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Published: Monday, March 4 2013 2:30 p.m. MST

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Layton, UT

Don't you guys just "Hate Utah And Every They Stand For."? Beer...


Y's little brother
Sandy, UT

Naval Vet

"being in an elite conference DOES get one more elite recruits."

Really? Since when are 3-star recruits considered "elite"?

Once again you're wandering off into abstracts, instead of comparing actual results.

The U has finished behind the Y in records and in rankings every year since U sneaked into the PAC 10.2.

How embarrassing was it to lose to the only WAC team you faced in 2012 or to lose to a 10-loss team in 2011?

Mighty weak U PAC 10.2 bottom dweller indeed. Call us when U beat your first conference foe with a winning record - 7-11 so far, and trending downward.

Y's little brother
Sandy, UT

Regardless of how our little brothers try to spin it:

#1 will ALWAYS be > #2/#4/#5

If Utah 2004 or Utah 2008 were even half as good as Utah fans pretend U were, the Utes would have finished #1. Obviously, the poll voters disagreed with your over-inflated opinion of the Utes.

Either you have a Crystal Football National Championship Trophy in your trophy case or U don't.

BYU does.

Utah doesn't.

It's as simple as that.

btw, the Utes have never finished higher than FOURTH in the Coaches Poll, the organization that awards the Crystal Football National Championship Trophy.

Remember that!

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

These threads always turn into the same old debate, by the same old Haters. Really pretty pathetic.

Actually, I don't see signing U Conn to a home and home series such a bad thing. It gives BYU some East Coast exposure and helps balance out the schedule. Pretty nice little home and home series. IMO

Palo Alto, CA

naval vet

"Actually, you'll notice that Utah's SOS was 22 spots higher than the Y's, and that this separation is NOT fairly close."

If 22 spots higher for Utah in SOS isn't "fairly" close, then obviously, 35 spots lower for Utah in ranking must be a significant difference.

You'll notice that SOS is included in the rankings, so your desperate attempt to double-dip on SOS isn't going to fool anybody not living on the hill.

BYU's SOS (63) was nearly identical to Ohio State's SOS (61) yet Ohio State was ranked 13 places higher than BYU because the Cougars finished 8-5, while the Buckeyes were 12-0.

Your whole SOS argument is based on the premise that playing a tougher SOS somehow makes U better, even if you a worse record.

Sorry, but an 8-5 record with a 63 SOS is BETTER than a 5-7 record with a 41 SOS.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA

Y's little brother:

"Really? Since when are 3-star recruits considered 'elite'?"

Since they started ranking 3-star talents. That's why Utah keeps hauling in Top-50 recruiting classes. We also have over a dozen 4-stars on our roster as well. Waaaay more than little brother. Now go wipe your tears.

Salt Lake City, Utah

naval vet

"We also have over a dozen 4-stars on our roster as well."

Now you're just making stuff up.

Name them!

UCLA signed SEVENTEEN 4-star recruits THIS YEAR, so the Ute's obviously don't stand a chance of beating the Bruins ever again.

It's laughable that you claim that you're signing Top 50 recruiting classes, yet you can't beat Utah State, have split with lowly 10-loss Colorado, and you're still finishing behind BYU in the rankings.

When was the last time U beat a PAC 10.2 foe with a winning record?

Being a bottom dweller in a big boy conference doesn't make U special, it just makes you a convenient whipping boy for the real big boys of the conference. Get used to it.

let's roll

Always have to chuckle when, on their 5th comment on the same BYU article, someone tries to argue BYU isn't relevant...certainly relevant enough to them...but maybe they mean not relevant on the national stage.

Interestingly, according to SI Vault, since its inception there have been 159 articles in SI regarding BYU and, shockingly, only 8 regarding the University of Utah.

Looks like there may indeed be only one school in Utah with national relevance.

Columbia, MO

The U has really embarassed the entire state with the mediocre performance in the PAC. If they had done better then it would tend to reflect well on the other teams in Utah and in the Mountain West because most college football fans know that the Utes and BYU have been competitive for a long time. The attacks on BYU by Ute fans are expressions of bitterness and desperation over the obvious failure of the Ute program. If things don't improve soon, expect the program following to implode. Nobody likes to watch a loser. That's the reason they would back off the rivalry to schedule a team such as Fresno State. Just as Washington State and Washington canceled future games with BYU after suffering losses.

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

@ SLCWatch and Marked it Down

Utah had it's worst season in a decade and missed a bowl. Obviously the program isn't where we want it to be right now. Hopefully in the next few seasons Utah can pick itself up get into the upper third of the conf. Go ahead and pat yourself on the back and pretend like you 'got' me, but I have no delusions about where Utah is right now.

As for Fresno, no they are not a rival. Nobody is trying to make them a rival. Utah is playing Fresno in a non-conference game. It is not more complicated than that.

Mount Olympus
Salt Lake, UT

UConn is desperate to play anyone. They are kind of in the same situation as BYU, no conference will take them.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA


"Now you're just making stuff up...Name them!"

K. York, C. Poutasi, L. Heimuli, K. Scott, A. Lewis, J. Murphy, K. McGill J. Thomas, T. Reese, V.J. Fehoko, V. Salt, C. Hansen.

Whoops! Looks like I overstated that factoid. We don't have over a dozen. We have ONLY a dozen. Losing R. Dunn, and D. Kruger to graduation, and B. Kemoeatu to grades -- and offset only by adding A. Lewis -- dropped us down from 14 to 12.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA


"It's laughable that you claim that you're signing Top 50 recruiting classes, yet you can't beat Utah State,..."

