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Published: Tuesday, March 5 2013 2:30 p.m. MST

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Born in Provo
Logan, UT

I wish Heaps all the best. I still think he would have been better off red-shirting a year and staying the Y. Resilience means that you bounce back from getting benched. Hopefully he has learned some of that in his time off. He throws a beautiful football; I saw it firsthand. I would still take Riley's heart over Heaps' arm.

Layton, UT

At byu, he would of been a Super Star, under Lavell. At Kansas, he will have the last laugh.

sandy, UT

And a zero star recruit will become a top 10 NFL pick with great coaches. Just ask Ziggy. Great call Mount Oly.

Lindon, UT

All comments except one wished Jake Haps well with Kansas. The other comment was negative about BYU. You guessed it - Chrissy B.

Wayne Rout
El Paso, TX

I think they will give Jake a chance even if he does not field punts in practice. I think they want a quarterback who can throw and that is Jake. I wish him great success. He's going to be a star.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

He seems pretty cool.

East Salt Lake City, Utah

sandy, UT

And a zero star recruit will become a top 10 NFL pick with great coaches. Just ask Ziggy. Great call Mount Oly.


One player drafted in 3 years. At that rate you just might pass Colorado's talent level.

Cinci Man

I wish Jake all the good fortune at Kansas. Have a great career, Jake!

Payson, UT

I hope Heaps does really well at Kansas. Win the Big 12.

South Jordan, UT

toosmartforyou OWNED Chris B. Love it.

But seriously folks! was right: "BYU requires both teamwork and smarts."

I am a Jake Heaps fan and supporter. I think, his freshman year, when he was driving BYU down the field at RES on that last drive, he was going in for the kill, and Robert Anae's decision to shut down that momentum and attempt a field goal was probably the wrong move. However, coach did what he thought was best. Jake Heaps did what he thought was best, and what that was included Heaps' decisions next season that lead to a 54-10 drubbing of BYU after Heaps gifted three touchdowns to Utah. Utah fans who today claim Heaps was too good for BYU, after trashing Heaps in 2011 for the 54-10 debacle, are living in a whole new level of delusional denial.

Any good team requires teamwork and smarts. If Heaps has learned this, he can help Kansas become stellar. Nobody relevant denies Heaps' stellar abilities. If he finally learns teamwork and smarts, and stops throwing un-catchable bullets, disingenuous people may forever wrongly think BYU coaches didn't do it right when Heaps was there.

Somewhere in Time, UT

Maybe he's finally grown up. If so, I hope he does well. Immaturity never does well and that was a lot of what his problem was when he was at BYU. We all have to go through growing pains and I hope he has done that. I wish him the best.

St. George, UT

Nobody was higher on Jake when he entered the BYU program than I was. He was doing well his freshman year, but as a sophomore his true self was exposed.

Here's why he was benched, in no particular order:

1. He didn't organize practices for his guys in the off-season.
2. Although he threw a nice ball, it was the same fast-ball from an distance. He didn't know how to throw a soft one that the receivers could catch from ten yards when they were open.
3. He avoided contact and even got out of the way on a pick and just let the guy run past him to the end zone. He totally lost the team then.
4. He quit. Now, you can say the BM or BD weren't good coaches but Ziggy didn't quit, even though he wanted to do so 50 times. Neither did any of the other QB's.

You can ask about any of the team if the above is true. They quit following him. If he can overcome those deficiencies he will make his own luck, and I hope he will.

St Louis, MO

I agree, Chris. It might say something like "I don't want to play anywhere I'll have to actually compete for the starting job." When you jump to a 1-11 team without a strong incumbent QB, you're not exactly telling everyone you have high expectations for yourself.

And no-one knows for sure, but I don't recall any of the traditional "quarterback factory" schools clamoring for Jake's services after his sophomore year. If my logic is off, someone please correct me. I have a feeling I'll be waiting for awhile.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

That's a novel idea. 2 QB's taking all the reps in spring ball. Whereas at BYU, 4 or 5 are vying for the QB spot in Provo again! Same nonsense that drove Heps from BYU in the first place. The last similar experience was a disaster. Some people never learn

Idaho Falls, ID

Good analysis, Jim1027. I think you are spot on.

When Heaps first arrived, there was no bigger fan of his than me. But the 54-10 debacle and the getting out of the way of the interception returner turned me. That is when I knew he didn't have the heart to be a big time QB, no matter what his talent level was, which by the way, didn't turn out to be so great in game situations.

Maybe he has developed some maturity and courage since he left BYU. I hope he does well this year. I'll be checking up on him.

West of I15, UT

@toomixedupforyou "Chris B, you should be really high on Heaps because he literally gave you a 54-10 victory in Provo, all by himself. No wonder you like him sooooooo much."

Classic, no matter what the situation is cougie fan's have excuses. Every loss is either given to the other team, the refs fault, a player that shouldn't have been playing, coaching mistakes, etc. In the entire history of the Y the cougies have never lost a game because the other team is better in the eyes of most cougie fans.

54 - 10 and that was one guy's fault, right? Heaps was playing QB, RB, OL, D, and all the special teams, right? Also I'm sure you probably don't know this since you had a bag over your head walking to the car. Heaps didn't play the entire game Y fan's hero (at the time anyway) Riely Nelson came in and he was destroyed by our D even worse.

Stop making excuses and just give credit where credit is due for once. It's very poor sportsmanship not to give credit to the better team after a loss.

Salt Lake City, UT

Good luck to Jake. Coach Weis was unable to win at ND with highly ranked players so he was fired. Kansas may have lesser opponents than ND had so he could succeed, but Kansas also does not have the offensive line, receivers or running backs that Weis had in South Bend. His 1-11 season was not a good omen and switching QBs may not be the only change needed.

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

Chris B -

Bottom dwellers love each other.

As for Heaps:

There are usually two things that motivate someone - they either see the light, or they feel the heat. In this case, Heaps felt the heat. It's do or die time for him. We'll see how this plays out. Good luck Heaps.

Davis, UT

I can't believe that the BYU coaching staff (Bronco and Doman) would allow Jake Heaps, a top recruit, to ride the bench behind Captain Chaos (R. Nelson) and eventually leave the program. Okay, Heaps may have not preformed the best during the beginning of the 2011 season; however whose fault was that? Doman didn't know what he was doing, and relied too heavily on Heaps to bail him out, and since his system was in chaos it could have only be lead by the captain himself. Look at the way he finished in 2010 behind Robert Anae's Offense, after Nelson was injured and Heaps was given the keys as the starting quarterback, his numbers were stealer. It’s too bad that we won't see Heaps play, in what would be his senior year, under a Robert Anae Offense that has identity and discipline. What a shame!

That's A Good One
Meridian, ID

The funniest reply to appear on the DesNews in response to the daily recycled Christy B comedy in a long time:

"You can really relate to the 1-11 stay-at-home-for-ALL-the-bowls experience, can't you?"

Well done 2smart4u, well done.

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