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Niasi Leota attacked, threatened to kill woman in front of their children, police say

Published: Saturday, Feb. 23 2013 11:55 a.m. MST

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Sugar City, ID

I've always been told that the reason we have high school and university sports is that it builds character. Leota is an example of the character building experiences provided by participation in sports.


Too much testosterone?

Utes home for the holidays
Sandy, UT

When byu kids mess up its forever brought up by ute fans as being representing byu and the Mormon church. But let me guess, this kid doesn't really represent our state, the university, or whatever religious group he is affiliated to? Nope, no hypocrisy there.

Provo, UT

@Utes home for the holidays

the reason that some Utah fans do this is because many BYU fans consider BYU to be "God's University." BYU brings this on itself to some extent. I do agree however that it is hypocritical. The reality is, no university is filled with perfect people. No football team is without it's bad eggs. Coaches can only do so much to recruit kids that they believe have good character. If this guy played for BYU, it would be front page ESPN news.

Cougar Claws
Lindon, UT

Needless to say this guy has issues and this is a really sad thing for his family. I am not going to sit here and pretend that this guy must represent the whole University of Utah because clearly he doesn't. There are a lot of great people who have been on that team in the past. So that being said, let's take it for what it is. His wife and kids must be heartbroken. Then again, it is probably a good thing he is in custody for their safety.

Mcallen, TX

The wife probably married him because of his looks,attractiveness, and strength.

There's a lesson to be learned here.

Ted H.
Midvale, UT

Rrasonable ute, I agree it would be bigger news if a byu player had done it, but I am not quite sure how that impacts anything? It doesn't make it more wrong if it would get more publicity, that's not what you are saying right? Please don't tell me you are saying it is less wrong since its less publicized since its a Utah player?

Salt Lake City, UT

Just because the headline mentions "U Football", please don't descend into the usual immature drivel of rivalry smack talk. This story isn't about football. Its about domestic violence. Learn some boundaries.

Chris from Rose Park
Hartford, CT

Thank you Moderate. This is one of the saddest human stories I have read in a long time. If this degenerates into rivalry talk, that's just pathetic. God bless this family.

Sandy, UT

Moderate: good comment. I agree with you. Home for the holidays is right though. When the byu players got in a fight last year and kicked off the team, almost every ute fan on these boards let us know they represent us, our university, and our faith. Next time a byu player messes up they will do the same, so I can't say I feel bad if anyone reminds them their players represent the state of Utah, their school, and also the LDS church too, if LDS or their respective religions as well.

Lifelong Ute
Salt Lake City, UT

"Help him and his family get through the situation"? Come on Kyle. I don't like that statement. I know you say we can't tolerate this behavior but I also don't like the "get through this" talk. It makes it sound like he just had a bad day and made an understandable mistake. Any man who beats his wife deserves to be in jail the rest of his life.

No excuses. No exception. No we are not behind him. We don't have his back or any of that talk. I would have liked for Kyle to say "any man that lays a finger on his wife deserves a life in prison" We don't want him back on the team or at the university. This is not one of those "everybody makes mistakes " things. When someone does something this horrible, we distance ourself from that person, not claim we will "help them through this". Please forbid this kid from ever stepping foot on campus again. I don't want to hear talk of second chance garbage on this one. He didn't skip class or get caught smoking. He nearly killed his wife.

Say No to BO
Mapleton, UT

@Lifelong Ute
I agree with you 100%. Thank you for expressing it far better than I could.
The football program has no obligation to help him after he tried to kill his wife. That's a bridge too far.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Lock him up and throw away the key!

Are You for Real?
Salt Lake City, UT

@Trevvor: If Bronco wasn't bragging about the moral superiority of those "fine young men" he recruits then it wouldn't be as big a deal and you wouldn't see the mocking that us classless Ute fans pile on whenever one of these "fine young men" gets in trouble.

I would have no problem if this was preached to the team and to recruits on visits but let their actions speak for themselves otherwise it is a mighty long fall when you fall off your high horse.

Syracuse, UT

Was this guy a five star recruit?

South Jordan, Utah

And what exactly does Bronco say that bothers you - that they are all fine young men??? My, my, my, sounds like something Whittingham or any coach at any other university might say.

If saying that because of the honor code and expectations of the university it takes a unique individual to "qualify" to play at BYU is "bragging", then so be it. However, I have never heard Bronco characterize BYU players as morally superior to players at other universities. That, my friend, is a figment of your imagination. Bronco simply expects the same from his football players that the university expects from its students.

Does it mean that BYU football players are somehow better people that football players at other universities? Clearly not. It just means that BYU (and Bronco) expect the students (and football players) to adhere to what they have agreed to in writing - the honor code.

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

This is absolutely disgusting. I hope his family will be okay and I hope they lock Nas up for a LONG time.

Good riddance.

Sandy, UT

"We will do everything we can to help Niasi and his family get through this situation"....

Really Kyle?
Bad chioice of words.
How abuot helping his wife and her family.

Tone deaf again, Whitt.

Sandy, UT

Good Grief Whittingham...Take a "Unequivocal" stand for once.

This wasn't simple assault.
This was attemtpted murder.
Big difference.

Sandy, UT

Pardon me for not proofing post #1.

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