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Published: Tuesday, Feb. 26 2013 4:15 p.m. MST

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LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

"David kept saying he didn't know why he did it."

Police noted in court documents that Benson was "having continual homicidal thoughts toward others and toward himself."


The FDA now requires blackbox warning labels on all perscription SSRI anti-depressant medications because...

"It is well documented that psychiatric drugs, particularly antidepressants, can cause a host of violent side effects including mania, psychosis, aggression, violence, and homicidal ideation ... People with no prior history of violence (or suicide) became homicidal and suicidal under the influence of antidepressants."

folsom, CA

My heart goes out to this family. I just found out about this tragedy that took place about a year ago. We bought a home in Mapleton that was built by David Benson back in 1992. We sat on the porch with David and Madelin many times just to talk about life and enjoy the beautiful view. Bishop (David) Benson adored his wife, and Madelin was a a dear and wonderful person. I will never forget her for helping me through the death of my father with her kind words of assurance. Why mental illness struck at such a late time of life is we can't understand, but it is heartbreaking for all. I cannot imagine the loss that their children and grandchildren have had to endure.

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