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Published: Tuesday, March 5 2013 2:30 p.m. MST

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lehi, UT

There were definitely mistakes by out coaching staff with managing JH. I do wish him the best and think he has great potential to succeed. I'm not bitter in the fact he made the decision to leave. Obviously he struggled early in his sophomore year. Was it all his fault? Absolutely not. I would have loved to see him fight through his demotion and come out better for it. What was 100% his fault, was the decision to quit instead of fight through a tough situation. That is why I'm not bitter. No matter how many stars, I prefer having a tougher individual (with skills) lead my team.


Jake has more fans in his corner at Cougar Nation than he can imagine. To my recollection, he left the program without ever trashing the BYU coaching staff or the program. He is more than a football player, he is an ambassador for the Church, and a good kid. I wish him the very best.

Cedar Hills, UT

Heaps would have been the top QB at the Y had Anae not left. Now we have Anae back but no Heaps. This was a huge mistake by Bronco getting rid of Anae and experimenting with Doman. Jake will be really good for Kansas as he was for BYU under Anae.

Bloomington, IN

Does anyone remember Daniel Bobik? The kid who transferred from BYU to play basketball at Oklahoma State who subsequently helped his team to the Final Four (after losing to BYU that year..). I was happy when Bobik left so I didn't have to watch him chunk up threes left and right, but I was even happier when he found a place where he fit and found high levels of success. I honestly hope Jake Heaps turns out like this. From everything I've heard, from people who actually know, he's a nice kid, has amazing talent, but for whatever reason didn't fit at BYU. People can cite his work ethic and heart, and there's probably some truth to that, but at this point, it's like a bad divorce and the past just doesn't really matter, I only hope the best for both parties. Good luck Heaps, and take it to the Longhorns!

And DesNews, please, enough on Heaps, if I want to know, I'll go look at the Kansas website.

Las Vegas, NV

Heaps only STARTED nine games as a freshman. He was 6-3 as a starter that year. He also started 6 games as a sophomore, and was 4-2 with losses at Utah and Texas. While he didn't complete the USU game, he did start it and BYU won. In baseball, a win is a win if the pitcher goes five innings and Heaps did lead BYU to two scores. If anyone wants to fuss over that, then they also need to remember, Nelson came in cold against I believe Idaho and won that game 42-7. He left BYU as a guy who had a 13-6 lifetime record as a starter for BYU which is frankly, not bad given his career began as a true freshman, not a junior or RS sophomore like most prior starters at BYU.

Wayzata, MN

patriot - Anae decided to leave on his own.

But it would be interesting to see what Anae thought of the QB situation. I've read rumors that he was pulling for Heaps. I've read just as many rumors that he was pulling for Riley.

St. George, UT

I can guarantee that Mendenhall will not put up with a lack of guts, and that's what Jake displayed at THAT time. Perhaps, he has developed some intestinal fortitude. Once Jake stepped out of the way of the deep six interceptor his fate was cast. Then, when you don't get the guys together for summer workouts, what do you expect?

I think he read too much in his own headlines! As I said, nobody wanted him to succeed more than I did.

His good qualities are that he throws a very good ball. Great velocity and pretty accurate.

The problem was that he was like a baseball pitcher with a 100 mph fastball and that's all he threw. If you watch the old film you'll see there was a ton of dropped passes because he was throwing 90 mph at 10 yards! Also, he wasn't that adept at reading the defense.

Now, these could be corrected if he hadn't quit. If you quit you can't win!

Alpine, UT


"Heaps would have been the top QB at the Y had Anae not left."

For once we agree, although I think Anae left on his own accord.

Heaps' biggest issues were lack of competitiveness and not learning how to read defenses.

The play that will always epitomize Jake's career at BYU was the pick six he threw at Ole' Miss; the ball was intercepted near the goal line and Heaps was near the 20-yard line, yet Jake didn't make any attempt whatsoever to try to tackle the interceptor. Young, McMahon, Detmer, Nelson, Sarkisian would have done everything they could to make sure that defender didn't return one of their passes for a TD. Jake just stood there and did NOTHING!

I'll keep tabs on Jake and be happy for him if he does well, but it was his choice to stay or leave. Maybe he's matured during his redshirt year at Kansas and he's grown more competitive, but to me, leaving, instead of staying and fighting to win back his starting QB job, was just another sign of Jake's a lack of competitiveness.

