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Published: Monday, March 4 2013 2:30 p.m. MST

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Layton, UT

@Jealous U

We could go around and around forever.
In the long run...I'll always be interested in byu athletics. Reasons obvious. My concerns about their future as an independent are real. Good Luck...and Go Utes.


ekute, I'm not sure who's desperately trying to convince when it is Ute fans on a BYU comment section?

Layton, UT


Please see my response above to @Jealous U. What makes it a byu comment section? It's an article about byu followed by an open forum. We troll each others articles. Reasons obvious.

Like I said...luck to the Y...but...I Still Stand By All My Comments.

As Always,Go Utes.

Mesa, AZ

It's interesting to see byu fans referencing UTAH's first missed bowl game since '02.

Here's what's actually occurred during this current BCS Era, spanning 15 years from '98-Current--

Bowl Games played in: Both with 11

Bowl Game record: byu is 6-5 and UTAH is 10-1

BCS Bowl Game record....byu is 0-0 UTAH is 2-0

All-time bowl game record....byu is 13-17-1 UTAH is 13-4

Mesa, AZ

"The Utah Utes have played in 17 officially NCAA sanctioned bowl games. Their 13-4 record gives them a winning percentage of .765, which is the highest in the Football Bowl Subdivision among teams with at least ten bowl appearances."

Mesa, AZ

Of Note....In addition to UTAH, BSU and TCU all having played in multiple BCS Bowl Games, what also magnifies byu's inability to ever produce on the level such an honor requires, is that Hawaii and Northern Illinois have proven themselves to be significantly more capable than their fellow non-BCS member, byu, in doing precisely this, consequently earning the right to play on the national stage in a BCS Bowl Game.

Playing in bowl games is a great subject to discuss....Thanks to the byu fans above.

Santa Monica, CA

A great pick up schedule wise. UConn is on the rise as a program and we see more of them every season. Congrats Coogs.

Truth Machine
Salt Lake City, UT

The Utah Utes have played in 17 officially NCAA sanctioned bowl games...

against mostly mediocre, unranked teams.

Which is why so few of Utah's 13 bowl winning teams finished in the Top 25 - including only 3 of 7 for Kyle.

What is Utah's record against ranked bowl opponents, especially Top 15 bowl opponents?

What percentage of Utah bowl winners finished in the Top 25?

Beck to Harline
Provo, UT


Yes, come to think of it, the process does apply to the Utes. It has been rough up on the hill these past few years. Hopefully that will be short-lived, that way when the rivalry starts up again, both teams have something to play for more than the Beehive Boot.

Clearly, I'm trying to convince all the Utah fans on this article that independence wasn't a mistake...obviously UCONN is no Fresno State or Michigan, but you can't dismiss them as an irrelevant mid-major WAC-esque team that just happens to be in a BCS conference.

Where does a ring begin? The chicken or the egg? Who's to say one way or the other. That's irrelevant in this discussion. Keep holiness out of the Holy War...

Finally- I'm not spinning any stats or numbers..because there are obviously stats that favor each side. Head-to-head, stats overwhelmingly favor the U. Nationally, stats overwhelmingly favor the Y. Just how it is.

When one doesn't have a legitimate argument, one resorts to bashing the opposition's credibility. Please try to avoid this...

Layton, UT

@Beck to Harline

Up on the hill...ya,it's been rough...for the byu fans.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA

Spin Machine:

"What is Utah's record against ranked bowl opponents, especially Top 15 bowl opponents?"

Against ranked opponents Utah is 3-2 (.600). Against Top-15, we are 1-2 (.333).

Meanwhile, the Indy-WACers are 2-13-1 (.125) vs. ranked bowl opponents, and 0-9-1 (.000) vs. the Top-15.

So either way...Edge: Utah.

Looks like you shouldn't have went there.

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