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Published: Monday, March 4 2013 4:25 p.m. MST

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Clearfield, UT

Many of the comments are excellent and reflect my feelings as well. I voted for Romney as a vote against Obama. I was profoundly dissapointed in his campaign. Romney never articulated where he would cut spending and insists on increasing defense spending. As if the pentagon is some sort of sacred cow and is exempt from being accountable for being wasteful. I am tired of Republicans crticizing those who don't pay federal tazes. Could it the way the tax laws are written. It's not if people are somehow finding ways to deliberately avoid taxes. Isn't taking advantage of all legitimate deductions what the wealthy do. Romney supporters need to take the time read the comments on here. Romney's loss had nothing to do with voter fraud and Obama promising free stuff and more to do with the message.

New to Utah

I have participated in campaigns in liberal states and honestly Obama is a great campaigner. He is a horrific president and has not lead as president. David Axelrod and team Obama had to destroy Romney and suppress the vote to win. They used principles from rules of radicals and class warfare, race, gender, age to coble together a win. It was a dirty, slimy and yet carefully crafted campaign. Romney was too nice a person and had to much love for our country to really get into the mud slinging. Ultimately the news media, liberal establishment in academia,Hollywood and the organizational ability of the unions was just too much.The message was good but was drowned out by Obama's divide and conquer effort.Obama should accept that he is the leader and quit campaigning and show some leadership.


Romney lost, period. Barrak Hussein Obama won, period. What we learned in the last election is that the general direction of the country over the past 80 years has drifted to "liberalism" and "progressivism". We now are a people who have culturally evolved into a culture of less religiosity, more government involvement/intervention, less oriented to family, more perverse, less self sufficient, more self gratifying, and more reliant upon debt. The evidence of this is that the so called "Tea Party" is considered "Radical". I just laugh. I am no tea party member but the statutes which it holds and puts forth are considered radical by our current culture. The Tea Party would be considered center earlier in my lifetime and now it is considered the "radical right". I am just amazed. We aren't the same country...

Ogden, UT

If you think the Tea Party was moderate back in the day, then you must have been living solely in a conservative strongholds. Most analysts I've heard on this matter say BOTH parties have been trending towards their extremes in recent years. Hence our gridlock.

Your wistful nostalgia of America from 80 years ago is selective. There is a lot that has been improved.

Mcallen, TX

Mitt Romney didn't lose! We did.

Cedar City, UT

Romney lost because of his gaffe-prone rhetoric and because he had enough "flip flips" to give John Kerry a bad case of ideological vertigo.

The GOP needs to embrace diversity and come up with better candidates.

Cedar City, UT

Enterprise, UT
It's hard to beat free...everyone wants something for nothing and the Dems will never be beat as long as they hand out entitlements for votes.


Why is this a Democrats issue? I didn't see Romney wanting to take a machete to government entitlements.

Salt Lake City, UT

I knew Obama was going to win a least a week before the election, the polls said so. So hearing Romney say he thought he was going to win until the Florida and Ohio returns came in is kind of disturbing. He is that out of touch with reality?

New to Utah

It is troubling that so many people in Utah have accepted the Obama playbook of dependency.Government handouts seem more acceptable than honest work,self reliance. I had to make a change at Social Security in Provo and there was hardly standing room available. My thought our country will be bankrupt just as Obama finishes his second term.

Salt Lake City, UT

So, New to Utah, you fit right in. Your post on the 5th at 8:30 hit just about every single right wing talk radio bumper sticker talking point out there. Strong work. You fit right in.

Then you posted this, "Government handouts seem more acceptable than honest work,self reliance. I had to make a change at Social Security in Provo and there was hardly standing room available."

You had to make a change to your social security? So I can assume you are on social security? And you are right there with everyone else in the offices with standing room only? And yet all of THEM are the lazy ones taking government handouts, and YOU are the only one that is self reliant and a hard worker? Really? Too funny.

Bored to the point of THIS!
Ogden, UT

Mitt Romney ran for President?

Cool Cat Cosmo
Payson, UT

@ Mark

...Perhaps he lost his card and was looking to get a new one...? Or maybe he was there to ask about a new social security card for his newlywed wife? Those are certainly possibilities.

However, he also made the assumption that most everyone else was there for a handout, so I guess you BOTH are guilty of stereotyping people. Congratulations.

Salt Lake City, UT

Haha, cool cat, not at all. Perhaps you need to learn what stereotyping means. Clearly I don't know the exact reason he was there, he did say he was there to make a change, but I never besmirched his character, except in the area he offered up: accusing others of being lazy and shiftless, when they too could have just as easily been there for the reason of replacing a lost card, etc.

No stereotyping at all. Really, you do need to learn what sterotyping is. Saying that people waiting in line at a social security office are looking for government handouts and do not believe in honest work, or self reliance, is, among many other things, sterotyping.

Pointing out the inanity of criticizing others while waiting in the same line is just astute observation.

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