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Published: Thursday, Feb. 28 2013 10:35 p.m. MST

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Michael Layne
Logan, UT

@Dennis, TOO and others who responded to Dennis:

I assume Dennis is referring to the quote below, which, in fact, indicates that there has been revelation since Joseph Smith, and very clearly indicates the principle of continuing revelation. I can't verify the authenticity of the quote, but it is consistent with other statements church leaders have made which state in no uncertain terms that continuing revelation is alive and well.

"Let me say first that we have a great body of revelation, the vast majority of which came from the prophet Joseph Smith. We don't need much revelation. We need to pay more attention to the revelation we've already received. Now, if a problem should arise on which we don't have an answer, we pray about it, we may fast about it, and it comes. Quietly. Usually no voice of any kind, but just a perception in the mind."
They wouldn't let me post the link, but just google for "Gordon Hinckley revelation".

Saint George, UT

@KC Mormon,

Dennis originally said that it was said in conference at the pulpit, so it would be easy to find the quote--if it existed.
That is an interesting quote, however. I think there is a problem in the church of people arguing semantics over what is 'revelation' versus some other teaching from a general authority, as if that would have any less authority.

Walnut Creek, CA

D&C 35:13; 133:59—thrash to thresh
"Thrash the nations" is now "thresh the nations".

I welcome any changes that make God a little bit nicer.

Walnut Creek, CA

The intro to the Pearl of Great Price has significant changes:

Paragraph 4, item 2—Changed “A translation from some Egyptian papyri that came into the hands of Joseph Smith in 1835, containing writings of the patriarch Abraham” to “An inspired translation of the writings of Abraham. Joseph Smith began the translation in 1835 after obtaining some Egyptian papyri.”

Should it now be understood that the discovery of "some Egyptian papyri" merely coincided with the timing of Joseph's decision to write an "inspired translation" of the Book of Abraham rather than Joseph having discovered the actual writings of Abraham on Egyptian papyri? Anyone else miss the old story?

Salt Lake City, Utah

Shows how the scriptures are "living" not only because they have wide, dynamic, and even unexpected application to personal lives, but also because our knowledge of context increases over the years.

Beaverton, OR

I hope they just add a few more empty pages at the end, for personal quick quote/scripture references. I do have a journal that I write in, but some things I want to keep closer in my scriptures. For me, it's hard to memorize many passages, so this becomes a valuable tool.

Phoenix, AZ

It has the appearance of the old story of lies and lies to cover up the old lies.



"Shows how the scriptures are "living" not only because they have wide, dynamic, and even unexpected application to personal lives, but also because our knowledge of context increases over the years."

Knowledge increases or circumstances for acceptance change over the years? Be real ..

Twin Lights
Louisville, KY

3 Grand Keys,

From Merriam Webster:

Definition of THRASH
transitive verb
1: to separate the seeds of from the husks and straw by beating : thresh


intransitive verb
1: thresh

Mark C
Gilbert, SC

@mhilton...Because the Family Proclamation and the Living Christ are not canonized scripture, although I look for ward to the day when they will be officially added.

Phoenix, AZ

And I don't see any reason to believe the term Lamanite in the Book of Mormon came to mean everyone who was not a Nephite (the Jew - Gentile analogy). Didn't it just become a shorthand way of referring to any of the Book of Mormon peoples who fought against the Nephites, who were idealogically aligned with the historic Lamanites?


Too bad they didn't include The Proclamation on the Family and The Living Christ when they did this. I would have loved to have had those set in the scriptures instead of having to constantly keep a worn out xerox copy folded up inside. Having these two footnoted and cross-referenced with the Topical Guide would have been a great improvement in the study of these two documents.

Riverton, UT


Section 17 is and always has had 9 verses long. By "communion, could you be referring to the blessing on the bread and wine in D&C 20:76-79?

