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Published: Friday, March 1 2013 10:05 a.m. MST

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Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Dreams of playing in the Pac 12?

Good choice.

Sorry WAC/MWC/indy teams - no one dreams of that

Kaysville, UT

Chis B I'm a big Utah fan but I must admit you have a very bad case of little man's syndrome.

Salt Lake City, UT

Ivy league education versus football for a team with logn history of losing football games. Sorry Chris, but a dream of playing for teams with losing records are just that! Dreams!

Spokane is a beautiful city, and I am sure Wash St is a nice school, but there is no question that the chance for an excellent education is diminished.

Down under
Pullman, WA

Feliz is spot on about Crissy.

alternate, WSU is in Pullman and not Spokane. WSU has a great academic programs. Just thought you should know.

Syracuse, UT

True pac10.2 fans.....they don't even know what cities have PAC 10.2 teams.

Provo, UT

Washington State is in Pullman and in no way should get mixed up with Spokane, a much more beautiful city and home of Gonzaga.

Cougar Gold Cheese
Pullman, WA

@alternate I think you opened up a can of worms by trumping up Spokane while dragging down Pullman. Unfortunately, it is completely unwarranted and your narrative was spun by a kindergartner wearing rose-colored glasses. But, let's deal in data, shall we?


* Third highest crime rate in the state.
* Highest violent crime rate in the state.
* Highest auto theft in the state.
* Highest prostitution rate in the state.
* Highest STI rate in the state.
* Second highest teenage pregnancy in the state.
* Third highest meth USE rate in the state.
* Third highest homeless population in state.
* Sixty-third in household income.
* Higher-than-state average in unemployment.
* Unresponsive city government, by most accounts.
* Number of parks per capita in the lower-third in state among incorporated cities.
* Middle-of-the-road schools w/ high class sizes and large teaching shortages.

Yes, I love 'Zags basketball. But that doesn't make up for other Spokane nastiness. So, before throwing out insults about Pullman, let's just examine the facts!

Part II forthcoming.

Cougar Gold Cheese
Pullman, WA


Here's Part II...


* Lowest violent crime in the state.
* Third-lowest crime rate in the state. Take out Greek Row and it's the lowest in the state BY FAR.
* 14th highest median household income, just ahead of Bellevue.
* Low unemployment.
* Second-highest number of parks per capita in the state, among incorporated cities.
* Great schools with good test scores, low class sizes, and no teaching shortages.
* High community service involvement numbers.
* Responsive city government, with mayor in fourth term

I'm glad you flippantly chose to deride Pullman because it didn't have the 'Zags. Like I said, I love 'Zags basketball.

Oh, we also have a Pac-12 football team in Pullman. Does Spokane have that? No, it has Stateline.

I rest my case.

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