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Published: Thursday, Feb. 28 2013 11:30 p.m. MST

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Ute parents - me Cougar
Rathdrum, ID

It was fun tonight as the Cougs put on a good show. They did have the opportunities.
NIT final four.


Good battle, tough loss for the Cougs, fun game to watch regardless of which team you rooted for. However, there was something odd I noticed that's contrary to what the fans have told me. BYU, I was told, plays a fun, fast-paced, high-scoring game to try get their wins, while Utah games are a "hackfest" designed to stay close with opponents to give the "illusion" that they can compete with them. So did Coach Rose attempt to take a page out of Larry's book against a team that BYU had no business being on the court with last time? Elias Harris and Kelly Olynyk looked like they got brutalized by Kaufusi, who averaged one foul every two minutes, and Davies likely would have fouled out if the game wasn't so close and his scoring ability was so needed. I'm sure this wasn't really the case, though, because can you imagine how silly the people who believe those things they said would look if their team had to resort to it?

Salt Lake City, UT

Great effort by the BYU team, they had a couple different chances and that is all you can ask for. As for the fans they proved two things, they are loud and ignorant. Booing every single call no matter how obvious is getting old.

Provo, UT

Only in a real basketball conference can you have the opportunity to play the #2 team in the country. Only on BYU boards can you find Ute trolls posting 30 minutes after the game/article go up. I would also like to say hello to Chris B. and Navel Vet because I'm sure they'll be here soon enough.

Salt Lake City, UT


"As for the fans they proved two things, they are loud and ignorant."

For quiet and ignorant fans, see mirror.

Utah fans boo EVERY call that doesn't go Utah's way, regardless of how obvious.


gonefishn, yelling "You got swatted" after Kaufusi could have broken Harris' nose was a nice touch, too. I usually make that cheer on a blocked shot, not a blatant hack, but it is a different bunch down there.

lloyd braun
ogden, utah

I will be glad to see Zylstra move on. Maybe he should wait until he hits a big shot to win a game to celebrate like he does. He tightens up like crazy when it's on the line. Maybe a couple more football guys could join the team and thug it up some more. Cheap fouls by Kaufusi, and nice taunting after each one. I didn't see a lot of that from the Zags, just good plays. Olynyk and Pangos are class acts. BYU needs to decide who their go to guy is and have him shoot the shots down the stretch, not just my turn to jack one up mentality.

Holladay, UT

Very impressed that BYU stayed in this game. But, to be honest, BYU got lucky in the fact that they packed things in their zone and basically gave Gonzaga the three and Gonzaga was so off on the three tonight. If Gonzaga makes 6 more threes, then they win by twenty. But, BYU had five trips down the court when they were down by one and missed the shot all five times. Just like my Utes, moral victories are meaningless!!!

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA


I've never seen Gonzaga have so many calls against them, or seen the opposite team get away with basically mugging the opponent. Kafusi has no buisiness on the court. Davies isnt far behind. I wonder if Rose told to go out and rough up Olynyk and Harris; sure looked like it.

Salt Lake City, UT


"So did Coach Rose attempt to take a page out of Larry's book..."


The gaping hole in your theory is Utah does the slow down hack fest EVERY game (averaging 64 ppg), while this was an outlier for BYU (averaging 77 ppg).

BYU scored more points against the #2 team in the country in a nail-biting 65-70 loss, than the Utes have managed against 9 of their last 10 opponents. I don't even remember the last time BYU only scored 46 in a game like the Utes did in their 46-64 loss to California tonight.

Idaho Falls, ID

They had several opportunities to win this. Failure to capitalize. A lot of missed baskets at the end with Gonzaga on their heels.
Good--rebounding, defense, and Haws.
Bad--shooting 36% from the field and 58 % free throws. This is the poorest shooting team Rose has had in a long time

The Cougs played hard but they just don't have the talent to finish the upset against a good team.

Observations--Carlino had a pretty good 1st half but was obviously in Rose's doghouse the 2nd half. I don' understand why the 3rd best scorer and the steals league leader is not even on the floor for most of the 2nd half.
Sharp was the ONLY productive player in their last meeting with the Zags and he didn't get more than a minute of playing time tonight. Why is he in the doghouse?

Salt Lake City, UT


More comments from Utah trolls about the BYU-Gonzaga game, than about the Utah-California game...

and Utah's game ENDED before BYU's game even started...

obsessed much Utah fans?


ok all you ute trolls or whatever you call yourselves after the game tonite can any of you explain what coach Few meant when asked by ESPN 'how did you pull off this win "and few answered "we had the right officials out there tonight" sounds very suspicious to me thats probably why their big men never fouled out OLYNYK had 2 fouls and Harris had 3 even tho they were both mugging haws and Davies i counted 5 travels that never called and they were blocking BYU,S players all night but never got called,you guys don,t ever comment on utah,s thread because you can,t stand to cheer for a bunch of near bottom feeders you call BUY fans obnoxious ,well before you open your mouths i suggest you take a good look at yourselves first.

McLean, VA

I was just glad to see the team hustle, play hard, contest every loose ball, and in general, finally look like they really wanted to win a game. They had lost their edge over the last half dozen games, and it cost them a chance at an NCAA bid. If for nothing else than to set the tone for next season, I was glad to see them come out fighting and hustling. They've been getting shoved around too much, and they finally got aggressive and got their edge back. Yeah, Kaufusi carried it a bit too far, but the Gonzaga guys weren't angels, either. It was a rough game in the low block and bodies were on the floor all night. Just that kind of a game, with a number one rating on the line for one team, and a world of pride on the line for the other. This BYU team put it all out there on the floor tonight -- 100% effort -- and no one can ask for more than that. The crowd was loud -- it was a great atmosphere -- I can live with a few boos. Great game!


Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

The "who's your daddy" chant at Stockton was even more confusing then "You got swatted"

Salem, UT

There are no moral victories when your playing at home, even if it is the number 2 school in the nation. Had a chance to win which would have been big but in the end it is still another L in a very disappointing season.

Provo, UT

PS- refs got us again. Darn refs.

South Jordan, UT

Let's stop kidding ourselves. Fans in this state are obnoxious, loud, and ignorant. yes, probably more so than in others. it doesn't matter which team you cheer for collectively as a whole we're a rowdy competitive bunch. while we're so passionate we still have the nerve to boo our own teams and leave in the 3rd quarter if the game isn't to our liking.

Pa. Reader
Harrisburg, PA

Great effort by an undermanned squad.
This season may be Coach Rose's best coaching job yet.
He has kept an injury riddled team competitive by cobbling together schemes that keep BYU close against teams with superior, more experienced players.
The NIT experience will be good for the players who are coming back next season.
As a Cougar fan I'm proud to have Dave Rose at the helm.


Please name the basketball team that does not have rude fans. As neither a Utah nor BYU fan, it appears that BYU fans troll the articles about Utah teams as the Utah fans do about BYU teams.
Utah State Aggie, Wyoming Cowboy, and other team fans are just as rude as any.

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