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Published: Thursday, Feb. 28 2013 5:15 p.m. MST

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salt lake city, UT

The Fed needs to stop handing out cash to all the States and let them raise taxes to pay for roads, teachers, police, etc. The GOP here in Utah has been spending more than we take in as well but they've got federal dollars to support their fix. Going to be interesting to see how popular the Governor is when he either starts increasing class room sizes, cutting state employees or raising taxes.

Houston, TX

Don't let that guy obama’s scare tactics get to you! Our fellow Republicans and FoxNews all say that obama is just using scare tactics to get people upset about the sequester and that the cuts are going to be proportionally small! They are RIGHT! These are small cuts and we will all come out of this for the better. We have nothing to worry about here in Utah! Just move along folks, there’s nothing to see here!

Beverly Hills, CA

Republicans 2000-2008: Let's spend like there is no tomorrow. Trillions on 2 wars, 700 billion for banks, Trillion unfunded mandate Medicare Part D, unpaid for stimulus packages.


Republicans 2013: Don't cut spending on the things WE WANT!!!

I am now an independent and I recall being shouted down as unpatriotic when GW Bush was running up the nations credit card. We all spent it, we will all share the pain when the cuts come. Take your own medicine GOP.

Cache county, USA

I can think of even stronger words.

CA. reader
Rocklin, CA

You folks are so busy pointing fingers that you miss the point of the governor's statement. Whoever is in charge in Washington needs to learn to spend less than is taken in. Why is that so hard to understand? Forget the finger-pointing and get on your elected rep on a regular basis.

Salt Lake City, UT

"We have nothing to worry about here in Utah!" said TeaPublican... of Houston... Texas.

Centerville, UT

Are we so dependent on the Federal Government that a 2% cut in the budget is really going to crate chaos in this country? I don't think so, but Obama would like to make everyone think that. What scares him about real budget cuts (even pitifully small ones like this) is that his party loses control when people aren't dependent upon them.

Salt Lake City, UT

"What scares him about real budget cuts (even pitifully small ones like this) is that his party loses control when people aren't dependent upon them."

Uh... Democrats are fine with the defense spending cuts and as for the rest... they're just going to wait it out and let complaints from the public demand that some of that spending get restored, then blame Republicans for getting in the way of it. Polling shows that given three unlabeled (didn't mention who proposed it just what the details were) options for avoiding the sequestor the most popular one ended up being the plan put forth by the Progressive Caucus. Second most popular was Senate Democrats and in last... the House Republican plan. Polling also shows that 31% of people blame Obama and 49% of people blame Republicans for this (11% both and the other 9% neither or undecided).

Democrats see this as a lesson, that people may say they want a balanced budget but this sequester is 1/10th of what would be needed for that. Do people really want a balanced budget or did they underestimate what it would take to get there?

Tooele, UT

After reading the governor's message, I agree with him. I think the Federal Government is over stepping it's boundaries on many things. I think our governor is doing great and doing a much better job then the other one this state had who he replaced.

Apo, AE

Hey JohnJacob--

Obama, in 3 years, more than doubled the deficit that Bush took 8 to create. Your comments are terribly one-sided. Obama is no saint. He is spending us into oblivion.

Layton, UT

I'm all for cuts in budget, even if it were to result in the loss of my job, I'd be looking for a new one, but a cut like this hurts all the wrong people. Government jobs that are being furloughed aren't the folks getting filthy rich off the public trust.

How would you like it if you came into work one day and said, "Company's decided everyone is getting a 20% pay cut. Has nothing to do with the way you do your job, and we could've fixed things, but we just decided not to, so we're going to make you guys pay for the company for a while. Oh and we're exempt from these cuts, because we've decided we get a pay raise and are essential."

These federal employees do their jobs, they perform important services that either should be fully funded or cut back in systematic and sensible ways. The problem is that our federal leadership has failed to lead.

They are irresponsible children, passing the buck. They refuse to make important decisions, and cannot stomach compromise for fear it might threaten their electability.