Bakersfield, CA

Now if you can just get Hebrew & Greek Interlinears, we can have a meaningful discussion.

Otherwise, it's Judges 21:25 all over again, when "In those days there was no king in Israel"... and the translation table was one big smorgasbord: "And every man did what was right in his own eyes."

Seriously, get with the academic world and understand how the Bible came to be.


It's easier for skeptics to attack the intros, headers, and bible dictionary than the scripture text itself. I welcome these new editions and can't wait to get them in Spanish.

Salt Lake City, UT

I'm wondering why they does not add the Proclamation of the family and the Living Christ testimony to the Doctrine and Covenants since they were making other changes. Interesting though.

Neither were added since neither have been sustained via Common Consent by the membership of the Church as being scripture. The priesthood revelation was as well as other old revelations (D&C 137 & 138). The Proc wasn't a revelation, but more of a political position paper written by a committee and finally accepted by GBH on the 3rd draft, who then presented it to the 12. If was written in response to the same-sex marriage campaigns in Alaska and Hawaii in 1995. It'll never be sustained by the membership.

layton, UT

Re; Twin Lights Studying and understanding LDS scriptures will be a little easier now . The LDS church needs a modern translation:
In(D&C 110: 1-16) Elias and Elijah appear to JS, but in the Bible they are the same person. The KJV translators attempted to transliterate Elijah to Elias because there isn’t a Greek character for the English letter J.
To avoid confusion, modern translations: NIV, NJKV, NASB and the Catholic Bible have Elijah instead of Elias in(Mt 11:14,; Luke 1:17).

Charity, mid-12c.," caritas. Latin, used in KJV instead of the original Greek, agape "love". Charity is a Latin Vulgate poor KJV translation of love. The Love chapter, 1 Corinthians 13. Accurate modern translations, Example verse 13 , So now faith, hope, and love abide, these three; but the greatest of these is love. KJV, NIV, NLT. JS was unaware.
Love (agape), romance(eros) friendship,(Phileo) Philadelphia.There are several Greek words for love.

Re: Malachi, Section 17 is and always has had 9 verses long? Page 81 of the JST concordance has the blessing of the bread and wine plus more (D&C 17: 22,23)It was edited.


@sharrona "So now faith, hope, and love abide, these three; but the greatest of these is love. KJV, NIV, NLT. JS was unaware.
Love (agape), romance(eros) friendship,(Phileo) Philadelphia.There are several Greek words for love."

That will be a tough change as "Charity never faileth" is almost an LDS creed. A building block to all success.

You can lose your faith, you can give up hope, but charity never faileth. Everybody will have lost love. Yet, everyone no matter how dark has the potential for charity.

Charity builds hope. Hope gives faith. Faith moves mountains.

Walnut Creek, CA

@twin lights
The definition I'm more familiar with:

Beat (a person or animal) repeatedly and violently with a stick or whip.

So for me the use of "thresh" adds the intent of separation to what God is doing, rather than God just beating down people. As a missionary I remember myself and others being entrigued by how hard core that language was. We were the weak things of the Earth being sent forth to thrash the nations. For me "thresh" softens the tone quite a bit.

Bill in Nebraska
Maryville, MO

lds4gaymarriage: You are wrong that though there are some that say the Proclamation to the World is a committee writing it really is revelation as it takes numerous different revelations and scripture putting them to word. If the First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve decide to put it up for common decent to be part of the Scriptures then yes it will be accepted, probably by unanimous vote. Of course you can say you know more than the Prophet but you know very well that YOU CAN NOT receive revelation for the Church as a whole. To say so is apostasy it's fullest degree. There is only one person who receives revelation for the Church and the world as a whole and that man is Thomas S. Monson. As the world gets closer and closer to the coming of the Lord. Don't let Satan deceive you into thinking that The Proclamation to the World isn't a teaching tool of the scriptures because it is very much so. Disagreeing with them puts one on the wrong side of the Lord.

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