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Published: Friday, March 1 2013 6:30 p.m. MST

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West Jordan, Utah

Very interesting. Bronco is hard to read sometimes. Other times he is predictable as can be. For all that bothers me about this man, I do like like how Bronco only signed for three years when he had a hard time reading himself as well. It was there he kept it simple for the better of the program rather than himself. Nice.

Salt Lake City, UT

I heard there was once upon a time a team that lost to the WAC opponent it played. I heard that once upon a time there was a team that did not go to a bowl game. This happened last year, or so I hear........better to win the WAC and go to a bowl then sit around cleaning up nacho trays and empty beverage bottles for the big guns in the BCS. Mr. X(censored), we will look for your cheesy nacho hands this fall.

Frisco, TX

cb - apparently U forgot to look at the schedule, with BYU dropping Hawaii and Utah picking up Fresno St, U now play more wac teams than BYU. BYU is moving away from these teams. Utah is trying to do anything to make their schedule easier to get to .500. Good luck.

I knew there had to be something more than OC to lure Anae back to Provo. I'm not too concerned about the titles. I'm hope these coaches can get us back to double digit wins.

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT


Utah is playing a total of zero WAC schools. They play one MWC, one indy, and one one Big Sky team. BYU is playing 1 Sun Belt, 3 MWC, 1 C-USA, and 1 Big Sky team.

Lindon, UT

Looks like Bronco will be around for awhile, whether some like it or not. Now that BYU seems to have moved past the entitlement phase in regards to their coaches (requiring them to hire assistant coaches who can get results, having no nepotism or favoratism), hopefully, BYU football can achieve its potential. I feel excited for this year. In the next 9 months of so, we will see if all of this hard work of recruiting, changes in coaching personnel, and this difficult schedule, will all pay off. Go BYU!

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

I'm somewhat surprised to hear about Bronco pursing an extension. I thought I remembered him saying that he didn't plan on coaching for an extended period of time.

Veritas Aequitas
Fruit Heights, UT

Too bad. Now BYU will continue to be nationally ranked and will go on to play in Bowl Games...


Seems like mostly minor title changes. Bronco is a great defensive coach and hopefully the Cougars can play just as well defensively this year while improving offensively.

It will be interesting to see how many years are on Bronco's new contract extension!

Enterprise, UT

BYU and Utah football programs headed in two different directions. One to mid-pac nothingness and one to national limelight. Go Cougs!

I Bleed Blue
Las Vegas, NV

Great news! Nice picture of Bronco celebrating another bowl win.

So. Cal Reader
San Diego, CA

Holmoe, et. al., talk about "BCS Respectability." If, indeed, that's where they want the BYU Football team, I'm sorry fellow Cougs fans, but extending Coach Bronco's contract is not the decision to make. Over the last 2 years in particular, he has clearly shown he is a GREAT defensive coordinator, but not a great "head coach." A head coach takes control over the entire team and program. The program is stagnant if not regressed the past 2 years. Bowl eligible, yes. But, again, if BCS is the goal, I don't know that Craft Hunger Bowl and Poinsettia Bowls are going to cut it. I know many Cougs fans will point to all the bowl games and where the program is from when Coach Bronco took it over, and those points are well-taken. I, too, was once the biggest Bronco supporter. I simply think he's reached as far as he can get the team. Time for new blood.

Mcallen, TX

More state championships for the cougs, and beyond.

Mesa, AZ

Note--During this current BCS Era [1998-Current], both UTAH and byu have reached a bowl game in 11 out of 15 total years....However, this is where any similarities cease to exist....While byu is mired in post-season mediocrity, barely hovering around .500 at 6-5, entirely in low-/mid-tier bowl games, UTAH has enjoyed off-the-chart success, steamrolling to a beyond impressive 10-1 bowl game record, including 2 squarely on The Center-Stage in The National Spotlight on The National Stage resounding, straight dominating BCS Bowl Game victories, the former as The Original BCS-Buster, when it was significantly more difficult to do so and which ultimately led to a change in the non-BCS qualifying-threshhold, yet not one which byu will ever even remotely sniff, mind you.

Mesa, AZ

In the process, UTAH managed to go undefeated twice and finishing the year ranked #4 and #2, respectively, the latter against long-running ranked #1/the following year's NC, the sec's own Powerhouse Alabama and their legendary HC Nick Saban, w/all of his millions-of-dollars....Coach Urban Meyer/Kyle Whittingham Bronco Mendenhall will never be, defined by mediocrity and rarely ever beating a good team.

Mesa, AZ

All the while, UTAH continues to play against a more difficult SOS, annually....Good times, Good times, indeed.

Idaho Falls, ID

Why not wait to see how next year turns out. Based on last season Bronco would surely be looking at a substantial pay cut.

Iowa City, IA

This is better news the Van Noy coming back! Bronco is about more than football, which is how it should be. Yet at the same time his intensity about the game is phenomenal. But the thing I love most about his program, pre-game firesides. Bronco's identity is not football. Make fun of him for quoting scriptures if you want, but that shallowness will cause you to miss getting to know a good man.

Highland, UT

This is great news, I have thought it ridiculous that people have been calling for the head of a guy that has won as much as Bronco has. Certainly there is room for improvement but that is true of 99% of the coaches and programs in the country.

It looks like things have solidified themselves and now spring ball is about to begin. This is exciting.

There You Go Again
Saint George, UT

"...“Robert, Nick and Kelly are pillars of our coaching staff," Mendenhall said. "I have complete confidence in their coaching and leadership abilities and the sincere desire each has to help the young men in our program succeed at the highest level. I have great expectations regarding the contributions of each member of our staff as we prepare our team for the 2013 season.”...".

Brandon, Joe and Ben are pillars of our coaching staff...

Mount Olympus
Salt Lake, UT

How many coordinators and assistants will Bronco run out of town?

How about hiring a coach that is accountable?

Bronco takes credit for wins and blames losses on assistants. He has forced out several coordinators and many assistants.

Bronco is the problem.

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