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Published: Wednesday, March 6 2013 10:00 p.m. MST

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Orem, UT

Ty Corbin outcoached again.


You crack me up! Millsap misses a free throw, (the team misses a bunch) and its Corbin that lost that Buck game. Tonight Mo misses a layup and Corbin is out coached.

Malibu, CA


No is wasn't Corbin's fault but we have to look at the bigger picture here. BTW two years ago there were tons of comments and now I'm the 3rd one? Says something...think about it.

1. Corbin does need to go and I speak collectively, not one game. His rotations are horrible.
2. Marvin Williams is NOT a starter--he's not that good.
3. Hayward is a STARTER and the future for the Jazz--mark it.
4. Mo Will is NOT a true PG (we need a change)
5. Foye is an awesome bench player (want him back as he spreads the offense--just love it)
6. Kanter needs MORE minutes
7. Favors is learning and I will NOT give up on him. He will be fine.
8. Milsap needs to be dealt (if possible) as he will not return.
9. We can win w/out Jefferson (I do like him though). Kanter and Favors are the future.
10. Burks is great and will only get better.

We have issues that need addressed and the coach will always get blamed--FACT..

Glendale, AZ

1) Corbin is doing his best on a team that can't produce the same starting five due to injuries since the beginning of the season.
2) Corbin benched Ma. Williams. Demarre started tonight. On paper (and maybe in practice?) Ma. Williams is a beast.
3) Hayward will be a starter for this team, but right now he comes off the bench a provides a needed spark. If Milsap would be willing to do that for this team we would be in better shape.
4) Agreed. Houston just signed Aaron Brooks for the remainder of the season and we don't have one starting PG on this team. Speaks volumes about the front office.
5) Agreed
6) Both Favors and Kanter need more minutes. A.J. getting hurt is a blessing in disguise for this team - but I wish no ill to AJ.
7) Remember, Favors is only 21, in 4 years he could be the most dominant player in the league. It is too early to tell. Bigs take longer to develop.
8) Trade deadline passed a couple weeks ago.

Ivins, UT

Coach,good idea starting Carroll, but why just make him a token starter and then sit on the bench all night. Marvin Williams went scoreless again but still spent more time on the floor than Carroll. At this point in the season Marvin Williams should be getting minutes behind Evans, and nothing more. It was not a bad move trading Harris for Marvin because he was an incredible talent in college and a change in scene from Atlanta to Utah could have been a good thing. We took a shot, but it didn't work. It's a mistake to keep compounding the mistake though by playing him over other players. Carroll, Hayward, Millsap and even Evans can man the small forward position just fine, so just shut Marvin down unless its an emergency. I do think Mo Williams is going to make the team better but he's still a little rusty. Kanter has been amazing. Coach, please don't cut his minutes when Jefferson comes back.

Burley, ID


Nice breakdown on what needs to be done with the Jazz. Two additional players I want the Jazz to hang on to are: Jeremy Evans and Demarre Carroll.

Carroll starting in place of Marvin Williams is no-brainer. He's just just a lot more productive than Williams and is only going to get better.

Jeremy Evans (once Millsap is gone) is going to really start to shine in the Jazz rotation. I too, believe that Jefferson is the player the Jazz should try to keep. If that doesn't happen, at least we will still have Evans in the fold. I just hope he adds a few more pounds of muscle before next season.

John Wicks
Salt Lake City, UT

What a bunch of choke artists!!!

Layton, UT

Fortydam you are the one who cracks me up...you don't understand the coaching of the squad. Winnable close games but inept coaching by Corbin. He doesn't the idea of substituting for offensive and defensive situation!

Provo, UT

I was as ticked as any Jazz fan after the Jazz choked this one away. Keep in mind:

-This season isn't going anywhere anyway. Even in the playoffs, they will likely be swept.

-Burks, Hayward, Favors and Kanter are playing well. That bodes well for next year.

