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Published: Friday, March 1 2013 8:40 p.m. MST

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Highland, UT

Obviously coach Gardner has been watching the u of u play and decided to emulate "krystkowiak ball". This is exactly how utah plays with the exception being they are forced to eventually shoot because of the shot clock. They seek to slow the game down to nothing more than a crawl, if that, and not score any points in a vain attempt to keep games close. It is horribly ugly and boring.

Yes I know there is some "strategy" involved in it but it isn't a good strategy. It basically makes a mockery of the game.


Brighton was not going to win, no matter what they did. Why didn't the coach tell them that and then tell them to go out there and have some fun. Those boys will never have a chance to play against such a formidable opponent again and they could have had a lot of fun without the nemisis of a must win situation hanging over their heads.The coach should have simply said let's do our best and have fun against these guys.

Alpine, UT

I'm no coach, but if I'm behind by 14-7 in a game, I don't stall, because then I don't score. And if I don't score, I don't have a prayer of winning, so why am I even there.

Orem, UT

I love games with strategy. College basketball became much less fun to watch with the advent of the shot clock.

Wasatch Front, UT


You are over-thinking this one. This wasn't strategy, it was a poor decision. Brighton wasn't trying to lull the defense into lethargy to try and get an open shot. They weren't even trying to spread the defense to open up the floor so they could get a good shot. In fact, they didn't even care if they had an open shot - Brighton wasn't going to try to shoot period. If you are up by 7, that might not be a bad strategy, but being down by 7 makes it a slow suicide. The idea of holding the ball the whole game so you are as close as possible in the end in hopes of getting a lucky basket might even make sense if the score was 3-2, but the Bengals were down by 7, at least 3 normal possessions.

No, this was not strategy - It was a poor decision. And it was a disservice to the Bengals, the Knights and the fans.

highland, UT

I believe in using the rules to your advantage and that's what Brighton was doing. Until there is a Shot Clock, stalling(although unexciting) will be a considered strategy by all coaches in a similar circumstance. I am from LP and I have been waiting for someone to stall on LP all year and I wouldn't be surprised if Alta did it in the State game. I think Brighton's mistake was giving in to the crowd and not sticking to their strategy. It was their only hope to keep the game within a couple possessions and they gave that up in the second half.

West Jordan, UT

He simply employed a totally legal strategy within the rules. You may not like it, but it was a strategy, not "cowardly." If you have a problem with it, then you better get on some lobbying committee to implement a shot clock.

Orem, UT

I wish college basketball would get rid of the stupid shot clock. Slow-down-strategy games have been some of the most exciting I have ever watched. Bring back the fun!


@LP Supporter

If you've been watching HS basketball for 40 years you should be aware that Timpview, under the guidance of Tim Lewis (Quincy's father), used the same tactic against Mt View 30 years ago.

Timpview was strong at the guard spots with small but quick big men and Mt View had the the towering Pollards. You use what tactics are available to you in order to compete. It's not about losing by less, it's about doing what you need to do in order to have the best chance of victory...no matter how small that chance.

South Jordan, UT

Coach Mac would not of done that ever at Brighton, but they picked Coach gardner instead and he is a younger guy... play lock down defense... push them around, play the game!

Farmington, UT

If only there was a way to eliminate stalling from the game of basketball...[/sarcasm]

The Jimmer
Okemos, MI

Rational --

Not playing at all is not a strategy, it's not playing.

It would have been fine if Brighton had taken 2-3 minutes for each possession by dribbling and passing around and then finally shooting it, but just standing there is not playing. It's boring -- for the players, the fans, and everyone else involved.

