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Published: Wednesday, March 6 2013 10:00 p.m. MST

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Alpine, UT

The reality is that Corbin has absolutely no all-star level talent on this entire team. Who can win with that?

That being said he does own responsibility for using what he has and Marvin Williams minutes have been wasted for a long time. He has given much more than reasonable opportunity for this over-hyped under-performing talent to get it going. He can't. So bench him. Put someone on the floor that will give you at least some offense.

The fact Marvin Williams still gets minutes over Carrol is mind boggling. Carrol can defend nearly as well and out hustles Marvin every second he is on the floor. It is a no-brainer to everyone watching the game but it seems beyond Corbins grasp.

That tells you Corbin certainly has some culpability in these losses.

Even though we would get smoked in the first round our young guys need to experience the playoffs and the intensity of that situation.

Sure it would be great to be in the lottery but realistically it will be the bottom and I think the experience is probably worth more than the pick. We already have a ton of young guys.

Idaho Falls, ID

I agree with Sneaky Jimmy. Firing Corbin is not an answer unless you have someone to replace him. I also agree with cbn11. Both Van Gundy boys would be great, but they need to be available, and willing. With Jefferson out, all the Al haters have nothing to say. Is it possible that we are realizing that he is valuable to the team? I certainly don't think we would have lost to Cleveland if Al had been there in the final minute. He is extremely consistent, and he is our closer for sure. I don't know if he is worth more than 15 million, and he will probably want more next year, so the Jazz have a decision to make. Watson and Tinsley should only be used for emergencies since we have several guys who can run the point. Favors still needs to convince me that he can use his head on offense. He gets so many dumb offensive fouls, it drives me crazy.

Corbin's biggest problem is that there are too many players who are close to equal. It is hard to know who to play when they are all about the same.

Ivins, UT

Your comments about Corbin are spot on. I would add player development has been too slow. Without significant injuries to the guard line Burks would still be sitting on the bench. It also takes injuries to Jefferson and Millsap to get Favors and Kanter the minutes they should have been getting all year for the following reasons.

1st- Jefferson and Millsap as our "go to guys" have not elevated this team in the rankings like Stockton and Malone, or even Boozer and D-Will. D-Will to this day misses the Jazz system!

2nd- Most NBA guys in the know are saying the Jazz will let Jefferson and /or Millsap walk this summer. If so, why are they still the go to guys when Favors and Kanter are the future?

We need to develop the core 4 and Carroll and Evans now and build around them with the cap space. Does this guarantee the Jazz will be better in the future? No guarantees at all, but you have to be in re-load mode all the time and be planning for the future. Corbin is sticking with the veterans too long.

Ivins, UT

Here's my 2 cents (ok, I always blab away more than 2 cents worth)
Corbin should be fired, but I place the blame on management for signing him to any contract beyond just the interim coach when Sloan resigned. So it's not Corbin's fault that management didn't let him prove himself before giving him a longer deal. Phil Johnson was the qualified coach on staff that was deserving of an extended contract but he always said he would leave when Sloan did and I guess he was true to his word.

Next, Big Al not in the lineup is not why we lost last night. It was an ill advised 3 from Mo, and two terrible turnovers in the last 1 1/2 minutes that killed us. Even with that a layup missed that Mo will probably never miss again would have still won the game. Kanter and Favors have done what they needed to replace Al, and Millsap when he was out.

Tokyo, Japan

@Sneaky Jimmy

here are some coaches...not in any particular order....Nate Mcmillan took a depleted Portland team deep into the playoffs...Alvin Gentry despite having an old Nash was close to getting a playoff spot last year...think what he can do with four young guys with a high ceiling...Stan Van Gundy...the Ron Jeremy of the NBA...i just had to say it...Brian Shaw...mentored by Phil Jackson...have always wanted to be a coach...that hunger can turn into wins...Jerry Sloan...he may be the most predictable coach in the NBA...but...the guy wins games..even with a lineup of Starks Manning Marshall Gugliotta...all of whom...are way past their primes...he still manages to win games...although he really should defend the 3 more often to get over the hump...

Tokyo, Japan


Big Al is not the answer...please...please...i beg you...watch him play...he wont take you to the promise land...he is a third option in a good team...i'd rather have Amir Johnson over him...i'll rather have Nikola Vucevic over him...heck i would rather have Jevale Mcgee over him...at least jevale is funny...

here's my opinion...if the Jazz sign either Paul Millsap or Al Jefferson...trust me...either Favors or Kanter would bolt...Kanter is highley unlikely...but given a hefty contract...that we are not able to match...well...let's bid them farewell...now...we have a ton of cap space...and you need to plan for the future on this one...say 5-10 years...this offseason...Jeff Teague is a restricted free agent...we could offer a contract...Kenall Marshall...may be we could do a sign and trade with phx for him?...let him be the backup...if we cant sign teague..develop marshall...grab a starting PG for cheap...or let burks be the PG for a year...new coach...clearly..Corbin is lost...sign the core of the team..

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