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Published: Thursday, Feb. 28 2013 2:15 p.m. MST

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CHS 85
Sandy, UT

Are these the same folks that held their hands out for $71 million in federal aid for environmental programs?

How about actually working with each other to hammer out a memorandum of understanding instead of this heavy-handed approach? I truly believe we are only hearing one side of the story here. "Many examples" isn't exactly a compelling argument without some actual proof.

The enforcement officers are in a tough spot. If they don't do anything to prevent crime on federal land, then the communities would be howling that the feds aren't doing anything to prevent crime, and when they do anything, the communities howl about that, too. Maybe the counties need to double their police presence instead of trying to work together.

Not everything has to be us vs. them and we (the State of Utah) doesn't always have to be the antagonist adolescent child.

slc, ut

Sounds like a sop for the atv crowd. Kane county can do better than Mike Noel.

Lane Myer
Salt Lake City, UT

Where are the adults? Certainly not in our legislature!

If a motorist is speeding and the federal officer is the only one around, should they just let them speed? There actually is a reason for speed limits - safety reasons.

Come on Noel. Grow up!!!

one old man
Ogden, UT

Funny, as soon as I saw the headline, I somehow knew I'd see Mike Noel's mug in one of the pictures.

So they are saying that laws against grave robbing and destruction of historic and natural features should not be enforced?



It's curious that these groups all want Federal help when the situation suits them but not when they don't like the laws. Spoiler alert, you don't get to pick which laws you will agree too. It's called The United States for a reason.

Rock Springs, WY

Keep it up Sheriffs

Kaysville, UT

There must some economic advantage for this Representative to push this bill. He and former Senator Aaron Tilton most likely were able to get around some of the federal laws to get approval for a nuclear power plant and make money there. Also, he is part of the move to get water to Washington county from the federal waterways.

States and counties do belong to the United States of America. Some would choose which laws or agencies to comply with.

This is just a continuation of the federal versus county use of roadways. If the state or county wants a road paved or maintained, then it is a federal road to pay the bill.

You just have to look at the picture and get a feel for dealing with anyone. Utah wanted to be so much a part of the United States of America in the late 1800s. The federal government has a process and it is still our government.

DN Subscriber 2

BLM has been in the "holier than thou, we just do it our way" mode for many years, including at the very highest levels. Laws only apply to "civilians" and the laws are whatever some BLM guy with a gun and a badge says it means.

Time to rein in these wannabe Rambos and ensure they act like professionals, and fully within the laws.

Pass the bill!

Salt Lake City, UT

How about reining in renegade Utah legislators?

Rock Of The Marne
Phoenix, AZ

Oh please, If their best example of a problem is a federal law enforcement agent giving someone a traffic ticket, then it is clear there is no "real" problem. Then the question is why the big show by the Rep. from Kanab? My guess is it revolves around egos and the counties wanting to have total control. Probably one of the people who got a ticket from a Fed was a powerful/connected local who complained "how dare they." Yet, I am sure if something big goes down they have no problem relying on the Feds. My favorite qoute was about the Federal Law Enforcement Agents having no law enforcement training, of course they do, at least 22 weeks worth at an academy; I believe said academy is in Georgia.

Park City, Ut

First of all, Utah is not a "sovereign" nation as some of our renegade lawmakers and cowboy county commissioners like to think we are. We are first and foremost a State within the United States of America, not the United Counties of Deseret! Second, Federal law enforcement certainly does have the right to enforce Federal laws on Federally owned lands. And once again, before some of you go off on all of the Federal land we have and, and it's some Washington overreach, etc., ad nauseum, might I point out for the 100th time, that Utah would not have existed unless the US purchased the territory (along with others) from Mexico. Does the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo ring a bell (perhaps you all learned this in US History? Feel free to research Mexican-American war). The US purchased what is now known as Utah. Did they ask for the State to repay the country when we bought it? No. If anyone is infringing on anyone's "sovereignty" is the lawmakers who still think this is the wild west days of old... just look at the laws we pass in this state! We're a laughing stock.

Price, Utah

Now we have heard from the hardy back packing crowd let's get their names so we don't waste the sheriff's search and rescue on them
Just forward the call to BLM.

