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Published: Friday, March 1 2013 6:40 p.m. MST

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Herndon, VA

I am grateful for articles such as this which reveal the truth.

Our children are needlessly growing up in a society whose images reveal that they are not valued as people and children of God, but as objects.

We can change this by a commitment to wholesomeness and goodness, and insisting that this be reflected in the advertising and media communications we encounter.

Saratoga Springs, UT

I agree 100%. We need to take a stand against pornography being so easily accessible to our children. I wish we could get rid of the filth altogether, but people (adults) have a right to look at it and become under the delusion that it doesn't have a negative effect on society as a whole. In my opinion, pornography is the root of a lot of the sexual abuse and crimes in our country. The industry wants little boys to see it at an early age so they become addicted (anyone under the delusion that it isn't addictive needs professional help).

Take a stand!

one old man
Ogden, UT

Hurrah for this mother and others like her.

True, the First Amendment grants us rights. But perhaps when rights are abused -- and porn is certainly an abuse -- limits are needed. It's a shame that our legislators, both state and Federal, lack the guts to tackle a very serious problem. It CAN be solved and addressed with some common sense. Unfortunately, guts and common sense seem to be woefully lacking.

The same holds true of the Second Amendment.

South Jordan, UT

Bravo! to one intelligent and courageous woman and loving mom.

Tooele, UT

I am in total agreement. It's hard to even go and pay for your groceries anymore and see the trash right where you have to stand in line with your children or grandchildren. It's awful for children but I don't like being subject to having to look at it either. The images one sees is very hard to get rid of.

Cache county, USA

Pornography is flat out evil.
And any man that says he's addicted, I will say that's a lazy excuse.
Man up, and be father, and husband.
Own up to your value as a human.

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

Why don't we just make it illegal to show any skin at all when out in public? We could ban all magazines, make swimming illegal (unless you own a wet suit), and control what tv shows we can watch. Seriously, where does it end?


Where do you all shop?

I haven't noticed porn at a mall or in stores where i shop.

Lindon, UT

To the comment, "where does it end?" That can be turned around to mean where does it (the pornography) end.

If Iceland can prohibit porn, the great U S of A can prohibit it also.

We must do something, or we are just going to have more violence, sexual crimes against women, young boys and girls. If the was a disease that was permeating our society, we would fight it. Well, this is a disease. Let's fight it.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

Thanks goodness someone has finally taken a stand!

South Jordan, UT

Laws in this nation do not protect obscenity. Unfortunately, well planned efforts by the porn industry has manged to help make lawmakers gutless in defining "obscenity".

It takes courageous individuals working together to help defeat the growing tide of this heinous evil that has more destructive additive power than drugs, tobacco, caffeine, and alcohol.

Equality For All
Salt Lake City, UT

Seriously... out of all the problems our society faces today, this lady is concerned because advertisements are too "pornographic" for children? Really? No matter how much you try and "protect" people from this so called "evil porn" (which really isn't porn at all) things are still going to happen. Why not focus on the real issue. Proper parenting and teaching your kids your values. Some people have way too much time on their hands.

American Fork, UT

Some people must be getting stuff in the mail that I'm not. Either that, or they've got a paranoid, unhealthy view of who and what we are as humans. Yes, there is a lot of bad stuff out there. But, it's not in the JC Penny flier.

Salt Lake City, UT


Pornography is flat out evil.
And any man that says he's addicted, I will say that's a lazy excuse.

Not sure I understand your comment. Pornography IS addicting. It has been proven to be the case. And, it is horribly difficult to overcome. Even President Hinckley stated that it can be as addicting as some of the most hard drugs.

When one has an addiction to it, not admitting the addiction exists is dangerous, as the individual has the illusion that he can just stop it at anytime without help. If a man (or woman) is addicted to porn, not having help in overcoming the addiction leads to 100% failure and more prolonged addiction.

A person/spouse/parent should recognize addiction for a loved one and seek help. Just avoiding seeking help in the name of "no excuses" is an unhealthy approach. Sure, it would be better to have never become addicted, but for those who are addicted, it is too late for that thinking.

I know. I was addicted for 20 years to it. I never gained progress in overcoming it until I recognized my addiction and got professional help.

Sacramento, CA

Perhaps the kinds of compliments we give sons and daughters--daughters, especially--and other young people, would go a long way in helping them value the right kinds of things in themselves and each other. If they feel their looks, weight, figures, and appearance are valuable to us, they will feel that way, too. If we value those things in ourselves, they will also learn to value those things as well. They will be less inclined to be interested in a magazine cover, and if they are, it's a conversation starter--by the adult. She/he who starts the conversation gets the opportunity to choose its direction.

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

@ panamadesnews

Iceland? That country has a population 6 times smaller than Utah. They have no standing military. Only licensed people can own guns, and they must register their weapons with the government and it usually has less than 5 guns deaths (including suicide) per year. The USA and Iceland are not comparable. This whole story is nothing more than a mom being hypersensitive. We don't need freedoms limited. We need parents to do their job and teach their kids values and standards.

Pleasant Grove, UT

Let me see if I understand this correctly... The Second Amendment is a God-given absolute right that cannot be infringed upon in any way, shape or form, while the First Amendment needs to be carefully regulated by government censors who will decide what we can see and read? Apparently it's okay to be ready to blow holes in the human body, but not okay to see one uncovered? Can we be a bit more consistent in how we view the Constitution please?

Alexandria, VA

I believe that we must be careful here not to rally behind this well intentioned woman while forgetting that we have a responsibility to be the example and not just talk or legislate about it (which we as a society seem to have a certain proclivity to do).

Safford, AZ

Thank you, Dr. Brown! I am totally agreement. Being a Mom to five daughters ages 13 to 31, and a Grandmother to three precious grandchildren ages 10 mths to 6 years old, I totally agree. I am currently student teaching to finish my Elementary Education degree, and I totally agree with you. Taking past Social problems and Women cross culture classes... I totally agree with you. Please share your state's findings with us across the border to Arizona.... and to our great nation! Sincerely, Debbie Adams

Salt Lake City, UT

Do yourself a favor and do the right thing.

We all know what we should be doing. Just do it.

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