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Published: Monday, Feb. 25 2013 12:30 a.m. MST

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truecoug1, contd.

My point isn't to perpetuate this silly, juvenile argument of "your team was luckier to beat my team than my team was to beat your team!" My point is that when it comes down to it, it's the team that makes the plays to win the game that gets the credit for the win. If the other team was actually better, they wouldn't have made the boneheaded mistakes to lose the game. And yes, this year, both teams looked pretty boneheaded, with the BYU plays you mentioned, and Utah's plays to give up 14 points of a 17 point lead in one quarter. But the team that wins gets bragging rights. The other team can man up or whine all offseason about it. Not accusing you of either, but there are obviously some who've chosen which they'd rather do.

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

@ truecoug1

It's not about you not knowing about Sac St., itself. It's an indication that you don't know very much about college sports in general.

Beck threw many TD passes, not many were across his body and across the field as he was falling down.

Collie had many catches, not many were on fourth and long.

In 2010, BYU's coaches went conservative after BYU got the lead. That, more than anything, is why BYU lost.

In 2011, BYU lost six fumbles. That is not something good teams do, ever. BYU was playing bad football on both sides of the ball and Utah took advantage with 47 unanswered points.

In 2012, BYU had a bunch a bad snaps against Utah, two that went flying by Nelson. Come to think if it, USC did too. You don't think it could have had anything to do with the center rushing to get off the ball to help block Star, do you? I guess that would make it not a fluke, but a consequence of one of Utah's great players impacting the game.

Cedar City, Utah

MWC is hardly tops in the country. Is it better then the Big10 or the Big12. The top conference in the country is the SEC. No other conference compares. Especially not the MWC.

Layton, UT

Congratulations to the MWC on their current basketball standings. What a conference they would be if byu hadn't panicked when the Utes left.

Optimism is the word of the day for the Utes. They're set in the Pac12.

When I read between the lines of the byu commenters, I see worry and envy.

Go Utes.


Stang08, you do realize what sport the article is talking about, right? And why they said the MWC is "tops in the country?" Or did you bother reading? SEC is definitely not tops in basketball. This year they are by far the worst of the Power 6, and yes, the MWC is much better, and probably a couple other midmajor conferences as well.

Salt Lake City, UT

"Nothing utah has done, or is doing, indicates they are "still growing back to competitiveness". Frankly they look bad."

Utah has only been blown out a couple times this year. Last year it seemed like they were blown out every other game.

Salt Lake City, UT

"BYU has won 20 games and will go on to the postseason in some fashion. "

I'm not sure that's actually determined yet...


As much as I would love to go back to the MWC...Holmoe is too prideful to ever do that. :(

Cedar City, Utah


So what would top conference for basketball be? I still say it isn't the MWC. Maybe the ACC or the Big10?


Stang08, I personally believe the B1G is the best basketball conference based on the eye test, but this is the RPI, which is the objective standard for college basketball. But subjectively, the argument can still definitely be made that the MWC is the best. The Big East is in the discussion as well, but not the ACC this year. Regardless, the MWC has shown to be very good this year, and right now is rated objectively as the #1 conference, and your personal bias against anything associated with USU can't refute that.

U 90
Corona, CA


8 of 11 and 54-10 are not flukes... that is flat out domination.

Utah does not measure success based on beating BYU. My point to Duckhunter was that if BYU was going to make it to a Rose Bown before Utah they better learn how to beat the Utes first. Try reading that post again and check yourself for comprehension.


the exact same thing can be said of you also Spokane,i have noticed that you are on this thread constantly going off topic as well ,along with about 35 other BYU haters ,you and all the others on here constantly talk trash on BYU threads or any BYU article for that matter,so i think before you say anything about BYU any poster that you take a good look at yourself also

Cedar City, Utah

Next year though what will become of the MWC? The only thing they have going for them is BSU. You can't deny that; If it weren't for that school after Utah and BYU left the MWC would've turned into what the WAC is now.

Go Big Blue!!!
Bountiful, UT

Stang, let the big boys discuss the WMC. The article is about basketball and Boise has never been a dominate basketball school. When it comes to football both USU and San Jose finished the season in the top 25. The MWC will be a great conference for both hoops and the grid iron.

West Jordan, Utah


This Ute fan DIDN'T think Utah was going to a Rose Bowl all of a sudden with a PAC 12 invite. Still being optimistic and hopeful is not delusional. Your Arizona example is a legitimate comparison in my eyes though. Still, your dislike for Utah and their chances (or lack thereof) in making a Rose Bowl based on performance in the WAC/MWC from 1962-2010 is NOT the way to approach this argument.

Utah was awful for so long, but the program, facilities, and the market (recruiting wise) is way up from the dog days. Utah's program the last 20 years has been getting better and has accomplished more than some BYU fans want to realize. Utah did win conference Championships outright in 2003, 2004 and 2008 (not one championship). They also had some co-championships (the 1994 team was 10-2 and won the Freedom Bowl).

Utah has beaten BYU in 13 of the last 20 years. And from 2000-2010, Utah beat more BCS teams than any other non AQ program (including Boise State, BYU and TCU). Now Utah plays these schools week in and week out and is being humbled.

Cedar City, Utah

Go Big Blue,

Would that be the MWC? I'm confused I thought we were talking about the MWC not the WMC conference. But then again you know better then I what conference the Aggies are going into. I know what we are talking about but I'm not sure you do. And if you want to talk about football USU was a very low ranking top 25 team. Not high enough to be taken seriously.

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