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Niasi Leota attacked, threatened to kill woman in front of their children, police say

Published: Saturday, Feb. 23 2013 11:55 a.m. MST

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Sandy, UT

The important thing is that Kyle and Bronco will not tolerate this Kind of conduct. At some schools they would make excuses to keep him on the team until trial.



No one knows more about the Ute sports section than you :)

Pocatello, ID

What in the world does Bronco and BYU have to do with the report? This is inexcusable from any university, any team, any real man. I agree with whoever said you need to talk about helping his wife and family. I realize that a person is "innocent until proven guilty", but a policeman has testified he heard this guy threaten to kill his wife in front of his older children. I fear we have "worshipped" our sports figures far too much. They no longer have a real grip on life.

Rugeley, Staffs

There can never be an excuse for a man beating a woman. There certainly NEVER a reason for doing such a thing in front of his chioldren, scarring them mentally for life. HOWEVER, there can never be a reason for any University to not provide continued help for that same man and his family, and I agree with Kyle Whittingham saying that U of U will continue to provide approriate help for their ex-player and his family.

We are not talking about a car or truck ere, where we just throw the parts away that don't work. We are talking people, and making them capable of living within their community. U of U brought that man into the community, and I am pleased to hear that they will provide any help they can to re-introduce him into that community as a better man, more capable of handling any anger issues. The alternative is to provide no help, and watch him deteriorate further.

Orem, UT

Really Whit? Are you serious?

He came close to killing her! And you think you should help them get through this? Really?

Yikes. Talk about too involved in a stupid game. This isn't some marital counseling need. This is attempted MURDER Whit! Sheesh. I hope the university has a talk with Whit.

Wireless Lawyer
Lehi, UT

Sad story on so many levels.

While some comments seem sure of the fact that this was the result of PEDs or mental illness, there's nothing in the article that would support those conclusions.

But some things are clear. This young man has forfeited his right to represent his University and forfeited his rights as a husband and father.

I won't criticize Coach W's comments as I read them to mean that he and the University will support the victims (wife and children) as they attempt to heal and encourage the young man as he takes responsibility for his actions, pays whatever legal price is required, and tries to build some type of productive life thereafter.

Mesa, AZ

"....for alleged incidents...."

Has anybody on here stepped into private into private w/Niasi and heard HIS version-of-events?

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

BYU fans, please, this is not the time for one-upsmanship or anything else that regularly accompanies sports stories on these pages. Whit said what he had to say; but I also beleive he meant it. To a religeous man, the condemned are not for abandoning, they are for trying to redeem. This one has fallen a long, long way. Hopefully he is not out of reach and out of the reach of the Atonement.

There is much good work that needs to be done for the mother, the children and the friend. None of it includes sports smack. Leave it alone. Find a way instead to put your energy into good works that mean something.

Ute fans, I hope you might show the same restraint towards your brothers and sisters in blue.

Olympia, WA

While what this guy did is serious beyond belief, abhorrent, and tragic, there is one fact forgotten. This man will be not spend the rest of his life in prison, nor is it over. While the help his wife and child need far supersede his needs, at some point this guy will likely be out of jail and has to learn to change his behavior or someone else suffers. Kyle should never condone his actions, and should speak out against them, the point remains that if this guy doesn't get some help, he will do this again. But if a team is a family, should they kick him to the curb, or try to keep his life from being a total waste? Otherwise is this a family or not? This from a Cougar.

Provo, UT


I wasn't saying that BYU is God's university, nor was I saying that all BYU fans believe this. I was simply pointing out reason for some of the major bashing that goes on whenever a BYU athlete steps out of line. I do not support such action, I am not a hater of BYU, I am mormom. I attend the temple a few times a month with my wife. What I said had nothing to do with my logic, I was simply pointing out the logic of others who bash BYU. Try not to get so defensive next time ok? In my post I stated that Utah fans that bash BYU for things like this are hypocrites. Don't be so quick to jump down my throat just because I have the word "Ute" in my username. I like BYU, just not as much as my utes.

Provo, UT

to those who say that Kyle Whittingham should have been more harsh in his statement:

He said what he said because Kyle is a very caring individual. He no doubt has a personal relationship with this young man and his family. This young man did something terrible, and he was kicked off the team for it. That doesn't mean that Kyle shouldn't do whatever he can to help this young man get through whatever it is that is causing this behavior. Kyle is showing love to the sinner, and not the sin. Kyle's head and heart are in the right place.

Rigby, ID

Glad to see Whit taking measures the last few years. He probably watched Bronco do it impartially (Fahu Tahi - NFL caliber player - comes to mind), and decided it's a good idea. I remember when Brett Ratliff - NFL caliber player - had charges brought against him, yet Whit still let him play.

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