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Published: Monday, March 4 2013 4:25 p.m. MST

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Mike in Sandy
Sandy, UT

Absolutely--- the messenger.

Mitt came across as brash, and really had zero connection to the everyday voter.

PLUS...caught on video in the first debate with President Obama, he was seen cheating...smuggling in notes that are specifically not allowed.

The nation didn't trust him.

Dammam, Saudi Arabia

Whatever the Republicans do, keep Newt Gingrich and Karl Rove away. They should be as welcome in Republican circles as Reid and Pelosi.

Sugar City, ID

How could you ignore a third, and the most important option - MESSAGE?

Woods Cross, UT

I think it was the messenger. I knew Mitt was in trouble when I (a middle-aged, white, politically moderate, LDS, male) had trouble connecting with him on just a human level.

Vale, OR

Let the blame game begin!
That simple little gentleman wager of $10,000 did it for me! Definitely don't run in that world, and that is betting, imo.
It is absolutely amazing, or maybe not, that a question of "Why didn't you vote for Mitt?" is never asked by the GOP.
I will get the stupid surveys asking if I believe we should support more government spending or some other redundant question.
I watched the GOP in action... again. They turned a blind eye toward the slighting of Ron Paul. Okay, but now you want to get serious when your man gets whacked?
What was the difference between BO and MItt on pre-emptive war... none.
What was the difference between BO and MItt on the Federal Reserve and the monetary issues.... none
What was the difference between BO and Mitt on health care, about the same.
So we will be introduced now to another Bush Presidency by the GOP in '16 with Jeb Bush, (he can win!).
Hope this works out well.
Maybe next time the GOP will start asking real questions, but I am not holding my breath.

Phoenix, AZ

I guess one could say that the prove is in the pudding. Mr. Obama got elected president and things are getting better. Mr. Romney is sulking about his hurt feelings and doing nothing to make things better. Mr. Obama just seems like the better all around man.

one old man
Ogden, UT

Does it really matter?

Kaysville, UT

President Obama's campaign had been planning on Mitt Romney getting the Republican nomination for months prior to the convention. They had the strategy down pat on how to erode any gains the Governor had made in the almost 2 dozen debates on national television. They knew that Mitt Romney would be an open target for their type of Chicagoship type of operations. His father had been a candidate and made some errors that were capitalized by the adversaries, even within the Republican party and especially the press of the 1960s. The Press did the same this time with the 47 percent remark that an insider made capital on with that recording surfacing at the appropriate time. Since the Tea-Party was new to the national Presidential election campaign and convention process, that probably didn't help for unifying a party that has some growing pains. The President knew how to capitalize on the entitled people to get their votes with threats of having those entitlements cut by the Republicans. Those entitlements won't go away as they are entrenched into the livelihood of constituents/providers for 70 years and more. These are not short term entitlements that Congress thought would go away.

Tooele, UT

While the messenger and the message are never "perfect" the majority of the problem is with the voters. More voters are ill-informed, ill-educated, and immoral. The bottom line is we need to take more personal responsibility to take care of ourselves and to help our fellow men. Taxes are not charity!

John Wilson
Idaho Falls, 00

I am an independent who voted for Obama in 2008. and voted against him in 2012 by voting for Romney. I never cared for Romeny, so it was truly a vote against Obama. I was curious, so I watched the entire interview. I was impressed with Romney's answers. He took full personal responsibility for the loss. He didn't make excuses. He was clear, charming, engaging, and articulate. In sum, he was what you would hope for from somone who lost the election. I have read several articles about the interview, including this one. I don't believe the writers even watched more than sound bites. I don't think they watched the entire interview. Romney lost, and was gracious in talking about it. The country needs to get over him. He is no longer a political player. He knows that and freely admitted it. Give the guy a break. He lost, and is being classy about it.

Orem, UT

Romney was beholden to the Koch brothers and large donations from people who dictated his campaign. Romney's campaign was so far removed from understanding the actual voters because of these donations that came with restrictions. Americans don't want freebees, but many of us have worked hard and are still working hard, but because of lack of breaks or luck or whatever we don't have, we have not achieved the success of even providing for our families. If Romney had put in more effort to show us how we could achieve our needs with his policy, he would be president today. He dwelt too much on government deficit spending and not enough on how his ideas would promote the American dream. Obama showed us a way to get what we need better than Romney did. The negativity in his campaign was disastrous to him.