Veritas Aequitas
Fruit Heights, UT

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT
I hope Heaps lights it up this year. With a quality coach and with BCS quality teammates around him, even a 1-11 Kansas team is a significant from his prior team.


Just curious about the logic here. So, before Utah was invited, how was it that they were able to compete without BCS talent? Because they were invited, are they now competing with BCS talent? Was KWhitt magically transformed overnight into a BCS quality coach? What, is that done with a wand, or some sort of secret ceremony? Is Jake now a BCS quality QB because he is at a BCS school?

Has moving to a BCS conference improved the quality of Utah's basketball team?

I think three letters (BCS) have exacerbated the delusions on the hill. Maybe it's better for those kids like Chris. Maybe thinking you're better will make you better. Not going to a bowl, or any post-season tourneys leaves me wondering...


I wish Jake the best. He's a great kid and was fun to watch.

Go Big Blue!!!
Bountiful, UT

Finally a Y player gets to play in the Big XII.

Orem, Utah

There are practice phenoms, then there are playing phenoms. At BYU, we saw which one Jake was. He wasn't both.

He's a nice kid, and deserves to succeed. But, until he matures enough to become also a playing phenom (if that's possible), he won't be their starter for long.

Maybe BYU can get his team scheduled before he's done playing there. That'd be fun.

Cedar Hills, UT


As I recall there seemed to be some "rumored" hard feelings when Robert Anae left for Arizona but I may be wrong. What I do know is that Jake was growing fast under the Anae offense which consisted of the wide splits on the O-line and a precision offensive scheme which Beck, Hall and Heaps flourished under. Heaps is a drop back passer as was Beck and Hall and that is why all three jelled under the Anae offense. When Jake was thrown into the Domain offense he was upside down and never got the hang of it. Jake wasn't a read-option type QB as Doman wanted and trying to force that was a disaster. Jake has a great arm and at nearly 6'3" he is prime for the NFL if he has a couple of good years at Kansas in the Big12. He will certainly get the exposure opportunities.

Ogden, UT

Good luck to Jake Heaps, I hope he does great at Kansas.

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

By the way - it wasn't the BYU coaching staff who caused Heaps to bail. Heaps left on his own accord for "greener pastures". So put the blame where it belongs.

Ronald Uharriet
SWun City, Ca.

I’m a Jake Heaps fan.
I hope he get a Heisman Trophy this year with Kansas. I hope to watch as many of his
games as possible. I think the wrong person(s) transfered. I wish Heaps would have stayed
and those not capable of developing him would have been the one(s) to transfer.

Cedar Hills, UT

re:Tom in CA

Heaps left because he was benched over an inferior Reily Nelson and because he didn't fit the run and boot Doman offense. If he were my son I would have told him to leave too. Now he gets a fresh start at a Big12 BCS school and is currently on top of the depth chart. BYU lost out BIG TIME.

Kearns, UT

So what? Jake Heaps head was so big as a freshman that his soph year could not have been more predictable as a bust. His pre-BYU press conference stating that he was going to the Y was an indicator that it was all about him.

Throwing in the inexperienced Brandon Doman and you had a recipe ripe for disaster. Heaps should have re-shirted his freshman year and been given time for the offensive coordinator to build an offense with him and his strengths in mind. That would have made Heaps successful at the Y. But as I said, it was all about him. Not the team.

scenic view
Baltimore, MD


So when a guy leaves Program Y to go to Program K, what volumes does that speak about the program he left?

For example, QB H was a highly-coveted quarterback in high school, with some sites ranking him among the top five in the nation. With QB R locking up the starting job last season, it should come as no surprise that QB M felt that he needed to leave the program to get time on the field.

Program Y = Notre Dame
Program K = TBD
QB H = Gunner Kiel
QB M = Everett Golson and/or Tommy Rees

Sometimes things just don't work out.

Mid West Ute
South Jordan, UT

I love "Ronald" and 'Patriot"....and others who comment on Heaps playing this year. He has his name there so he feels good. There is another kid who was there last year who will walk all over the Heapster. Count your 10% on it!

Salem, UT

I wish Jake luck and hope he has a great two years but he is playing for Kansas and I am afraid it is going to be a bitter disappointment for him.

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