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Published: Thursday, Feb. 28 2013 11:30 p.m. MST

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Springville, UT

Kaufusi, Kaufusi, Kaufusi!

Tough loss last night against a top team. It's a long shot but here's hoping for a great WCC Tournament next week.


Lonestar, now let me expose some holes in your theory. Last time I checked, Utah averages about 15 fouls per game. This is, on average, barely getting the other team into the bonus each half of every game, and players rarely get into serious foul trouble (4+). BYU averages about 19 fouls per game, and had 23 last night, with Kaufusi fouling out in 10 minutes, and Davies picking up his 4th with over 13 minutes remaining.This means the other team almost always ends up in the double bonus. Which one sounds like a "hackfest?"

Also, BYU does that while going into nearly every game as the favored team in such a weak conference, while Utah is the underdog in almost every game, so trying to tighten up the D, like BYU had to do last night, is rarely an issue for them compared to Utah, who play against at least one very tough opponent each week.

I'm not criticizing Coach Rose's coaching style, frankly I think he's a fantastic coach. But just wondering how the fans feel about their trash talk being exposed.


I apologize beforehand for turning a sports board into a religious soapbox, but I can't resist. To Allen#2: the difference between BYU fans and Wyoming fans, or any other fans, is that BYU fans, in some ways, represent the LDS Church. As a member of the LDS Church, I often don't appreciate how BYU fans represent.

Lindon, UT

Funny how Ute fans apparently watched this game...what about your Utes getting beat down last night? Bowl game + NIT/NCAA Tourney > No bowl game + No post season b-ball

Sandy, UT

Here is the difference between the BYU and Utah basketball programs....

To BYU and her fans, 20-10 is an awful, down year.
To Utah and her fans, 11-16 is Nirvana and a cause for celebration.

BYU's athletic program competes in every sport.
Utah's athletic program is not competitive in any sport and lives in the Pac's cellar.

Pac 11....Rules....U!

Cedar Hills, UT


I'm pretty sure that coach Few was referring to the fact that his guys get mugged every time they are in the MC and don't always get the calls. They got some of those calls last night and so they were "the right refs". I would agree.

ogden, ut

Please remove Kaufusi from the team. He's a great football player, but seeing the aggression on his face as he takes a player out is an embarrassment for the team, school and sport. Keep it on the field and off the court.

Sandy, UT


"BYU does that while going into nearly every game as the favored team in such a weak conference, while Utah is the underdog in almost every game, so trying to tighten up the D, like BYU had to do last night, is rarely an issue for them compared to Utah, who play against at least one very tough opponent each week."

Sorry to burst you bubble, but the disparity in SOS isn't nearly as pronounced as you pretend it to be.

BYU 67
Utah 52

Hacking isn't the issue. Slowing your offense down to a snail's pace on nearly every possession in nearly every game is the issue.

BYU's uptempo style is fun to watch, with BYU averaging 77 ppg, 17th in the country.
Utah's snail's pace is boring as... U know, with Utah averaging 64 ppg, 272nd in the country.

Utah got blown out last night by a team that only scored 64 points; that's almost inconceivable, except for the Utes.

The Utes have only exceeded BYU's AVERAGE ONCE this season, and that was against an NAIA team.

Sandy, UT

Until the Utes are able to score 80 points against a D-1 opponent once in awhile, they should abandon their "Runnin'" nickname, because it's, quite frankly, false advertising. There's absolutely NO RUN in Utah's basketball program nowadays.

Lone Star Cougar
Plano, TX

It is amazing to see all the trolls comment on BYU. Last night I saw some good defense by BYU and some toughness. the refs were calling a loose game and BYU stpped up. I enjoyed Kaufusi not backing down but getting in their face. He has a dominant attitude and more BYU players need to be more aggressive albeit controlled. With Gonzaga having such dominant big men and BYU being somewhat short-handed, the physical game was the way to go. It almost worked. We need some more pure shooters, though. I have watched games this year where we did not look like teams of the past with very poor shooting. Davies did pick it up during the game, which I was glad. I would like to have Kaufusi next year as a big enforcer with one or two more big men that can finesse the ball underneath.

Sandy, UT

I love the play of Bronson; a little more physical than some would prefer, but he plays hard every second.

Elmer Fudd
Sandy, Utah

It has to be the refs fault the Cougs lost!

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

I was booing the bad reffing so hard my mom had to tell me to be quiet or I would wake up my twin baby brothers.
We win big if refs do good.

Down under
Pullman, WA

WCC refs are the worst I have ever seen no matter who you were rooting for. They are only exceeded in poor officiating by to the PAC 12. Few was right when he said that the right officials were there tonight. Gonzaga big men pushed and clawed all night long and got away with it in the forst half. The second havlf was more evenly called.

BYU lost to a better team but they certainly had their chances and blew them. Anyone know what happened to Carlino the 2nd half?

Roberts, ID

If Cusick missed the front end of a one on one on purpose I find that surprising. Missed free throws cost the Cougs the game. Also, don't the refs call three seconds or palming the ball anymore?

Salt Lake City, UT

Fans are loud and biased. That's why they are called fans. Being loud, biased and vulgar or obscene is not being a fan, it is being a lout. BYU fans seldom fall into that category so get over Cougar fans cheering for BYU.

Salt Lake City, UT

Down under

"Anyone know what happened to Carlino the 2nd half?"

Rose on not playing Matt Carlino last 10 mins: "We took Matt out, gave him a rest, and it seemed like we got some momentum, got into a good flow. Craig [Cusick] was running the point pretty well and we just stayed with it."

Baltimore, MD

Great effort by the Cougs last night against next week's #1 team in the country. Several times in the last few minutes of the game, BYU had a chance to tie or take the lead, but nobody, including Haws could make a shot.

Still, I'm proud of this undermanned team putting forth so much effort throughout the season.

Good luck in the post season Cougs!

Orem, UT

I wonder if some of you watched the same game I saw. Olynyk (sp?) was every bit as aggressive and physical as Davies...at one point he headlocked him...on several occasions he gave him forearm, shoulder, and hip shots...good, aggressive play...but he was no less aggressive than Davies. I agree Kaufusi was over the top...after he floored a guy he posed as if he had just sacked the QB. But Davies and the Zag big men just played equally hard and aggressively. Watch the tape...it doesn't lie.

deductive reasoning
Arlington, VA

"Late" game takes on a whole new meaning when you're watching from the east coast.

BYU's strategy of packing the paint and forcing Gonzaga to score from beyond the arc almost worked. The Cougars just couldn't get a shot to drop in the last four minutes; that and too many missed free throws cost BYU a chance to beat the Bulldogs.

On the bright side, the WCC will have the #1 team in the country next week. That hasn't happened in a long, long time.

Congratulations Zags! You've earned it.

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