Something to think about
Ogden, UT

re: wrz

I'm a school teacher. I'm part of the 47%. Police, Firemen, Etc.. We're all "sucking up to welfare?"

I don't think so!

I'd even bet you have a job that in some way benefits from government funding. Go back to school!

Phoenix, AZ

@kberry, are you painting a self portrait .

Honeyvale, CA

Let me tell you what the Govt dole is…I see it every morning. Parents dropping their kids off at 7:00 to get free breakfast, after which they get free tutoring, then free schooling (none of these parents pay property taxes), then more free lunch, free dental care, free after school tutoring and then they pick them up at 4:30 when the school closes. Yes, I have compassion for these children and their parents but I am tired of the 47% in my elementary school that is bringing down the level of teaching--I asked one teacher why she wasn't requiring the memorization of the world countries and their capitals for my second child as she did for my first. Her response: "because half the class won't get any help from home to memorize it" This goes right back to the lack of personal responsibility--let someone else do it/pay for it. Oh, did I mention I see many of these parents pull up in their new SUV's and talking on their iPhones? They take it because they can. Needing to take Govt dole used to be an embarassment, now it is a supplemental income.

george of the jungle
goshen, UT

I had a song that I liked a lot. every place I went that song was played over and over again until I couldn't listen to it ever again. I loved banana milk shakes till I had one to many of them and I could not drink one without getting sick. Romney is in that category of stuff I can't stand any more. because I heard to much of all the time.

Honeyvale, CA

@John Wilson What you said is so true! I am amazed at the people on this post who don't put forth the effort to watch the entire interview but just believe what the author of this article wrote. Shame on you all! Romney was right on with the 47% comment, he is a business man whose ability to accurately assess a situation is sorely needed in our government. Everyone talks about disliking politicians and needing statesman and yet they only want to hear the warm fuzzy "I will make everyone happy" comments. A politician actually gives an accurate assessment of a problem and he is demonized for being uncaring and out of touch, oh, and having too much money. Have any of you ever lived in the slum areas of the US? I have, and I understand what the Govt dole is doing to the 47%. Have compassion, but change the system so the 47% has the motivation to increase their income through education, not by having another baby!

@Oatmeal "Politically Moderate" is the politically correct way to identify oneself these days…get a backbone and stand for something.

Enterprise, UT

It's hard to beat free...everyone wants something for nothing and the Dems will never be beat as long as they hand out entitlements for votes. Its going to get worst before it gets better.


Messaging or Messenger?

The messenger
Someone who was born into affluence, attended elite private schools, made money by taking over companies, laying off union workers and leveraging companies with debt while skimming off the profits is going to have a hard time with voters suffering from an economic crisis. To top it off, he hid most of his tax returns and the 2 he released revealed an extremely low tax rate as a result of special loopholes. His continual shifting of positions and stances as candidate and governor caused mistrust and confusion. Free healthcare--isn't that what he implemented as Gov. Of MA?

The message
Nobody can win a general election by castigating 47% of Americans (2/3 of whom work), women, and minorities. Republicans remain unaware welfare was reformed in the 90's. A majority of Americans don't believe in "trickle-down" economics or that the wealthy are paying too much income tax. Most Americans are aware that growing inequality is a threat to the U.S. economy--and see the great economic gains by only those in the top1%. Most American women believe they can and should be in charge of their own medical issues.

Phoenix, AZ

@troubs, may we assume that you gave back all your free stuff.

Res Novae
Ashburn, VA

"I knew Mitt was in trouble when I (a middle-aged, white, politically moderate, LDS, male) had trouble connecting with him on just a human level."

Perfectly put, those are my demographics as well. I watched Romney for years hoping he would get a shot. But when the opportunity came it was at the price of running to far to the right for my taste. I was disappointed because I couldn't see anything authentic in his campaigning. I became convinced that he wasn't being true to himself and that he was saying what he thought others wanted to hear. And then the 47% comments came out and he lost me. I have been one of the 47%. I know what it is like to struggle. Romney never has, and if he was willing to write off millions of Americans who struggle to make basic ends meet, then I couldn't vote for him.

Where did the Romney who ran for governor of Massachusetts go? I'd have voted for him in a heartbeat.

Where did the Romney who ran for Massachussetts governor go? I'd have voted for that Romney oj a heartb

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