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Published: Friday, March 1 2013 8:40 p.m. MST

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San Diego, CA

It was a perfectly legitimate strategy, even though some of you might not like it. Take what strategy you can to win the game. People don't like intentional walks in baseball, but it sometimes works. It doesn't make them cowards, it is just trying to limit the opponent's strengths. Some of you are saying it is embarrassing because they didn't try to man up and go toe to toe. Would you continuously send your running back at the best defensive line around to prove that you could go toe to toe, or would you try to pass or develop some new scheme like the spread offense or use some trickeration. Until they get a shot clock, the strategy Brighton used is legitimate.

Draper, UT

It's so funny that all these people are hating on the fact that this team tried a gimmick to beat the #1 team in the country! I'm all for it, their not playing the game to please the "crowd" they're trying to win. And if that's how they thought they could then whats the problem. If you know basketball you would know that. And again if they would of beat Lone Peak then what.. Would we have heard that this tactic was genius.. Brighton deserves respect for what they have done this year. For those that are coming at the coach.. Please grow up.. He's trying to play the game and lead his team to a W.. With what ever it may take. "Scream fear" ha.. We're talking about the #1 team in the country so yes I'm sure any body playing this team is trying to find ways to slow them down.. Unfortunately it didn't work but kudos to Brighton for making it there.

Draper, UT

Wow! All these people that think this coach is playing the game to "please the crowd" this coach had his reasons for this strategy. Sometimes I find it funny that all these people say Brighton was "scared" or they were afraid.. Lets think about it, they were playing the #1 team in country.. I'm pretty sure this gimmick was purely a chance to slow the role of this amazing team. Give Brighton some respect. This coach has gotten his team to state finals two years a row. Some one please let me know if we should start letting "the crowd" tell coaches how to coach! So yes the people on here disrespecting Brighton or their coach PATHETIC! Kuddos to both teams! Lone peak is simply amazing period! Brighton good luck next year!

Uncle Sam
West Jordan, UT

HSBasketball23 - they did not make it to the finals two years in a row. Check your facts.

When you are trailing by 7 points in the first quarter, holding the ball for 12 straight minutes is hardly a 'strategy'. Had they held the ball up 5-4, I could see that. They were trying not to lose by as many points as they did last time and they failed. 'Strategy' would have been using the clock and being deliberate with every possession. What Brighton did was stand there and hold the ball. They did not pass, dribble, or shoot. They just stood there at mid-court holding the ball. Pathetic!

If you want to give props to anyone, give them to Alta for coming out and playing them. I will always respect a fighter, and Alta showed who they are by coming out and playing their best. Brighton put their tails between their legs.

Hurricane, 00

lol at all the people thinking that holding a ball for 11 minutes while down 3+ possesions was a good strategy...brighton just didn't wanna lose by as much as they did last year, did it work..yeah they only lost by 25 instead of 30. as others have said it might of been better if it was a 1 possesion game. brighton was wasting down the clock, it was poor play calling on the coaches part, and all of brightons players had their season stolen right from under their noses

Draper, UT

My bad my bad! Brighton only made it to the semis! Hey all I'm saying was good try with the gimmick. I wouldn't start throwin disrespect their way though.

Vernal, Ut

I thought the UHSAA had agreed to implement a shot clock beginning with the 2015-16 season. The fact that no one else has mentioned that leads me to think that was a pipe dream of mine. Maybe that was the next time the issue would be put to a vote. Someone out there must have the info to fill us in on the status of the shot clock issue for Utah HS hoops. Please, someone in the know, fill us in on the process and prospects of shot clock implementation!

Park City, UT

At the very least, the UHSAA should implement a 35-second shot clock for the playoffs.

Leave it up to each region to decide when to implement the shot clock for all teams in their region.

That way, no one can squawk about it being too expensive, which is a farce anyway.

Parry is a Farce
Layton, UT

Shot clock is a terrible idea. It has ruined college ball (that and early entry to the NBA).

Too bad that Brighton did not go all in with this strategy. I'd have held the ball down 2-0 and taken the last shot of the quarter and stayed with that strategy the entire game. Stalling when down by 7 seems like a little late to go there.

I remember this stalling strategy in the 1977 tournament. I think Cyprus used it against Skyline (or maybe Provo - but Skyline had Danny Vranes and was the defending 4A champions). The favored team won but by like 17-12 score.

Salt Lake City, UT

I think a lot of you are forgetting one little detail. At any point Lone Peak could've sent a player over to try and take the ball away but chose not to. Both schools were content to let this continue.

Lightening Lad
Austin , TX

You stall for the same reason a football team passes on every down while taking all of the 25 sec clock to do it. That is, we're not good enough to go head to head the only chance is to shorten the game so hopefully just a few points will separate the two teams or get a lucky long pass or long shot to stay in the realm of possibility. Coaches forget that #1 this is entertainment so ypu're supposed to put on a good show and secondly, the fans appreciate any team that guts it out by trying to really compete and play the best they can whether they're up by 1 or 20. Both teams will look back on this as having been a very unsatisfying championship game.
In the old days Frank Arnold would just hate to play Wyoming and UTEP because they used "jap" offenses. As a recognition of PC, the term today for a gimmicky b-ball or football offense or defense is "junk". Wyo came into a Fri night MC packed to hold the ball until a min or so was gone and then shoot averaging 20-30 pts/gm

Cardston, Alberta

I truly hope Utah high school will implement a shot clock (35 second)without any further delay. This will greatly enhance prep hoops in the state and avoid the disgrace witnessed vs Brighton. Does anyone remember the two girls from Alberta, Canada who played at UVU a few years ago? Robin Fairbanks(Raymond H.S.)and Julie MacMurray(Cardston H.S.) were both on State Championship teams in H.S. It was here they got so used to attacking the basket aggressively. Currently in Alberta we have a 24 sec. shot clock and the half-court time line is 8 seconds. Incredibly entertaining basketball to watch. Cardston H.S. cougars(boys) won the state title just one year ago. We likely could not even carry water for Lone Peak. But then again nobody else could either.

Hurricane, 00


Of course lone peak was content, they were multiple possesions ahead, and they knew that they had the defensive power to shut out brighton's last second plays. that's why they didn't go out to defend...they didn't need to

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