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Finding a solution to teen suicide

Published: Sunday, Feb. 24 2013 5:40 p.m. MST

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very concerned
Sandy, UT

More medical journal articles/studies demonstrating that religiosity correlates with decreased risk of suicide. There are numerous others one could find in PubMed.

Nonnemaker, James M; McNeely, Clea; Blum, Robert Wm, Social Science & Medicine 57,11 (Dec 2003) 2049-2054 (discusses which factors of religiosity give the protective affect against suicide. paraphrased)

Bagley, Christopher; Mallick, Kanka. Canadian Journal of Education 22. 1 (Winter 1997):89 (religion provides significant protective affect from suicide, paraphrased)

Donahue, M., & Benson, P. (1995). Religion and the well - being of adolescents. Journal of Social Issues, 51, 145 - 156. (*religiosity had no significant links with self - esteem, despite having significant negative correlations with suicidality* from abstract)

Jie Zhang, Jie; Jin, Shenghua. Adolescence. 31. 122 (Summer 1996) 451-67
(*The findings in the American data support previous literature that family cohesion and religiosity are inversely related to suicide ideation.*) from abstract

Fitzpatric, Kevin M; Piko, Bettina F.; Miller, Elizabeth. Suicide & Life-Threatening Behavior. 38. 5 (Oct 2008): 552-63
(*the lowering role of religious protective factors was limited, though student's belonging to or their perception of belonging to a spiritual community was a significant factor in lowering the odds of suicide ideation. [PUBLICATION ABSTRACT]*)

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