Alpine, UT

I moved to Alpine from California 6 years ago and in the first Lone Peak game I went to, Bingham High came out and did the same stall tactic that Brighton tried and it didn't work for them either. I was shocked to learn that there isn't a shot clock in Utah high school basketball because there has been a shot clock in California for as long as I can remember. So, there observations: 1) Get a shot clock in Utah high school basketball. Lone Peak has put Utah high school basketball on the national map but having to play in a ridiculous farce of a game like they did against Brighton sets the state back in a huge way. 2) Coaches of teams playing Lone Peak - stalling doesn't work. It's been done before and it never works so let your kids play. 3) Any team that doesn't come out and put forth their best effort cheats the kids, the game, the fans, the families of the players and everyone involved. These kids haven't spent years and years working out, training and developing their skills to come out and stall half the game. That was pathetic!

Cougar in Texas
Houston, TX

Although it makes for boring basketball, I don't blame the Brighton coach at all. He is right, his job is to win the game and he made a bold decision to try and keep it close.

Alpine Blue
Alpine, UT

Please allow me to add at least one merciful kudo to Coach Gardiner and his young men by pointing to a long-ago (1967) and far away state tournament down in Oklahoma. My high school team won their regional final with a miracle half court shot and crept into the state tournament with a pathetic 12-10 record-a true Cinderella team.

Paired against the defending state champs from Norman HS who featured a front line of 6-9, 6-7, 6-7 giants our coach implemented a four corner stall shortly after we took a 2-0 lead. There were at least two quarters with no points scored by either team. Our center was only 6-4 and with a couple of good ballhandlers, we were able to keep their big guys out of the game and eventually won 13-10 to advance to the second round where we were trounced by the number 2 team by almost 40 points.

Give the Brighton coach a break, as this strategy might have worked had he started it with a lead. Boring indeed, but it may have given Brighton at least half a chance.

Go Knights!!

Ephraim, UT

Why not have a shot clock in Utah high school basketball? Makes sense to me. I am sure the players would play with improved skill and the fans would enjoy and be more involved.

Spanish Fork, UT

Terrible sportsmanship from Lone Peak fans booing at a game. Total lack of class. And to make matters worse they come on this site and whine and moan when the other team was following the rules of the game. To whine and cry about Coach Gardner stopping the ball just after the half court line and NOT whine and cry about Coach Lewis refusing to have his players leave the 3 point line to attack the ball is the same thing... both coaches were using strategy.

As for the players... they practiced this routine. They were counting on drawing LOne Peak out to attack the ball, leaving a 4 on 4 match up giving Brighton a better chance of winning. So, the players were part of the planning. It's a team game.

The Lone Peak whiners were just as sad they didn't get to see the typical LP slaughter (only up by 7 points at half, up by 5 points in the 3rd quarter when they usually are up by 30) just like Goliath roared and whined at David for not gong toe-to-toe with Goliath. Smart coaching. Total sportsmanship.

Washington, Utah

You play to win the game. Slowing it down was probably brightons best chance to win. Coaches try to put their team in the best situation to win and i would agree that slowing it way down would be the best shot against this lone peak team...they probably should have started a little earlier though when they were up.

Highland, UT


I remember, I went to Provo in the 80's and am as familiar with both MV and TV at that time as anyone, but there was a difference. All Brighton did was come over half court and then just stand there with the ball. It wasn't a slow down, it was simply not playing at all. If you are LOSING, as Brighton was, then you need to score at some point to have a shot at winning, they weren't even tyring to do anything, they were litterally standing there. That is not a strategy unless your strategy is just to not give up any more points and not try to score any yourself.

Spanish Fork, UT

I went to several HS Basketball games this year and although I didn't witness a team hold the ball and stall for 11 minutes, I did see multiple games where possessions went over the 4 minute mark. This isn't a "strategy" it is an admission that our athletes can't compete with yours and therefore we have zero chance of beating you without sticking it to the student athletes, student sections, parents, etc. What this adds up to is the UHSAA has to put in a shot clock for next season. It simply is time and overdue. Fans do not want to come to the games and watch great student athletes hold the ball at the top of the key. They want to see these athletes get up and down the court and compete every possession. Not to mention, those who are lucky enough to continue their education through athletics in college will be better prepared.

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