Somewhere in Time, UT

Boy, there are some left-wing, big government posters on this story. You all might try some understandong of the plight of people and law enforcement in rural areas

Provo, UT


First, Utah is a sovereign state and as such has full authority within its jurisdiction and federal government officials only have limited and enumerated authority within states. County Sheriffs and not federal employees have authority to enforce state law within the counties of a state and states decide who can enforce STATE LAWS. Second, this isnt abouut enforcing federal laws on federal lands instead this is enforcement of state law within counties jurisdiction. Third, theres nothing anyone can say that will get you to change your mind because you still live in la la land. The bill doesnt seek to exert authority over federal lands or reservations and the Congress has plenary power over making laws and regulations for federal lands instead it clarifies that state laws are enforced by state law enforcement and not by any civilian employee of the federal government. Fourth, it grants and reserves state law enforcement authority over state laws and prevents the federal government from using a state law to prosecute a Utah resident in another state or jurisdiction (a reason for the American Revolution). Fourth, this bill is intended to keep CIVILIAN federal employees from going rogue and enforcing state laws

CHS 85
Sandy, UT

For those who think this such a great idea, why don't the counties simply refuse to accept payment for tickets issued by federal officials? Apparently they are happy to accept payment for those tickets. I got a ticket in Garfield County by a Utah Highway Patrol trooper. The trooper was rude and condescending to me, but I still sent a check - not to the State, but to Garfield County. They were happy to cash my $75 check.

I think an olive branch by both sides is a much better solution to this problem.

Provo, UT

DN Subscriber 2,

The very idea that civilian employees of the federal government with no law enforcement training can chase enforce state laws is dangerous. States and not federal employees decide who can enforce state law absent a federal statute establishing a specific federal law. This bill does NOT limit the right or authority of any federal employee to enforce any federal statute on federal land instead the bill clarifies that state laws are enforced by state recognized law enforcement officers and states will decide who is a law enforcement officer for the purpose of enforcing states. States, not the federal government, are to decide who enforces state laws. If Congress wishes to exert an authority it must create a specific federal statute criminalizing a behavior and then it's employees can enforce that statute absent state authorization. Absent that statute though it is states who decide which federal employees have state authority to enforce state law and they already do by granting that to specific federal law enforcement agencies. In summary, if federal employees want to issue speeding citations they need to enact a federal speed limit or be granted authority to enforce state law.

Provo, UT

CHS 85,

The last time I checked the Utah Highway Patrol and County Sheriff's share jurisdiction within the same geographic boundaries since the county is an artificial state entity and not an independent or sovereign state separate from the state of Utah. Its a political subdivision of a state and isnt a state like the United States of America and Utah State are states. So technically speaking you did write a check to the state of Utah just like you would if you wrote a check to any other entity or agency of the state. Writing checks to counties is similar to writing one any other state entity. A county isnt an independent state but merely an entity of the state like the University of Utah or a state agency like the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Unlike states relationships to the federal government the relationship of a county to the state is not the same. Utah could choose a form of political subdivision that doesnt include counties. This is a form of political subdivision that the state of Utah chooses but it doesnt have to. You arent writing a check to an entity independent of the state of Utah.

Manti, UT

Recent examples of bad federal judgement. Did you know it is technically illegal to hunt ducks on USFS or BLM land. The federal code says you can not discharge a firearm over water. How do you hunt ducks if you can't shoot our shotgun over water? It's true, read the code. An experience this summer, my friend just purchased a new Razor. 50" wide model, stock from the showroom. Approved by the USFS as a legal 50" trail machine. When we got on the trail we were stopped by a female ranger who pulled out a tape and measured the machine, claiming it was 50.5" and would not let us on the trail! A couple of years back while camping near Mayfield the kids went down to a small stream and built a little rock hold pen to put some drinks in to keep them cool. A ranger, female again, comes along and makes them take the drinks out of the creek and threatens them with a ticket for damaging the environment. Not even any fish in the little ditch. Just makes you really want to go out and get back to nature.


Whenever federal agents or agencies infringe upon the rights reserved to the states and the people by the Tenth Amendment of the US Constitution, then those federal agencies are guilty of sedition and rebellion against the government of the United States of America.

The local Sheriff who is duly elected by the people should have them incarcerated and tried for their above crimes against the government of the US. That would include such agencies as the EPA, Homeland Security, Nation Security Agency and etc.

The NSA is continuing to build a facility in Bluffdale to pry into citizens personal information that is protected by the Constitution and this agency needs to be taken before the Supreme Court of the land to have them cease and desist in their sedition and rebellion against the government (citizens) and return the money to the US treasury that they have extorted to build this facility. A huge fine on these agents and agencies would go a long way towards paying off our national debt and releasing our posterity from bondage.

salt lake city, UT

Mike Noel is rural aristocrat who wants the state to control our public lands. They're Americans lands, not the personal property for a few rural, wanabee rich folks.

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