-Corbin is not perfect, but he is a good coach. His out of bounds plays are among the best. His system is similar so Jerry's. He needs work on his rotations, but X and O he is pretty good. I think he messed up the Milwaukee game by not subbing in the 3rd quarter before the Jazz were down 12. All in all he is a good coach, and a coach does not turn the ball over, miss free throws, and take inexplicable shots.

Hard game to swallow. I think this last week and a half has cost the Jazz the playoffs. Just hoping to see our future guys continue to get better.

John Wicks
Salt Lake City, UT

The Jazz won't even finish at 500 and will not make the playoffs.

St Louis, MO

The Jazz pose as much of a real threat to the top teams in the West does as North Korea does to the US.

Bountiful, utah

I like Hayward (a lot), but he has to learn how to "stop and pop" and when to pass to real guards in crunch time- he forces it too often. He is NOT a Kantor/Favors among the big timber and he certainly is not a quick point guard. Every one of the Jazz's close losses involve one or two Hayward turnovers...just sayin.

Saint Louis, MO

These two close losses were devastating. The Jazz have ten players with expiring contracts. You build around Favors and Kanter and Hayward and move on from there. With cap space from Jefferson of 15 mill and Millsap of 8 mill who wants more, they can go out and find a good point guard.

B Russ
Ephraim, UT

When Burks went out and Foye came in there went your ball game. Cleveland goes on a 12-1 run. Thats really bad coaching.

Saint George, UT

@B Russ

Foye single-handedly ended the 3rd quarter jinx the Jazz had going so you cant expect Corbin to leave him out the rest of the game. Fans cant be upset when they plead for 'playing the hot hand' then the hot hand doesnt make shots. That's not Corbin's fault. Monday's loss? Maybe Corbin's fault (for not subbing 4th quarter), but not last night.

Sneaky Jimmy
Bay Area, CA

True fact: Corbin may not be the best coach in the league but he isn't the worst. Who would you like to have to replace him?

Salt Lake, UT

If you look at the great NBA teams in the past and present, one common trend you will see is the teams play only 8, MAYBE 9 players throughout a game. The Jazz play at least 10 guys just about every game. Now that Mo is back, what happens when Jefferson comes back? Keep a 10-11 man rotation? I hope not. Coach Corbin needs to choose his 9 players. My proposed line-up:

STARTERS: 1. Mo WIlliams 2. Randy Foye 3. DeMarre Carroll (and give him more than 14 minutes) 4. Paul Milsap 5. Al Jefferson

BENCH: 6. Alec Burks 7. Gordon Hayward 8. Enes Kanter 9. Derrick Favors

DESIGNATED TOWEL FAVERS: -Earl Watson - Jamaal Tinsley (possibly the best in the league) -Marvin Williams (he's a bust who should never play another minute) -Jeremy Evans -Kevin Murphy

Granted many of you may have different line-ups but what do you think about only playing these 9?

Salt Lake, UT

Sneaky Jimmy,

Stan Van Gundy would be better than Corbin. Took a decent team to the finals....

Hyrum, UT

I agree with B Russ. Corbin's rotation changes and substitutions, especially at the end of close games (that often turn into heartbreaking losses) make his coaching decisions quite questionable. He often seems to be an OK coach and is definitely a nice guy. But for the millions that NBA coaches are paid, more is and should be expected. The quality of coaching is why one good team makes it to the playoffs and another similarly talented team goes home.
Corbin hadn't proven himself before he was given a contract extension. That one was on the front office. It's possible for an owner to be too loyal to a coach.
The Jazz have shown too many times this year that they have the player talent and bench depth for them not to be consistently winning these close games against poor to mediocre teams. Besides making timely substitutions, coaches need to know how to motivate individual players and the team as a whole when needed. Objectively and subjectively, that often doesn't seem to be happening. I was a Corbin fan at first, but not so much as time goes on and weaknesses are becoming more exposed.

B Russ
Ephraim, UT

@ sneaky Jimmy
SVG comes to mind.

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