and inspired defense of the institutions of the family and traditional man-woman marriage. I challenge any one to find a single hateful or disparaging comment toward LGBT individuals in any of his speeches, interviews or written works.

Salt Lake City, UT

"And OSC doesn't hate gays. I believe that he thinks overt homosexual behavior is bad for society and that gay marriage is bad public policy. So why the knee-jerk "hater" label? "

He wrote an article suggesting it was something worth overthrowing the government over. He clearly has a strong hatred of homosexuals hence why I will call him one.

Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA

I am in favor of Gay Marriage and treating the LGBT community with respect and equality. I have vigorously argued against those (including this paper) who say "Christian owned businesses" should be exempt from anti-discrimination laws that include protection for homosexuals because of their faith.

That's why I will happily sign a petition saying Orson Scott Card should be reinstated and that his opinion, while contrary to my own, is protected under the constitution. The First Amendment isn't there to protect popular speech. Its ideas such Card's that need protecting. If he was qualified to work for DC Comics before his views on Gay Marriage came to light, he's certainly qualified to work their now.

Where do I sign?

Lyman, WY

I am standing and applauding you Mr. Card!!!!!

Shelley, ID

Card has a right to his beliefs, opinion, and actions concerning those beliefs and opinions. It IS a free country (still), and the right of freedom of speech is guaranteed. If I were to not like Card's opinion I could express that and could/would write him a letter expressing that, but to try to take down his employment because of that opinion would only be telling of my own hatred. People, actions speak louder than words.


I read Orson Scott Card's articles in the Nauvoo Times blog and I am extremely impressed by this man and his goodness.

Lugano/Switzerland, 00

I have read dozens of Card's books and a great many of his short stories and essays. I can remember two gay characters in his works, one in Songmaster and one in Call of Earth. Both were complex, interesting characters who faced daunting problems. Both possessed heroic, admirable qualities. I recall that he drew biting criticism from real, actual closed-minded bigots who took exception when he portrayed gay people as complete, regular people. They blasted him for never condemning those characters.

His writings invariably display an amazing compassion for humans of all kinds. He creates characters that are complex and real, with their personal unique blends of weakness and strength. His stories frequently show the negative consequences of bigotry and the valor of those who fight against it.

Those who accuse Orson Scott Card of hating gays are tragically ill informed. They are attacking the wrong man.

Huntington, Utah

Bravo, Orson Scott Card. Sad that the comic characters who were once depicted as decent people are being written as succumbing to gay porn. I am sorry about that. Keep your standards, man, don't be pressured to back down. The gays will always have their venue, don't let them take over our heros and make them into more gay porn.

Spanish Fork, UT

Freedom of Speech is all about allowing speech you hate. The bigot wheel has turned so those who feel oppressed are now the oppressors.

Leesburg, VA

@ PepperLayne
You wrote:
"Hey, all you champions of intellectual freedom! An author is being censored for his personal beliefs! This is right up your alley! Where are you guys?"

Censored by whom? The state? an Organization?

This is a grass root movement expressing its opinion. 15,000 spoke and 200 replied. That is not censorship, this is as stated before by Mukkake "free enterprise", customers expressing their opinion as in the Chick-filet. Some in favor some against.

Agua Dulce, TX

So none of you believe in a free market? That his personal slash-and-burn politics didn't make him a persona-non-grata? That bookstores didn't have to right to refuse his work?

Filo Doughboy
Bakersfield, CA

OK, junkgeek, let's just open the free market flood gates and mandate that every writer, producer, actor, musician, artist, etc., in the public domain list all of their personal beliefs, politics, practices & preferences. Transparency time.

Then we can eschew the art of those with whom we disagree. We'd soon discover who the brave really are.

While we're at it, why can't we have a litmus test for the spousal faithfulness of politicians and teachers? A barometer of honesty for bosses and employees? Lie detector tests for all clergy, counselors, doctors, lawyers, health personell. Video cams in every bar and motel.

I know that would embolden other sexually-discriminated practices that are currently "in the closet": Those who are attracted to children, animals, aliens, could push their agenda. Hmmm, I feel a novel coming here.

At some point God is going go spew humanity's filth out. In the meantime, keep publishing your craft, Mr. Card, and let the market vote.

Salt Lake City, UT

Good heavens, Filo, is that what we are talking about? Forcing people to fill out forms stating their personal believes and lie detector tests? Goodness. They sure did a number on Card, didn't they?

And here I thought what had happened was that an artist had decided he wouldn't illustrate a story, because of the controversy that had arisin around the writer stating (voluntarily, and going out if his way to loudly make the point) homosexuality should be a crime (although he later recanted this) and that the government should be overthrown, by any means, if they ever dared to make gay marriage (gasp!) legal. I had no idea people were being forced to fill out forms detailing all their personal believes and given lie detector tests. The horror!

It's rather amazing, I think, that so many people here, that say they believe in freedom, think that people should be forced to illustrate something they don't want to, or that a private company should be forced to publish material they choose not to.

I think there are a whole lotta people that don't have a clue what freedom is.

Las Vegas, NV

I don't think someone's political feelings should determine whether or not they can have a job (or own a company).
I didn't stop going to JC Penney because they had Ellen Degeneres as a spokesperson, and I wouldn't stop visiting Chik Fil A because of the owner's beliefs.

I feel that it is wrong to discriminate against homosexuals. Last time I checked, being homosexual was not illegal. But at the same time I don't think this man should lose his job because of his beliefs. Political and religious beliefs should have nothing to do with whether or not you get hired for a job (unless those beliefs would cause you to be an inadequate employee).

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