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Published: Thursday, March 7 2013 3:30 p.m. MST

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Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

I hate that "target a defenseless receiver rule"

The reason I hate it is they throw flags most of the time, EVEN WHEN the defense doesn't target/hit him in the head!

It's become not a "did he target his head" penalty but has become a "did he hit him really hard" penalty.


Why on earth would anyone ever need to review the time remaining on the clock at the end of a quarter?

Spanish Fork, UT

The wind is blowing 40 MPH and it is 4th down, you would be putting with the wind or against depending on when the qtr ended. That is one scenario.

There You Go Again
Saint George, UT

"...putting with the wind...".

What's that have to do with a piece on FB rules?

West Jordan, UT

@Chris B

I'm betting you would feel differently if it was your kid on the field getting knocked unconscious after taking a deliberate helmet to helmet blow.


"putting against the wind"... maybe they would have a better shot at a hole-in-one if they were putting one direction vs the other.

Layton, UT

If your putting, it wouldn't be a hole-in-one anyway.

Layton, UT

Unless you t-off with with your putter. No,that would still be t-ing-off.not putting.

Columbia, MO

I wish they had adopted the Boise State rule. Blue uniforms and blue field don't mix well in football.

Cougar on The Hill
Midvale, UT

As for the helmet-to-helmet ejection rule, wouldn't it be nice if they could review the penalty to see if there was actually helmet-to-helmet contact? I think they should be able to reverse the call if there was no helmet-to-helmet contact. I have no problem with the rule if it's clearly a head to head collision. I don't like players being called for penalties they don't commit.

Cedar City, Utah

I hope one of the rules is a limit on how many times a team who always loses in the first round (also known as USU) can actually get into the tournament.

Layton, UT


I don't remember the last time USU was knocked out in the first round of a putting tournament.
I don't think they've lost any football tournaments either.

Cedar City, Utah

I realized the article was talking about football after I pressed submit. However what I've said still stands for the Bball season. Am I wrong about that or not?

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