Joey D

This all reminds me of the Prop 13 scares in California, official's all said the world as we know it was going to end. Guess what it didn't and it won't now.

Liberal Ted
Salt Lake City, UT

It's simple to cut the budget. When you think of $3.6 Trillion compared to $86 Billion, suddenly the sequester is a drop in the bucket. If they really wanted to not shut down American jobs, warships etc. Then stop giving away money to other countries. That alone would save anyone here in the United States from suffering from a sequester. Very simple.

But, that cut is not enough. We'll need to continue to cut 1-2% from the budget every year until the budget is balanced. Then we need to cut it another 5%, and use those savings to payoff the principal of our debt. Since we are mostly just servicing the interest on the debt right now.

Once the debt is paid off, then we'll build up a savings equivelant to what we spend in a year. Then we give a 4% tax break, and continue to add 1% to our surplus every year. We'll also set very strict guidlines, that has to have 3/4 of the American voters support to touch that surplus.

See how easy? But then again I'm not beholden to special interest groups.

Pleasant Grove, UT

@J.J.J.H.S "I am now an independent...."

Welcome to the club. I left the Republican Party in the early 2000's, when they controlled the presidency and both houses, and were spending money like drunks. It seemed inconceivable then that anyone would come along and spend money even faster. Yet here we are today.

Your former party may need to be prodded in the direction of fiscal sanity, even if it has to come from the outside. It may help them to know they have lost someone as loyal as you were.

"We all spent it, we will all share the pain when the cuts come."

Our children and grand-children will also share the pain, when our bill comes due.

Roosevelt, UT

It is so nice of the governor to step up and blame the feds. This state has been recipient of fed funds for decades because we cannot balance our budget.

Senator Hatch recently signed on with another pork barrel special in Washington yet we shake our heads and tsk at the feds. Hatch is the fed, nobody has been there longer and assisted in the growth of the debt as much as Hatch.

Utah keeps sending him back hoping he will do something different...doesn't seem to be working but maybe this time will be different.....

Governor Herbert could grow the state, develop the gas resources in the east part of the sstate, build pipelines or railroad that would provide income and jobs for Utahns but it is easier to get in front of reporters and shake his head and blame the feds.

Come on governor!!!

Kaysville, UT

I believe our highest State of Utah government official should not bend his convictions, morals and words to that level. That is exactly what Obama wants people to feel like when a person doesn't agree with his level of tactics. However, for a person from Utah County and representing all citizens of Utah, that is really not appropriate to make in public which will be used to show his stature and level at which he stooped.

This President for over 5 years with campaigning in 2007-2008 and as President has used tactics that are less than honorable. He is saying the sky is falling, the sky is falling and used those types of processes 100s of times in his now 5th year as running our federal government. The Governor can take $13M from our state's money that was there due to TARP and federal bailout monies for an out of state contractor but can't take this action and type of philosophy from the Federal elected leader.

Our leaders should show more concern in how they state things. He has been back in Washington, D.C., and that is hard but a couple of days should not cause these words.

American Fork, UT

Both sides love to strike fear into the hearts of the citizens, if they can make people fear that the world will end if the other side gets their way, then they can stay in power.

The right makes you think that our national defense will crumble if we cut 1% of the defense budget.

The left makes you think that people will be dying on the streets in droves if we cut 1% of our welfare budget.

Both sides are a joke.

Jonathan Eddy
Payson, UT

Way too colorful for me. I'm offended. It would have been much more appropriate had our esteemed governor used words like rump, hiney, fanny or tush. Please governor, a little more decorum in the future. :)


If the economy were fully recovered, the U.S. could absorb the cuts. But the economy hasn't fully recovered and these cuts risk pushing us into another recession. We have already cut discretionary spending, the real longterm threat is Medicare and Social Security.

Medical costs and the way we deliver healthcare in this country are insane. Everybody should read Steven Brill's lengthy and in-depth article in Time magazine this week "Why Medical Bills Are Killing Us," if for no other reason than to become better informed.


liberal ted; I really liked your article, just curious, how long do you think it would take to straighten out this mess with the figures you used?

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