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Published: Wednesday, Feb. 27 2013 12:20 p.m. MST

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Las Vegas, NV

I suspect sending BYU Roses won't make up for so many lame comments ChrissyB. You certainly wont see much of the Rose Bowl except when Utah plays my Bruins in Pasadena.

midvale, UT


I explained yesterday why I comment on your team. I'm a football fanatic. I have every right to comment on a BYU football program that I have respected and followed since the days of Gifford Neilson and Jim McMahon. I was as big a fan of Lavell Edwards as any cougar fan. My philosophy is you have to respect your opponent in order to truly enjoy beating them. That's what makes It meaningful.

I've probably watched as many BYU games over the last 30 years as any BYU fan. Granted I'm watching for a different reason. However I still have great respect for the young men down there and their character.

I will say I have never detected any level of respect from BYU fans toward my UTES. Especially cougar fans like you, based on your post. The nature of the best rivalries is that you want to see your team win and their team lose. Indifference is not an option. Therefore I dismiss your statement that you don't care about the UTES.

Res Novae
Ashburn, VA

"I tell you what BYU fans make it very difficult to not get dragged down into the muck of the Utah, BYU rivalry fight."

Says the guy who showed up in the comments to a BYU article randomly responding to imaginary comments about head-to-heads and bowl games that no one was talking about here.

Overton, NV

There have been a couple of years when Utah was clearly the better team and blew BYU out. Many of the other recent Utah wins, however, were more due to BYU being stupid than Utah being better. I will say there was even one year when a horrible call by the officiating crew allowed Utah a chance to win that they should not have had; and they capitalized on it. BYU still had a chance to win that game, however, and allowed a guy to go 100% unblocked; and he ended up blocking a field goal to cement Utah's win.

No, Utah hasn't been the better team. They have, however, been the more disciplined team; which has been the difference.

In two recent games where BYU has been able to beat Utah, the Tight Ends have made a huge difference. We all remember Harline, who is still wide open. We also remember George splitting two defenders. IMO, the lack of a true TE presence is what BYU has been really missing the last few seasons. If Anae can get that back, the BYU offense will once again put up points. And Apo will get his shots.

Down under
Pullman, WA

More like "Reality TV" sometimes called fantasy. By the way, it's not real just so you know. Enjoy your Utah "Reality"
Reality is that BYU went bowling last year and Utah did not unless it was in your fantasy world.

West Jordan, UT

I like this group of receivers. Now if we can only find a QB who can find them and trust them all. Hoffman is a great receiver and will have a big year. Ryley Nelson thought Hoffman was the only receiver on the field. If he wouldn't have locked on Cody so much, he may not be just an afterthought as a BYU QB. There are up to 5 receivers in the pattern at any given time, and a QB who doesn't have happy feet can be a very successful passer if he goes through his progressions. Hope Tysom Hill is ready to roll.

North Guy
Corinne, UT

Jm Thms

Finally someone speaks out what I as a BYU fan believe wholeheartedly, UTE fans read and post on Utah sports. Good Luck to Utah State, Utah, BYU, and Weber State.

Enid, OK

Anybody else still confused about why Mendenhall got rid of Cahoon?

Makes. Absolutely. NO. Sense. To. Me.

Cahoon was THE leading receiver in the entire CFL (he knows what it takes to catch a football) and our receivers improved big-time under his coaching; going from butter-fingers in 2011 to consistent, impressive ball-catchers in 2012. (Just watch Cody Hoffman's highlights.)

So....we get ride of him?

I'd really like to know why Mendenhall did that. If it was just because Anae didn't know the guy, I would have said, "Tough. Get to know him. He stays."


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