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Published: Friday, March 1 2013 8:40 p.m. MST

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Wasatch Front, UT

Brighton did a disservice to themselves, the fans, and the tournament by wasting more than an entire quarter holding the ball. What an embarrassment for their players and fans. And good on Lewis for not biting.

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

I understand why people wouldn't like it, but what Brighton did is completely fine. You have to play to win, and this was the only way the Bengals had any chance....

Cardston, Alberta

Perfect example and ammunition for implementing a 35 sec. shot clock. That was NOT basketball. That was a complete disgrace to the game of basketball. When will Utah school athletics do what has been long over-due and bring in shot clocks?

LP suppporter
Lehi, Utah

I am not sure where to start... I have watched high school basketball for over 40 years and what I saw tonight was pathetic. I am sure Coach Gardner has his reasons for the stall, but none of them have merit. Coach Gardner's father, Joel, one of the best coaches this state has ever seen must have been hiding his face in shame. In the 80's Mt View attacked, played defense and won state titles. To sit and watch Coach Schellenberger sitting on the bench eyes on the floor having coached with both Gardners had to be embarrassed. The only thing that Coach Gardner did was fill LP with a resolve to play harder. In December Brighton only lost by 20 to LP, at one point in the first 12 minutes of the second half LP outscored Brighton by 21. Quincy mercifully called the dogs off with 4 minutes left in the game up by 28. A terrible message was sent by Gardner to his players... you cannot compete so stall, don't get beat by 40. I think that I would rather get beat by 50 playing hard than do what Brighton did tonight. Time for a shot clock

Salt Lake City, UT

I personally was very disappointed that a coach would take his team out of the game. If BHS felt they had no chance, they should have just forforfeited and not even show up.

I believe all that the Brighton coach accomplished was taking his own team out of the game. LP kept their cool and merely waited Brighton out. When the game started again for real, it was Brighton who seemed to have lost concentration and quickly was toast.

So in the end the Brighton coach felt he couldn't win playing a full game , so he stalled and and quickly learned that the result was the same except his team will carry a gorilla on their back for sometime to come as a team afraid to play.

I really feel bad for the Brighton kids, the coach robbed them of any respect they may have earned for adsolutely nothing.

Wasatch Front, UT

To Two For Flinching:

Brighton wasn't going to win this game regardless. And this wasn't playing to win, this was not playing to not get blown off the court. It is one thing to slow down play, or to force the defense out on you if you are ahead at the end of the half/game. But when you are behind by seven in the 1st quarter, not shooting and not passing will NOT make up the deficit, and is just poor sportsmanship.

Play your hardest. If it is not enough to win, well, winning isn't everything, but you gave it your best shot. No dishonor in that.

Salt Lake City, UT

Getting beat by 20 on LP's court earlier in the year and playing the Knights dead even for 3 quarters or play your "strategy" game and lose by 26. Coach Gardiner's right, Coach Lewis is a better coach than he is, everyone in the stands could see that and you don't have to be involved with either school to be biased either. Did he not think that LP would ever practice or work on situations like this and be ready for it. Why would anyone come out and waste energy with a 14-7 lead. Think about it. Get a shot clock and sooner the better. Many good teams slow the ball game down, even with a shot clock. Watch certain teams in the Big Ten, those that run the Princeton offense. That's real strategy and playing to win the game. Brighton's got a great team, they can play, too bad the fans didn't get a chance to see it today.

Timmie Lynn Webster

I genuinely felt sorry for the senior players on Brighton. What the coach did was to deny them the chance to go out and play their hardest on what was their last high school game. He made them look like a bunch of cowards who didn't have the guts to play with the big boys! It was a ridiculous stunt that made their team look incompetent and classless. If I was a parent of one of those players, I would be furious for robbing my son of the chance to lose with dignity and respect.

Salt Lake City, UT

Sad. Pretty, pretty sad. What a pathetic scene. Great lesson for the kids, eh, coach? Trust me, Brighton, you are not Princeton.

Proud to be American
West Jordan, UT

Lone Peak has put Utah basketball on the map. With the #1 ranking and recent national attention, this team has done nothing but great things for the respect and reputation of Utah high school basketball.

Brighton completely undid all of those positives tonight in a gutless performance! I am totaly embarrassed for the Brighton parents, players, and fans tonight. I hope that this game does not make national news, what a pathetic strategy tonight by Brighton.

