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Published: Saturday, March 2 2013 6:30 p.m. MST

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Salt Lake City, UT

@Hank Pym
Actually Neuhisel was only 21-29 with a .420 winning percentage so your comparison is totally wrong. Dick Vermeil was only at UCLA two years but had a comprable record to Coach Mendenhall with a .717 record. Mendenhall is .718. Research on the internet is easy. Try it.

Sandy, UT


I would like to know what "Poll" you used to state "90%" of fans are happy with Bronco...

If you go to the fan boards, it is about 60 percent...

I do know that there are some high power donors not happy withe a medicore team.

Say what you want, BYU in one regard is no different than other schools "they need donation".

It is true that Bronco brought BYU out of the Crowton years.. But he has stalled at being medicore and it is a nice little out to say "I am building a complete program".

Orem, UT

Hank Pym, as a young man of 17, I went to a stake priesthood meeting in the Pasadena California stake at which we had a guest speaker, John Wooden. He spoke openly about his religious convictions and how they better helped him as a coach and a leader of young men. Very Broncoesque. I for one have no problems comparing the two along those lines.

West of I15, UT

@nevadacougie "Looks like Bronco has done better in the last 4 seasons than Whittingham."

Hate to blow a hole right threw this statement with facts however Whittingham's team has beat Bronco's team 3 of the last 4 seasons. So it's pretty hard to say he has done better IMO.

War dog
Taylorsville, UT

Why do people pay any attention to what chrisb says. Everyone uses a screen name and their true identity is no known. But some know the real chrisb, a person who has never risen above mediocrity in any phase of life. Chris doe need th attention though

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

@ NevadaCoug

In 2004 Pittsburgh finished 25 in the AP Poll.

Cardston, Alberta

I'd guess Riley will head to Med. School after graduation.

Cardston, Alberta

Bronco has already fixed a major fan concern: the OC position.
The next major fan concern fixed itself: senior QB will graduate. Those two concerns alone should have added three victories in the win column. Let's all pray that Anae plays a more exciting style than his last time around. We have all been very frustrated for about three seasons now but we are faced in six months with the toughest schedule in a decade or two. We can hope for 8/9 wins but let's not get our hopes too high in view of the opponents we face. Let's hope the aforementioned frustration is behind us for good.

Orange County, CA

Hank Pym:

He wasn't comparing Bronco to Wooden. He was noting that Wooden didn't immediately win a national championship - it wasn't until his 16th season at UCLA that he won the NCAA championship.

No need to overreact.

Highland, UT

I'm glad your back coach. It is very difficult to recruit and coach and win at BYU. I for one appreciate what you are doing there. We will be buying season tickets again this year to support the boys, the school and your program. Good luck with a this terrific schedule.

Overton, NV


The question was how Bronco's teams have done against ranked teams. If not for BYU being ranked #25 when Utah played them this past season, then Utah would have just one win over a ranked program in the last 4 seasons. Your welcome.

Re: Two For Trolling

Maybe so. But as I said, the numbers I was looking at came from ESPN's schedules. Which did not have a ranking for that Pittsburgh team.

Regardless, certain BYU haters keep wanting to bring up BYU's record against ranked teams. And the numbers do show it hasn't been good. But the numbers also show that Utah's hasn't been great either.

Cedar City, UT

I say good riddance to supposed "boosters" that focus exclusively on winning at all costs. I'll put my money on a program that puts principles and players before money.

Murray, UT

Dear Confused,

I am not going to go look up the different polls that would verify my 90% comment. That number came from polls asking about Bronco's approval and contract extension talks. In those polls 90%+ want Bronco back and are happy with what he is doing. Do we see room for improvement? Yes. Bronco himself acknowledges that. There always will be.

Before you make a rebuttal and state that these polls are not very accurate I will be the first to admit they are not. However, your guesstimate of 60% due to comment on these board from the "vocal minority" are not accurate either. Part of your 60% are Ute fans. That in my opinion should count as a vote for Bronco.

Thanks. Have a GREAT day!! GO COUGARS!!!


For several reasons beyond Bronco's control, getting his team to a "major" bowl has been difficult even in the best of times. The current BCS structure is stacked against teams not from the favored conferences, regardless of record. Fans of BYU should be ecstatic that they have a team that garners national attention given all the unique aspects of the program. Grumbling will always happen with sports fans. Are people really so nostalgic for the Crowton years that they want to dig into the oh so deep pool of possible replacements and roll the dice? Look at the overall product and the whole package. Things could be immeasurably worse.

Omaha, NE

Truly, I am proud of the culture that Bronco has brought to BYU. Could it be more Christlike (i.e., Max Hall), yes, but I could say that for all of us (i.e., Me). He cleaned up a program that was starting to look poorly in the eyes of many. I am grateful he is the coach of BYU. Is he perfect? Nope, but then neither are any of us.


Bronco is the perfect man to be BYU's head coach. Like many members, I measure Bronco by a higher standard than wins & losses although a .718 winning percentage is pretty darn impressive. Bronco may have made some errors in judgment with who to play, but the organizational design of his program is rock solid. He has turned many of the disadvantages of BYU being a church school with rigid behavioral standards into advantages.

I will not be surprised when within five years from now Bronco is accepting the crystal football trophy for having won the National Championship. The team's vision is clear and the organizational mechanics are in place to make the coming seasons memorable, both on and off the field. Bronco is the right man for the job! Go Cougs!

Salt Lake City, UT

CalJac, thank you for providing an answer to the "why do 90% of fans support Bronco?" question: 90% of BYU fans are delusional.

Cougar Files
Roosevelt, UT

Put Bronco's performance in context: In an environment as potentially difficult to recruit to as the service academies, he has made our "liability" a "strength". I'm excited even about coaches he recruits because he places the honor code - and being a "flag bearer" for these standards - at the center of what he does. Sure I would love to see BYU beat everyone on their slate...and do so with "choir boys", but, win or lose, I actually really like the hard nosed style of football we have been playing which seems poised to come over to the offense as well. As Coach Holliday (roughly) said in his interview after practice yesterday: We want people to realise they're going to have to "bring their lunch box" when they play BYU. I think any team who plays us this year will come away with respect for this team - win or lose. Here's hoping we win out. Keep it up, Bronco and company!

Cougar Files
Roosevelt, UT


I think you meant "answer: ...BYU fans are delusional." If so, as a BYU fan, I'll wear that. If it means I care about embracing values that transcend football and seek for excellence on the gridiron, then, yeah, I'm delusional. I am a fan of Bronco, but even moreso of the young men embracing the standards and representing BYU with aplomb.

Cletus from Coalville
Coalville, UT

Kyle is a better coach because we won weber by 70.

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