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Published: Wednesday, March 6 2013 2:05 p.m. MST

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Layton, UT

I'd like to see both go to the Broncos, along with Kruger. Best of luck to all three.

Go Utes! Go Utes! Go Utes! Go Broncos!

Whoa Nellie
American Fork, UT

And I wish they could both go to Da Bears. I hope Star's condition is properly diagnosed and treated so that he may have a prosperous NFL career. And I hope Ziggy is an all pro several times before Utah beats BYU again.

Mcallen, TX

If not for BYUs high academic standards, Star Lotulelei, and Ziggy would be representing the Cougs.

North Salt Lake, UT

Utes...2 undefeated seasons in 10 years
2 BCS Bowl wins in 10 years....btw nobody cares
2 losing seasons last 10 years
2 bowl no-shows last 10 years
2 bottom of the big boy conference last 2 years
2 losing seasons in a row coming up

Utes definitely trending downward with no change in sight
Ute boys need to quit bragging about being in a conference they can't compete in

Hope y'all enjoyed your 15 minutes of fame..party's over!!

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA


Nope. Star had an offer to join the cougars coming out of Snow College, but he chose to play on the Hill anyway. The Y did not reject Star. Star rejected the Y.

Layton, UT


Congrats to the Y their standards. Where's yours?

I doubt Star has any regrets.

Go Utes.

Sandy, UT


And why did Star end up at Snow College, instead of BYU?
Because he was not "academically" eligible for BYU.

And when he left Snow College, why did he then go to Utah?
To avoid BYU's superior "academics".

He knew that by going to the U, he would have fewer challenges academically.

The "Parable of the Easy Road".

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA


If the Y's academic standards didn't intimidate him BEFORE Snow when he COULDN'T qualify, why would it intimidate him AFTER Snow when he actually DID?

More frantic and emotional sour grapes from little brother I see.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA


"2 bottom of the big boy conference last 2 years"

One actually. And in both those years, we had you beaten by the 3rd Qtr, so I wouldn't go there either.

What a miserable last quarter century it's been for you. I wouldn't know what that's like, but I'd imagine it must be pretty rough.

Elmer Fudd
Sandy, Utah

Naval Vet

Bluto and others are desperately trying to justify BYU for failing to recruit Star by making excuses. Now they're seeing Star as a potential #1 overall draft pick coming out of Utah not BYU.(Star would be Utah's second #1 overall draft pick in the last 8 years). BYU has never had a player go #1 overall in the draft (even during their glory years). We're witnessing some jealousy from little brother down south! It's amusing actually!

East Salt Lake City, Utah

@Bluto: "To avoid BYU's superior academics"?

Is BYU now the MIT of the West?

Star's father received a graduate degree from BYU, so I seriously doubt he raised a son that couldn't handle "BYU's superior academics".

Easy road would have been if Star left to the NFL last year, instead he stayed and finished his degree.

I hope he ends up at KC or if he drops then my 9ers pick him up.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA


"2 BCS Bowl wins in 10 years....btw nobody cares"

If nobody cared, than nobody -- like ESPN for example -- would have dubbed the Utes the "Original BCS Buster", and neither would they have lauded the Utes for having been the 1st BCS Buster to do it again. And clearly, Y fans care. It really eats away at their sanity and ego.

"2 losing seasons last 10 years"

Utah had only 1 losing season over the past 10 yrs. You've mistaken your big brother for your own Indy-WACey program, who over the past 10 yrs finished with 2 losing seasons, and one season at .500. And had you not jammed your alumni in the Replay Booth back in 2010, you would have had 3 losing seasons (and one season at .500). Thank you Chad Bunn.

"2 bowl no-shows last 10 years"

Utah went 8-1 in the postseason (including 2 BCS bowls) over the past 10 yrs. The Y went 6-2. And YOU'RE calling US a "no-show"? What then does that make you? You have 25% fewer bowl wins than we!

West Jordan, Utah

Ansah reminds me of Pierre-Paul and then I see that comparison made here.


Great news for both players. It's too bad they might end up in Kansas City and Detroit.

layton, UT

Unless I read this incorrectly, it wasn't comparing the 2 schools or the players involved in it. All of this bickering about who's team is the future is bull. Star didn't qualify academically when he was coming out of High School for BYU. So he went to Snow and then to the Utes to have a great career. Congrats to him.
Ziggy didn't even know what football was and walked on at BYU, and had a great senior year. Congrats to him. Lets focus on the actual article and congratulate the athletes. That is what the article is about.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA


But Star DID qualify academically after his time spent at Snow, and had a scholarship waiting for him in Provo, but he just didn't want to go there anymore. Star rejected the Y; not the other way around.

layton, UT

Naval Vet:

I understand that he did once he went to Snow. And chose to go to Utah instead. My point was that no matter how they ended up at the schools they went to, they had successful careers so it must have been the right choice.

Stop looking for an argument and comment on the article. Not what isn't in it. Congratulate them for their accomplishments. Thats all I was attempting to do.

Ogden, UT


Good points, both players are a boon to the state. Don't let Naval get you down, finding things to argue about is a past-time of many (both U and Y ) commentators.

Mapleton, Utah

The future of football in Utah:

The University of Utah will fall into obscurity and irrelevance for the next 20 years or until they leave the PAC 10 + 2. There will never be a Rose Bowl nor will the team have another winning record even if all three games scheduled outside of conference are weak D2 programs or the Montana and Idaho States of the inter-Mountain West. Dropping BYU and Utah State will help their record, but not enough to offset the 2-7 or 1-8 Pac 10+2 performance.

Utah State Will become relevant and compete consistently in Conference. Their two decade subpar performance is now a thing of the past.

BYU will continue to be the consistent performer on and off the field posting regular double digit wins year after year with only an ocassional 8/9 win season sprinkled in.

It's too bad for the U too. Had they not elected to become the door mat of the PAC 10+2, they would have remained capable of recruiting good players. Not anymore. Quality players want to play for winning teams...If in doubt just check out the Vandy record for 40 years.

Pacific Grove, CA

Whittingham didn't recruit star, he was a redshirt at byu before he transferred to Utah

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