Utah desperately needs a shot clock, but the sad thing is the UHSAA will continue to make excuses as to why Utah can't get one.

Utah, UT

The kids worked hard all summer on their game. They came early to school and hit the weight room to increase their strength. The the season started and they did conditioning everyday.....running ladders, suicides, and endless drills. They had a dream of finishing off their senior season by making it into the state tournament and representing themselves, their families, their school, and each other with dignity and class. They are fortunate and make it to the semi final game in the state tournament. Then the coach decides to teach them a life lesson. Let's utilize your skills and stamina that you have made tremendous sacrifice to achieve, and showcase it by standing there, holding the ball, and looking stupid. What a dis-service to these kids. Coach, this is not the ending we dreamed about. Embarassing. Let us compete and LEAVE IT ALL ON THE COURT.

Park City, UT

"Sometimes you’re the pigeon and sometimes you’re the statue. Tonight, I was the statue."

Way to go coach.

Not only were you the statue, but you made your kids share the embarrassment of being statues with you.

Was it really worth it?

Bountiful, UT

It didn't bother me at all that Brighton implemented what it thought was its best chance to win. I remember Wyoming doing this to BYU many decades ago before the shot-clock was put into action. I have no interested in either team that played in this game, but I have no problem with what I saw on the court. Brighton was not going to run with LP. Its only shot at winning was the slow the game as much as possible. Even that didn't work, but it gave them a chance.

American Fork, UT

Pretty much everyone has said it here. Embarrassing and sad are the two words I can use to describe the stalling situation by Brighton. By doing what they did it made Brighton look like cowards afraid to play against the big boys. Their coach should have let them play even if they lost by 30 or more. Robbing people of being able to play the sport they put hours into is a disgrace. What a lesson Gardner is going to learn from this. You never give up in games. Gardner did that with 3 minutes left in the first quarter. What a shame.

Salt Lake City, UT

Pathetic -- the comments, I mean. If you don't want strategy, go watch a pickup game. If Brighton had won, he'd be hailed as the smartest coach ever. BTW, didn't Dean Smith, Michael Jordan's hero, run the four corner offense?

Syracuse, UT

If you are a coach or player the rules are there for you to use. I hated to see the stall tactic used but it was legal and they were using the rules for, as they thought, their advantage. Lone Peak showed they were the much better team. I would have loved to have seen a faster paced game, but you have to try different things to win.

Lehi, UT

Why don't all you Brighton-bashers look at how Coach Lewis of Lone Peak evaluated the Brighton stall - he thought it was perfectly legitimate .

In addition, if you looked at the Brighton players going into the locker room at halftime, they were really fired up! Being down only 7 at the half has rarely happened this year vs. Lone Peak (and not once in Utah this season). They were also fired up coming onto the floor after halftime. Don't put words in the Brighton players' mouths - they were fully on board with the plan to try and beat the unbeatable Knights.

My only criticism of Gardner is he didn't carry it far enough! Once he decided to go this direction he should have done the same in the 3rd quarter and halfway into the 4th. Down 7 with 4:00 left in the 4th - theoretically anything could have happened!

As a LP fan I was very nervous during the halftime break, more nervous than in any other game this year in Utah. Fortunately Coach Lewis and the LP team had a response for the stall - a combination of patience and confidence.

Joe Schmoe
Orem, UT

Absolutely nothing wrong with what Brighton was trying to do.

I know it is sports but compare it to war. If you are outmanned you don't run your soldiers into the line of fire only to be destroyed. You use strategy to try to lure the enemy out of their strongholds.

Brighton didn't break any rules and did what they thought would give them the best chance to win. Was it exciting to watch, no. But they aren't there to entertain the crowd. They are there to win.

I credit the coach with having enough guts to give it a shot.

Iowa City, IA

There is no other way to spin this game than to say Brighton didn't man up and try to play toe to toe. It was so awkward that even the announcers were saying silly things like, "Well they're not losing as bad as last year." Brilliant.

Plus why stall when you are down by 7?

re:rational- are you really trying (desperately) to defend holding the ball for 71/2 minutes? That may be a strategy but it screams weakness and fear.

Washington, Utah

You play to win the game. Brightons best chance to win the game was to slow it down. As a coach you should put your kids in the best position to win the game. I feel this is what the coach was doing. Most of you that are saying this was pathetic, probably dont have a clue about coaching. Sorry.

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