Utah had only lost to the Aggies ONE TIME since 1998. That's about the same number of losses to USU the Indy-WACers had, only YOUR loss was a blow out loss, whereas ours was a narrow OT loss. I'd hardly consider losing one time in 15 yrs proof positive that we "can't beat Utah State". And furthermore, Utah's recruiting classes being consistently ranked in the Top-50 isn't just something I "claim". It's something that can be verified by the very objective and independent recruit rating index from Rivals. Go ahead...go see it for yourself. But if you do, and you want to also find out how well the Indy-WACers had been doing since leaving the MWC, you're gonna have to scroll way down. Haha!

Orem, UT

Naval Vet

It's funny how your little in-house UteZone rating service gives 4 stars to every Utah recruit, while Scout ranks many of them much lower.

K. York - 2 stars
C. Poutasi - 4 stars
L. Heimuli - 4 stars
K. Scott - 3 stars
A. Lewis - unranked
J. Murphy - 3 stars
K. McGill - 3 stars
J. Thomas - 3 stars
T. Reese - 2 stars
V.J. Fehoko - 3 stars
V. Salt - 3 stars
C. Hansen - 3 stars

Nice try though.

Riddles in the Dark
Olympus Cove, Utah


"Utah had only lost to the Aggies ONE TIME since 1998. That's about the same number of losses to USU [that BYU] had, only YOUR loss was a blow out loss, whereas ours was a narrow OT loss."

It's laughable that U don't apply that same "narrow loss" argument to:

2003 BYU 0 Utah 3
2005 BYU 34 Utah 41 (OT)
2010 BYU 16 Utah 17
2012 BYU 21 Utah 24

FOUR of Utah's 8 wins in that 8-of-11 Utah fans are constantly beating their chests about are of the "narrow loss" variety.


2010 was BYU's ONLY loss to Utah State since 1993.

BYU is 22-2 versus the Aggies since 1982.

Utah is 19-5 versus the Aggies since 1982, including that 7-point loss to a team BYU beat in 2012.


The fundamental flaw in your BYU-recruiting obsession:

U only play BYU TWICE in the next four years.

U play PAC 10.2 teams 36 times.

According to ESPN, UCLA, USC, Wash, Ore, Cal, Ariz, Stan, ASU and OSU all had BETTER recruiting classes than U in 2013. How do you expect to compete in PAC if U finish 10th in recruiting?

East Salt Lake City, Utah

@Rockwell: "SOS and records are already calculated into rankings, as seen in Sagarin's final 2012 rankings."

2-3 vs PAC-12 teams
4-6 vs BCS teams
5-14 vs teams with winning record
Under Bronco 12-13 vs BCS teams
14-1 vs others

@Y's little brother: "Saying that BYU didn't beat any Top 25 teams in 1984 is a lie."

True, so lets try again:

"BYU's title was notable for being the only time since the inception of the AP poll that a team was awarded the national title without beating" a SINGLE final ranked team.

Even Utah's #5 2004 team beat a ranked team, see AP #25 Pitt. Also, that 2004 Ute team didn't struggle like the 1984 BYU team. The '84 team is the least deserving NC in the history of college football, one can argue your '83 team was better.

Lightening Lad
Austin , TX

There is no reason why BYU can't pull a Notre Dame-ACC tie-in for entry into the new BCS bowls, using the former Big East teams.. After botching any chance to gain membership in the B12, this might do good things for both the Aloha League (best new name for the former Big East football "powers", as in a greeting for Welcome as well as saying Goodbye)

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

@ Riddles in the Dark

There was never a "narrow loss" argument. His point was whether or not Utah can beat Utah St. Obviously Utah can. Even the numbers you provided prove that. Try to keep up.

Salt Lake City, UT


Of course you didn't have mean spirited comments to make. You came on to an article totally unrelated to any of your interests only to enlighten the darkened masses who don't know better. I am glad you took the time to set us right on what you percieved were our short comings. Perhaps you were unware that there already is a whole slew of diligent writers who lurk on their computers for every article so they can shed light on our unenlightened natures.
I will however continue to be happy in my benighted darkness to travel around the country enjoying our trivial pursuits with fans of other schools who for the most part welcome visitors as guests.
I will look forward to the Y's games with people who enjoy the sport no the hate.
I will continue to enjoy each season's growth and challenges too.
I will enjoy the fall weather of Conn.
I will be welcomed at Notre Dame, Wisconsin, West Virginia and other unvisited places.
I enjoy that everyone that plays the Y thinks they are a rival.
Everyone wants to face the schools that have traditional programs.
Thats why ESPN came calling?

Palo Alto, CA


"The '84 team is the least deserving NC in the history of college football, one can argue your '83 team was better."

Better isn't the criteria; earning the respect of the voters is the criteria.

BYU 1984 was selected by the majority of voters by all five major college football national championship selecting organizations as being THE MOST DESERVING team to be awarded the 1984 Major College Football National Championship.

BYU 1984 didn't beat a ranked team, but they didn't beat a Top 25 team, #24 Air Force.

Utah 2004 only beat #25 Pittsburgh and Utah fans still claim that Utah deserved to be the 2004 national champion.

Despite the records, the Michigan team that BYU played in the 1984 Holiday Bowl was BETTER than the Pittsburgh team Utah played in the Fiesta Bowl.

Michigan 1984 would have cleaned Pittsburgh 2004's clock, and that's not just hyperbole!

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