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Published: Saturday, Feb. 23 2013 2:40 p.m. MST

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Frisco, TX

BYU - Defense will be solid again. Offense is a question mark, depending on Hill, the O Line and Anae. This is the first time they've played a legit AQ type schedule. Texas and Boise St should be better than last year. Notre Dame should remian a Top 10 team. Wisconsin will compete with Ohio State and Michigan for the Big10 crown. I'm prediction 8 - 4 and will be doing cartwheels with anything better. Too many unknowns on the offense with a new coach and new QB.

Utah - Should be solid, but I don't see anything saying 2013 will be a big improvement over 2012. Losing Star, Kruger and White will have an impact. Wilson should be improved. Erickson is a plus. But this will be the Utes toughest schedule in the PAC. Stanford should be on par with last year. A bit of a drop off with Oregon (new coach) and USC (new QB and D coordinator). UCLA or Arizona could be favored to win the South. 6 - 6 and bowl eligible has to be considered a successful season for the Utes.

BYU vs Utah will be settled on last play, just like 3 of last 4 years.

Sandy, UT

Hahaha ... kyle shows such great loyalty that he's now on his 6th OC in the past 6 yrs. Enjoy staying home for bowl season once again utes. I'm glad you're getting used to your new lot in life.

When the Cougars beat your utes this year, it'll be a bitter 2 yrs until we play again. It's too bad that kyle and chris are afraid to play every year.

Lindon, UT

Ernest T. Bass: Why are you making assumptions? Mendenhall did not fire Anae! By Anae's own account in an interiew, he indicated he decided to go elsewhere to get some different exsperience. If all were known, and not just reading between the lines, being that there was discord in the coaching ranks the year Anae left (I understand once it almost came to blows, but nevertheless, a heated argument), Anae may have left because of that. You will remember that Bronco announced there would be changes, that not all would be retained, and even told them to look elsewhere for coaching positions, which some did. I feel that Anae did not feel comfortable in the present situation, so he went elsewhere. I am happy, even if a little surprised, that he did come back.

East Salt Lake City, Utah

"Utah’s starting quarterback, Jordan Wynn, went down early in the season. That’s a major disadvantage. But in 2011 Utah also lost its starter, yet 65-year-old Norm Chow coaxed enough out of reserve quarterback Jon Hays to win a bowl game."

True, but BJ also played a tougher conference schedule.

For example, Chow beat UCLA (6-8) and Oregon State (3-9) while BJ lost @UCLA (9-5) and @OSU (9-4). That's two games that "could" have been a 7-5 season for BJ.

Y's little brother
Sandy, UT

Howard S.

"Tri-Coordinators and Clueless have won three in a row against Bronco's staff brilliance."

Clueless has finished with worse records and lower rankings in the last two seasons and in five of the eight seasons during the Bronco/Kyle era.

Y's little brother
Sandy, UT


When are the Utes going to stop using "tougher schedule" as an excuse for losing?

Whitless created his own QB mess, by converting most of the QBs he recruited to other positions and leaving his QB cupboard completely bare. Chow immediately recognized what a horrible job Whit had done in stocking his team with quality QBs, and immediately went out and got the only decent QB he could find, a D-II QB who was only available because his team had dropped football.

Frankly, Utah's schedule hasn't been THAT tough. The Utes just haven't been able to beat any decent teams besides BYU.

Las Vegas, NV

Riley Nelson's BACK was not the reason his head kept throwing pics in critical moments or why he had happy feet all the time. Ineptness, a weak arm and poor decision making skills sets during game conditions was Nelson's downfall. He was also instrumental in orchestrating much of the back-story camp division behind the loss of Jake Heaps. My problem with the coaching staff was that it failed to recognize the things going on or effectively correct them and when presented with options, made mistakes (Taysom Hill injury, failure to develop James Lark).

With Utah, I think most people wondered how Jordon Wynn would survive another season without injury, much like Nelson. Wynn has a very good mind for football and when healthy, he was a high quality player. I liked his game. It is sad that he too was simply not able to compete at the 1A level a full season. Where UTAH's staff made a few of the same mistakes, failure to develop solid backups was the main error. I hope BOTH programs have learned from these errors and will greatly improve.

Las Vegas, NV

Well said Louis D. Precise and accurate!

Highland, UT


So are you the official interpreter for the utah football program? Did they hire you to tell everyone what it is they actually 'mean' instead of what they actually said?


Gilbert, AZ

Anae takes over as BYU's Offensive Coordinator and brings in an entire new staff.

Erickson takes over as Utah's Offensive Coordinator and not only does he not bring in a single new coach, he keeps two previous Offensive Coordinators on staff.

BYU clearly has an Offensive Coordinator who will be in total control of every aspect of the BYU's offense.

Utah clearly has an offense that will be run by committee, with Whittingham over-ruling Erickson whenever he sees fit, BJ tagging along pretending to be coordinating something, and A-Rod doing whatever Passing Game Coordinators do, which is a mystery to everyone except Kyle.

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